How To Get The Generating Band In Remnant 2

Generating Band Ring is obtained through The Flooded Room Event that randomly takes place in different domains of N’Erud in Remnant 2.

A marvel of Drzyr craftsmanship, Generating Band is a health-based Ring in Remnant 2. The people of Drzyr were notoriously known for their knowledge and talent for creating new technologies. Out of which one was an artificial star in the center of their homeland and the other, a small circuit ring linked through orange ropes that protected them from its radiation.

Generating Band is an event-locked equipment found in the world of N’Erud, a world destroyed by the hands of its own intelligent lifeform. The path to this ring is pretty straightforward but riddled with obstacles. Here’s how you can get your hands on Generating Band Ring in Remnant 2.

The Generating Band location in Remnant 2

Generating Band Ring is obtained through The Flooded Room Event that randomly takes place in different domains of N’Erud in Remnant 2.

It has been sighted in The Hatchery, The Putrid Domain, the Void Vessel Facility, and the Vault of the Formless dungeons signified by a room submerged in knee-length water.

If you find water, search for a ladder nearby that leads to the console room. Activating the console will lower the water level also visible from the window up front.

Take the elevator in the room down to the red locked door at the end of the pathway. Sometimes there will be a dropdown instead of an elevator so don’t worry and just make your way down through the hatchet at the bottom, you will reach the same door.

Before entering, it is important to note that there are three items in the room that you will have to grab as you parkour to the top before the water level rises.

It’s a rush against time and any items you fail to grab will be lost since it is not possible to lower the water level again without rerolling your world in Adventure Mode.

Based on our experience, the best way to grab everything in time is to start from the left of the boxes and grab the Subterfuge Link Ring first. Parkor across to collect the Insulation Driver Amulet and head up to collect the Generating Band Ring in Remnant 2.

Do note that you will respawn at the nearest checkpoint after drowning and having the Generating Band Ring in your inventory.

Remnant 2 Generating Band builds

Generating Band is health health-boosting Ring in Remnant 2. When a shield is active, it regenerates 3% of your max HP per second.

There are two main types of builds where Generating Band has found its place in Remnant 2. The first one is running the Medic Archetype with either the Challenger Archetype for close-range combat or the Handler Archetype for Summon builds. These survivability builds are able to keep shields up for constant heals making it an excellent choice to pair up with your build.

Second is tank builds with Engineer Class that can use the extra healing on the side for taking up those heavy enemy attacks. It also complements versatile gear already used in these builds like Burden of the Divine Ring from Losomn or The Dense Silicon Ring from The Labyrinth.

If you are rocking a shield build then Generating Band is a great addition to your arsenal for extra healing and increased durability to survive the intense end-game content Remnant 2 has to offer.

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