Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss Guide

The Nightweaver is Nimue's sister and one of the two possible world bosses you can encounter in the world of Losomn in Remnant 2.

The Nightweaver is one of the two possible World Bosses you will come face to face with during your adventure in Losomn in Remnant 2. She is Nimue’s sister who is one of the NPCs you find in Losomn.

The Nightweaver is also known as the Fae Goddess of Sleep because she feeds on the fears and nightmares of her prey. She will literally suck the life out of you if you make a wrong move.

Your path is bound to cross with hers if you pass through Morrow Parish. She can be classed as one of the trickiest bosses in Remnant 2 and will surely give you a hard time if you jump in unprepared.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, you should possess before dealing with the monstrosity The Nightweaver is.

Where to find The Nightweaver in Remnant 2

The Nightweaver is the boss you encounter at the end of The Nightweaver quest in Remnant 2. If your adventure in Losomn starts in Morrow Parish, then you have to make your way to the yard of the Asylum. You will have to take the long route which will take you across Losomn.

Once you finally make it to the Asylum, you will be tasked with finding three Stone-carved Dolls. You will come across one in the front yard. Follow the path along the sides of the yard and you will find one within a pile of stones.

The other two will be inside the Asylum. First of the second-floor study room. Inside the room, you will find the shelf behind which will be another doll.

The final doll will be behind a white curtain on the third floor of the building. Carefully makes your way to the third floor and look around for the white curtains.

You will come across a large room inside which will be the white curtain in question. Look behind the curtains and you will find the doll.  Take the dolls to the basement of the Asylum and hand them over to the women behind one of the locked doors.

After a quick conversation, open the door and inside you will find the Nightweaver doll. Take the doll to the Shattered Gallery where you will complete the Strange Web main quest.

Finally, you will come back to the basement along with Soulkey Tribute. Place it on the designated spot and you will be teleported to the Shadow Realm. Head outside to the yard, and The Nightweaver will be waiting for you there.

How to defeat The Nightweaver in Remnant 2

Following the pattern of most world bosses, the fight against The Nightweaver is going to be a multi-phased battle with each one deadlier than the last one. It will span over two phases, with slightly different attack patterns for both.

Phase 1: Outside the Asylum

The first phase of the battle is going to take place in the Asylum Courtyard. On one hand, you will have more breathing room but at the same time, The Nightweaver’s attacks are going to be swift and deadly.

The first ace up her sleeve is the projectiles she fires at you from the distance. There are two types of projectiles; Ice Crystals and Shadow Rain.

These ice crystals will be fired toward you in a curved trajectory. The path of the projectiles will curve in the direction you dodge so make sure to double dodge to avoid getting struck.

The Shadow Rain is balls of fire launched on an arched path that will explode on contact and create an AoE. These are relatively easier to dodge.

The third and trickiest attack is going to be where The Nightweaver takes a dive toward you in hopes of ripping you open using her claws. The attack doesn’t end here. Once she hits the ground, an explosion goes off with a large AoE.

The only way you can avoid getting hit by this combo is by dodge roll in the direction she is coming from. As soon as you are on your feet, take two steps forward and dodge roll once again. That way you will be out of the AoE.

She can also summon spiders which explode on contact so make sure to deal with those as well.

Enough dodging, it’s time to retaliate. Ranged weapons are the preferred choice for this battle. While shooting her normally does deal some damage but make sure to hit her weak spot, the exposed heart, to deal massive amounts of damage at once.

While most of your time is going to be spent dodging the incoming attack, there will be windows of opportunity when you can unload the whole clip on her before Nightweaver can even flinch.

Once you empty her health bar, a cut scene will initiate, indicating the end of phase one and the start of phase two.

Phase 2: Inside the Asylum

The second phase of the battle will take place inside the Asylum. Though the attacks will remain the same, for the most part, there are going to be certain changes.

The Nightweaver will now vanish inside walls and floor. Then she will come out of a random spot in hopes of taking you down. Once she vanishes inside a wall, make sure to stay as far away from the wall as possible because she will come up behind you and rip you to shreds.

This attack can be quite lethal depending on the health you have left. It is best to stay within the main lobby for the most part because if you run around, you might get trapped in a corridor with no hope of getting out.

Aside from this, she can still summon spiders, launch projectiles, and swipe her claws. Another crucial moment is going to be when she drops below 50% health, she will try to grab you and upon being successful, she will suck the life force out of you, replenishing her own health.

Make sure you have enough health because if you don’t, there is no coming back from this. Much like phase one, dodge her attacks, stay away from the walls, and keep an eye out for the exploding spiders.

These spiders will come down the stairs so that’s where you need to keep your eyes on. During the second phase, she doesn’t have any weakness so shooting her anywhere will deal the same amount of damage.

You need to be very careful every step of the way or you will keep trying over and over again.

Rewards for defeating The Nightweaver

Being the world boss, taking her down will set you for the rest of your time in the Losomn. You will receive the following set of rewards for defeating the Nightweaver:

  • Scrap (1163x)
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Lumenite Crystal (5x)
  • Cursed Dream Silks

Remnant 2 Nightweaver alt kill method

Although the above-mentioned methods work perfectly fine, if you want to go the extra mile and receive some bonus reward, then there is an alternate method to kill the Nightweaver in Remnant 2.

During the first phase of the fight, the exposed heart is the weakness of the Nightweaver. Shooting it will deal the most amount of damage. There will be tiny windows where she is summoning the spiders, she will leave her weak spot wide open.

Take that opportunity and use it to destroy her heart during the first phase of the fight. What this will do is take away the ability to summon spiders, during the second phase of the fight.

She will then only be able to summon spiders when she vanishes into the ground. You will also receive an additional reward – Nightweaver’s Finger, for using the method to take down the boss.

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