Remnant 2: Void Vessel Facility Dungeon Guide

The Void Vessel Facility is a one-way-loop dungeon in Remnant 2 but with a chance of spawning numerous random events.

The Void Vessel Facility is a dungeon located in the world of N’erud that was once used as a laboratory by the Custodian for various experiments in Remnant 2.

N’Erud zombies and the Possessed now haunt this Drzyr-containing domain. This intriguing dungeon offers formidable foes and ample challenges in return for its secrets and treasures.

This guide will cover everything you can do in the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2. Additionally, we’ll also be going over where exactly it’s located.

How to get to the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2

The Void Vessel Facility is an extension of the Timeless Horizon in Remnant 2. Considering the game’s procedural generation, you can only find the hidden cave entrance to the Facility if you are exploring the Timeless Horizon.

If you hear a soft alarm going off in the distance, you are near the entrance to the Void Vessel Facility. Follow the sound deeper into the cave, and you will find its doorway.

Open the first locked door

While venturing into the Void Vessel Facility, you will soon encounter a locked door with a hidden armor piece inside. The key, Stasis Pod Glyph, can be found in a room with three large pods at the end of the domain.

You must go through the pods, as the key can be in either one. After unlocking the door near the entrance, you can access Space Worker Set.

While exploring the dungeon, a random capsule will have Tightly Wound Coil Ring within it, so remember to grab it while you are there.

Open the red locked door

The Red Locked Door is a N’Erud exclusive random event that can take place in the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2. It can be unlocked by reconnecting power to the door, for which you will first need to clear out all the destructible in the small room right off the glass walls.

Head up the ladder after exiting the vents to the room containing the Rerouting Cable Ring. Before dropping down, shoot the electric container between the cables through the hole in the wall. The restored power will unlock the door with a Blackout Ring inside.

Reach the end of the Stasis Pod Chamber

There is a chance that you spawn the Stasis Pod Chamber while exploring the Void Vessel Facility. This area contains a simple puzzle you can solve to get the secret Atom Splitter melee weapon.

A broken platform at the end of the chamber blocks your path. You need to wait for the robot arm to get a new platform in front of you. Jump on it, then jump on the next platform on your right to get to the Atom Splitter.

Survive the Flooded Room

Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2 is a two-story domain, but with The Flooded Room Event, a basement becomes part of the map indicating its appearance. This event works like a puzzle; you must act fast to succeed.

To start the water puzzle, use the center console. The platform is across to grab all 3 items before the water level rises. The easiest way is to first go for the left one, the Subterfuge Link Ring, and collect the Insulation Driver Amulet on your way to the top for the Generating Band Ring.

You only get a single chance to grab all the items with no way of draining the water without rerolling the world.

Defeat the Fetid Corpse boss

A N’Erud Zombie Aberration hides within the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2. To coarse him out, you must enter one of the three vessels found at the top of the facility. This ends with you waking up to a zombie horde with the Fetid Corpse standing in the center.

The fight can be challenging as you must take on the boss and deal with the minion N’Erud Zombie hoards. Defeating the Fetid Corpse aberration will drop the Transference Mutator with 2-7 Corrupted Lumenite Crystal.

Open the locked robot doors

This area has a very low tendency to spawn in Remnant 2. There is a ring behind the door, and there is a high-powered boss present in the area. The boss battle is triggered as you get close to the area, and the door opens once the fight starts. Your goal here is to go to the door once it opens, grab the ring, and defeat the boss.

Defeat the W.D.109 boss

Another Aberration entity, W.D.109, can be encountered in the Void Vessel Facility through the random event in Remnant 2.

The Robot Grunt Aberration holds the key to unlocking the small locked rooms. He can activate normal Robot Grunts behind closed doors to attack you while leaving the doors open.

Defeating him will reward you with a Transpose Mutator, Excess Coil, and 2-7 Corrupted Lumenite Crystal.

Purple Gravity Orb Event (optional)

This random event has a high chance of spawning in the Void Vessel Facility. The purple Gravity Orb is an environmental hazard that resembles a Black Hole. It follows you around and deals damage to both you and the enemy. Other times, it chases you throughout the Facility to fulfill its purpose of being a general hazard. It can’t be destroyed, nor can it be driven away.

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