Remnant 2 The Feast Event Walkthrough

The Feast event is tied to a number of other important events in Remnant 2, and is also how you unlock the Glutton Trait.

One of the most fun events that you can come across in Remnant 2 is the Feast Event. This event, rather than focusing on solving a puzzle, consists of a unique way of fighting that really tests your skills.

This event also features a bunch of great rewards that you wouldn’t regret getting your hands on. Just try to hop into co-op as you are playing through this event if you want to get the Glutton Trait as well.

Read on through this guide for a full walkthrough of the Feast Event in Remnant 2, including some tips on how to complete it as well as information on the rewards associated with it.

The Feast Event location in Remnant 2

The Feast Event is a random event that takes place in The Great Hall of Losomn in Remnant 2. Since this is a random event, it may not be generated in your particular playthrough.

If the Great Hall does not appear in your version of the playthrough, you can either start a new playthrough or try going for it in the Adventure mode. When you do, try looking for a Beatific Palace door and see if it holds the Great Hall within.

Even if Losomn’s Great Hall does generate in your playthrough, it will be locked behind an ornate door that you need to unlock to access The Feast Event in Remnant 2.


How to complete the Feast Event in Remnant 2

The first step is to open the ornate door to start the Feast event. From that point onwards, you need to complete a few more objectives.

Open the Great Hall Ornate Door

The Great Hall’s Ornate Door needs to be opened first thing before you can access the Feast Event. This door requires the Ravenous Medallion to be unlocked, which can be found within the Great Hall itself.

For that, you need to find a room that looks like a kitchen in the underbelly of the Hall. In this room, you can find the Ravenous Medallion on a type of oven that is right next to some cooking stuff.

When you acquire the Ravenous Medallion, use it to open the door and enter the new area.

Here, you will find a large table filled with rotting food and an NPC sitting at this table. This NPC asks you to take part in the feast, and after you eat any of the food presented on the table, you will start the Feast Event.

Defeat the waves of Fae enemies

The Remnant 2 Feast event is all about defeating the different types of Fae enemies that spawn in waves, but there are a lot more mechanics involved.

Firstly, any mode of healing – whether it be via Relics or consumables –  is blocked, and the only way you can heal is either by eating one of the Dran NPCs in the area, or the red-highlighted, rotting food.

Eating rotting food isn’t really a good idea because it bestows the Ravenous state on you, which causes your character to lose health over time.

However, if you want to acquire the Glutton Trait, you will have to enter the Ravenous state and try to revive a fallen teammate during the Event. Note that this does mean that you have to be in co-op for this.

Apart from that, a good way to heal during this Event would be through the Medic’s Wellspring, which seems to work without any drawbacks.

If the Medic Class isn’t an option, try going for the Hunter Class because the deployable turret it has is really useful to take out – or at least limit – the consistent enemy waves, allowing you to take less damage.

As for the waves of enemies themselves, there are four of them, with each one getting harder than the previous one because of a larger amount of enemies.

  • First Wave: Fae Archers
  • Second Wave: Fae Archers, Fae Soldiers
  • Third Wave: Fae Archers, Fae Soldiers, Lantern Horrors
  • Fourth Wave: Fae Archers, Fae Soldiers, Lantern Horrors

The last wave is the most difficult. We suggest taking out the Fae Archers first followed by the Fae Soldiers, and then the rest. It’s important to keep moving around the arena to protect yourself from multiple enemies attacking you at once.

After defeating all of the enemy waves, the Feast Event is considered completed.

Remnant 2 The Feast Event Rewards

Right as you complete the Feast Event in Remnant 2, you are rewarded with the Neckbone Necklace, which not only reduces the damage you take by status effect but also increases your own damage whilst you are inflicted with a status effect or Blight.

Besides this, there are a couple more rewards that you can get, but are located in different parts of this area:

  • Feastmaster’s Signet: Located in a room behind the fireplace, which is found to the right of the NPC (Roll through the fireplace).
  • Bone Chopper: Located in a small room, which is accessed by a dumbwaiter (elevator) directly behind the NPC (beware of the Elite in the room).

The former is a piece of jewelry that allows you to carry one more concoction while the latter is an excellent melee weapon with 58 base damage.

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