How To Get Assassin Dagger In Remnant 2

The Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2 is a beautiful weapon with great bonuses. You need to get it crafted from a quest item. Here's how to do it!

The Assassin Dagger is cool looking weapon that you can acquire by completing a certain event in Remnant 2. It is a quest item that is found in the Council Chambers. You need to loot it from there and craft it with Nimue instead of finishing the side quest. That way it will become a usable weapon.

To help you in this endeavor, we have written down a handy little guide outlining the whole procedure.

How to get the Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2 

First, you need to start the “Fae Council Event” because you’ll find this item there. Your goal will be to find the mirror which will act as a portal to the Council Tribunal.

In doing so, you will be transported to an eerier version of the Council Chamber. Here, you’ll have to find clues leading to the culprit amongst the Faes. 

Look for the keys with a color at the bottom matching one of the council members. Ensure that you match up the keys correctly in the mirror area with the original council members’ seats. 

After successfully doing that you can head up the stairs and enter the throne room of the One True King. Make your way to the left side of the throne, climb it, and then proceed to jump on the wall behind the throne.  


There you will find the Assassin’s Seal. Turn around and then jump on the top side of the throne. You will find the Assassin Dagger quest item here in Remnant 2. 

Now take this item to Nimue and interact with her. She will make the Assassin’s Dagger weapon in Remnant 2 for you.

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