Remnant 2: The Putrid Domain Dungeon Guide

The Putrid Domain like other dungeons in N’Erud is a site for random events with complex puzzles and boss fights in Remnant 2.

Reflection of Drzyr’s fall from grace, The Putrid Domain is an explorable dungeon in Remnant 2. This haunted and deserted area is filled with abominations infected with putrefaction.

It can be found anywhere in the world of N’Erud hidden under the wastelands. As the maps are randomly generated, you will have to explore your surroundings to find its entrance.

The Putrid Domain like other dungeons in N’Erud is a site for random events with complex puzzles and boss fights so you can find it to be pretty resourceful. Let’s check out what the domain has to offer.

Putrid Domain location in Remnant 2

The Putrid Domain is a random dungeon location that you have a chance to encounter while exploring the world of N’erud in Remnant 2. Spawning the Putrid Domain is relatively easier compared to some of the other dungeons in the game.

Reroll the world of N’erud in Adventure mode and you will have a 50 percent chance to spawn either the Hatchery or the Putrid Domain. If it is the former, reroll N’erud again.

How to complete the Putrid Domain in Remnant 2

The Putrid Domain contains multiple rooms with hidden passageways and loot waiting to be explored in Remnant 2. With N’Erud random events also having a chance to spawn here, you may have to take your time exploring to uncover all the secrets.

Purple Gravity Orb Event

Remnant 2 offers unique chance events that can take place in any dungeon like The Putrid Domain. A bizarre and confusing one is where a large purple Gravity Orb that resembles a Black Hole follows you around dealing damage to you as well as the enemy.

You can find the Focusing Shard Ring near an enemy corpse after running past the orb in some cases. Other times it chases you throughout the domain to fulfill its purpose of being a general hazard.

Seeker’s Key Event

The Custodian tasks you with finding his keys in the Alepsis-Taura Storyline in N’Erud. One of the keys, mainly Seeker’s Key 2 can spawn in The Putrid Domain in Remnant 2. It can be accessed after conquering the dungeon by defeating Abomination.

The Flooded Room Event

You can start the event by activating the console and grabbing Subterfuge Link Ring, Insulation Driver Amulet, and Generating Band Ring before the water level rises. Start from the left for the fastest route as the event is a one-time opportunity to get the items before the time runs out.

The Red Locked Door Event

If you are lucky you will encounter The Red Locked Door within The Putrid Domain in Remnant 2. The power needs to be redirected to the door to unlock it. Clear out the destructibles in the room found right of the glass walls.

A hidden path through the vents will be revealed leading to a ladder to the secret room. Head up to collect Rerouting Cable Ring and before dropping through the hatch, shoot the electric barrel through the hole in the wall to power the surrounding cables. The door will be unlocked with Blackout Ring inside.

Defeat the Abomination boss

Traverse The Putrid Domain’s main hall to find the Abomination at the end of the dungeon in Remnant 2. This overpowered Corpse Ball is a formidable opponent with 3 phases making it an enduring and resource-heavy fight.

Defeating the boss will give you Mutated Growth for crafting Bore weapon mod along with some Lumenite Crystal and Scrap.

Find the Robot Room (Optional)

This is an event that spawns all around Ne’rud and has a slight chance to spawn in the Putrid Domain as well. This event involves a boss fight that starts randomly when the boss, WD 109 drops from the roof of the circular room. Simply approach the Circular Room in the Putrid Domain to start the fight

The boss fight is quite tough and has a couple of henchmen helping him out. Once you defeat the robot, you’ll get a Mutator called the Transpose which increases the ranged damage by 10% for 20 seconds. Defeating this boss also gives you an Excess Coil Ring that provides a shield equal to 25% of your health whenever you use a skill. 

Get the Atom Splitter Melee Weapon

While you’re in the Putrid Domain, you can also pick up the Atom Splitter Melee Weapon. Head towards the Northeastern part of the map, which just so happens to be broken. Not all rolls of the Putrid Domain will have this area and you may need to re-roll this area a couple of times to get it.

You’ll know you’re in the area when you see a mechanical hand lifting platforms. Jump on the platform then jump on the catwalk directly in front of you continue following the path and you’ll eventually find the weapon. 

Defeat the Progeny (optional)

Belonging to the Parasites, The Progeny is a corrupted Slug Aberration that can be fought within The Putrid Domain in Remnant 2 through a random event.

If you have The Red Locked Door Event, the chances of encountering him are high because of the Aerary Glyph key for the boss fight. Its swift, resilient, and wakes up surrounding enemies to overpower you.

Defeating the boss rewards with The Crises Ring and Disengage Mutator, both of which can be valuable pieces of equipment.

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