Remnant 2 Vault Of The Formless Dungeon Guide

Vault of the Formless is one of the hidden dungeons in Remnant 2 that can get you a pretty cool handgun so let us help you complete it

The Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2 is one of the dungeons located in the world of N’Erud. Once home to the Drzyr, this place is now under the hold of the undead that walk the corridors of this massive stasis chamber. Evil lurks in every corner, and you must watch your step as you wander through the hollow.

Being one of the most challenging dungeons of the game, Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless houses many secrets and important quest items you’ll want to get your hands on. As you travel this chamber, you’ll encounter deadly enemies that will try to eat you alive.

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless location

Like most dungeons in Remnant 2, Vault of the Formless is a random spawn. Your game might not have it so you will have to reroll Adventure Mode again. Just explore the world of N’Erud and you will eventually find it. If you don’t, reroll adventure mode till you get Vault of the Formless.

Remnant 2 uses procedural generation for its maps, so things can be different each time you visit this dungeon. However, the basic layout will be the same, and the objectives don’t change much.

How to complete Vault of The Formless in Remnant 2

The Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2 can be a challenging dungeon to complete. However, with some assistance from our side, you’ll conquer it in no time.

The Vault consists of narrow hallways and corridors infested with zombies, and it can be difficult to fight them off in tight spaces. You’ll face enemies inside this area, including the N’Erud Zombies, Possessed, Corpse Ball, Robot Grunt, and Specter. These deadly enemies will drop loads of loot as you kill them, so be sure to collect all of that.


This massive stasis chamber has a lot of hidden areas and valuable items that can be found around the place. Therefore, you must search this area carefully to get everything it offers. The following items can be obtained from the Vault of the Formless dungeon in Remnant 2:

  • Focused Jewel
  • House Lythla Glyph
  • Metal Driver
  • Blackout Ring
  • Rerouting Cable
  • Rupture Canon
  • Ring of Deflection
  • Inert Overcharger

The location of most of these items may vary due to alternate versions of this area each time you load the game.

To complete the Vault of the Formless, players must progress through this dungeon from the entrance toward the final boss area, where they’ll face a zombie hoard. We’ll break everything down one by one.

The Entrance

The Entrance area is located at the start of the Vault of the Formless after entering from the Wardak ruins. As you enter, you’ll encounter terrifying Zombies that will try to kill you. If you go to the right of the entrance, you’ll find a small room with a chest. Open it to collect loot. You can also find another chest before accessing the Chamber of Stasis door.

Chamber of Stasis

Chamber of Stasis is the main area of the Vault and where you actually see the theme or lore of the dungeon being shown. The stasis pods in this area house thousands of Dryzyr. This huge area is full of stasis beds that freeze players on contact. Be careful around these beds as getting caught in these with enemies around could put you in a sticky situation.

If you work smartly, you can use the stasis beds in the Chamber of Stasis to your advantage by luring the enemies into them causing them to freeze. You’ll have to work smart as you travel through the Chamber of Stasis.

How to complete the Horde event and get Rupture Cannon

The boss room is the final location inside the Vault of the Formless, where you must defeat the boss. In this case, the boss the basically a Zombie Horde you must defeat. This area consists of rotating pillars and a platform for you to move around.

As the boss fight begins, an entire horde of zombies will attack you, and you must defeat them to complete this area. This is a technical boss fight, and you’ll have to use the layout of this platform to your advantage.

After defeating the boss, you’ll find a Glyph door inside that area that must be unlocked. You’ll have to find the House Lythla Glyph key to unlock this locked red door.

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless

This item can be found by searching for a rectangular pathway that rotates automatically inside the boss area. This pathway can be found in the second pillar of this area. Stand inside this pathway and wait for it to start rotating. This will lead you to a secret room where you’ll be able to find the House Lythla Glyph.

Next, you must head back to the red locked door in the boss area and unlock it using the Glyph Key. Once the door opens, head inside and follow the path leading to a brilliant handgun, the Rupture Cannon.

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless

Secret events in Vault of The Formless in Remnant 2

The Vault of the Formless houses many secret pathways and events that can allow you to unlock important items. The following are the secrets that are hidden inside this dungeon.

Broken Cable Event

The Broken Cable event is one of the events which takes place inside the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2. This is a random event that you may not even encounter during your campaign. You’ll see a locked door with glowing red lights as you wander through this dungeon.

You must find another doorway leading you to destructible containers near this red door. Go ahead and destroy these containers to open a hidden path on the floor. Jump inside and follow the path to wherever it leads you.

As you move forward, you’ll find a ladder you must climb. After going up, you’ll see an item glowing to your right. This is the Rerouting cable ring, so go ahead and pick it up.

Another item called the Blackout Ring can also be obtained from here. You must find an explosive container on the opposite side of the red-light door to get this item. Shooting this container through the small gap present will open the locked door.

Make your way into the locked room, and you’ll find an item glowing on the ground. This is the Blackout Ring you can equip.  

The Flooded Event

The flooded event is one of the randomly generated events in the Vault of the Formless dungeon. You may or may not come across this event during your gameplay. As you enter through two doors that may make it seem like a boss fight is about to commence, you’ll find yourself inside a space with paths and stairs leading up.

As you look down, you’ll notice the water level rising. Therefore, you’ll have to travel upwards and collect the valuable items as soon as possible before the water gets to you. These items include the Subterfuge Link (Ring), Insulation Driver (Amulet), and Generating Band (Ring).

Remember that this is only a one-time event, and you cannot replay it after you die. So, move quickly and collect the purple glowing items as fast as possible.

Secret Pathway Next to House Lythla Glyph

When you get to the location to equip the House Lythla Glyph in Remnant 2, you’ll see some containers in that room. Destroying those containers will reveal a hidden ventilation shaft.

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless

Traveling through this hidden path will lead you to a room containing the Metal Driver ring.

Claw Platform

The Claw Platform is another location that may be present in alternate versions of the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2. This location resembles the final boss room with a huge three-digit claw playing around with compartments. After the claw rotates the devices, players will face a platform they must jump on.

As the claw ascends, players must look for a collapsed walkway and jump onto it. This walkway will lead to a room containing the Atom Splitter weapon.

The Locked Glass Door

As you wander the Vault of the Formless, you may come across a locked glass door. You’ll have to find the W.D. 109 mini-boss around this area and lure it toward the glass door to unlock the path. Doing so will unlock this door and unveil the Excess Coil Ring behind it.

Aerary Glyph Door

This door resembles the locked door inside the boss room and can only be opened with the Aerary Glyph. The glyph can be found in multiple places on N’Erud including Putrid Domain. Beyond this door, players will come face to face with the Progeny mini-boss. After you defeat this boss, search for the Crisis Ring, which will be located in this room.

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