Remnant 2 Bloat King Boss Guide

The Bloat King is a unique optional boss that is completely immune to all damage in Remnant 2, at least until it shows its weak spot.

You are going to encounter several optional bosses in the Losomn world of Remnant 2, but none of them are as unique as the Bloat King.

This giant, jellyfish-shaped creature is completely immune to all damage, at least at the start of the fight. You have to wait for it to show its weak spot before emptying your weapons on it.

Your movement and evasion skills are going to be put to the test during the waiting period. The Bloat King fires energy balls that do a lot of damage. They can easily eat away your health if you are not careful.

Where to find Bloat King in Remnant 2

You will get to meet the Bloat King in The Great Sewer area which is located in the Losomn world in Remnant 2.

At first, he might not seem that strong at that time but his attacks are really powerful and if you are not careful you will end up losing this boss fight.

How to defeat Bloat King in Remnant 2

Refrain from going all-out against the Bloat King as soon as the fight starts in Remnant 2. Save your ammo because your bullets are not going to do anything in the starting phase.


For now, focus on avoiding its ranged attacks. These will come in the form of electric projectiles. Dodge them at all costs because they can stack up to do a ton of damage.

Keep evading the ranged attacks until the Bloat King releases a weaker version of itself in the shape of an orb in Remnant 2. This is his weakness. As soon as you see the orb turn red, start firing to do as much damage as possible.

After a while, that part will merge with the original body of the Bloat King, and its tentacles with start lashing wildly. Then it will release an immediate beam attack on you which you can time correctly and roll to the other side to evade in Remnant 2.

Like before, do not fire back as your ammo will do no damage to the Bloat King so wait for it to release the weaker version.

Next, the Bloat King will use a devastating lightning attack that will also end up following you for a few seconds. However, before this enemy boss uses this attack you will hear a sound similar to the sound of a chime.

This will be the signal that you need to run away from this boss in the upper section because immediately after that sound the beam attack will begin in Remnant 2.

If you stay in one place and try to dodge it, you won’t be successful and it will hit you instilling massive damage on you. Keep in mind that this enemy boss will use this attack twice so run around the place and after the second time you will see its weaker version revealing itself again.

After reaching less than 50 percent health the Bloat king will sense danger and this time around he will release two orbs with red signals. One of these will be fake, so shoot them both to figure out the real one and then focus your fire on it.

Keep repeating this attack pattern and eventually, you will be able to take down the Bloat King with relative ease and secure this boss fight in Remnant 2.

As a side note, if you have the Engineer archetype unlocked then you can simply place your Turret, when the orb is out it will end up doing all the DPS for you. Instead, you will only need to dodge the Bloat King attacks.

If you don’t have this archetype then we suggest that you should damage this enemy boss as fast as possible. This is because with optimal DPS the Bloat King with also end up dying faster and you won’t have to fight a war of attrition in Remnant 2.  

Rewards for defeating Bloat King

As part of defeating the Bloat King, this enemy boss will drop massive loot for you to salvage in Remnant 2. These will include

  • Lumenite Crystal (x4)
  • Tome of Knowledge (+1 Trait Point)
  • Scrap (x550)
  • Bone Sap (x1)

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