How To Get The Burden Of The Divine Ring In Remnant 2

The Burden of the Divine is a ring in Remnant 2 that can be found in the world of Losomn with a little RNG help.

The Burden of the Divine is a ring in Remnant 2 that can be found in the world of Losomn. The ring can be situated at different locations in the game due to the procedural generation of the world. This can make everything a tad bit confusing, and you may need some assistance along the way.  

If you’re clueless about how to get the Burden of The Divine in Remnant 2, you’ve reached the right place. This guide will explain the entire process of how to get this ring and enjoy its perks. So, let’s get started.

The Burden of the Divine ring location in Remnant 2

The Burden of The Divine is a valuable ring that can be found at different locations inside the world of Losomn in Remnant 2. These locations include the Tiller’s Rest, Harvester’s Reach, and The Great Sewers. Due to the game’s RNG, you may roll into a different area each time.

As you progress through these areas, you’ll come across a ladder you must climb. After going up, you’ll see a path that is blocked by breakable objects. You must break these wooden objects to unveil the path that leads into a hall or a sewer, depending upon which area you have rolled into.

Once you’ve crossed the hall, you’ll have to jump to a wooden walkway on the other side. Over here, you’ll face enemies that you’ll have to kill.

After you’ve dealt with these enemies, move forward on the wooden platform, and you’ll find a corpse in this area holding the Burden of The Divine Ring. Go ahead and collect the ring from the corpse.


Remnant 2 Burden of the Divine builds

The Burden of The Divine, forged by the One True King, is a ring with brilliant abilities. This ring reduces any damage dealt to the wearer by 10%.

On top of that, it also applies 50% self-healing to your allies. This ring provides crucial support during combat and can be a lifesaver in deadly encounters.

The Burden of The Divine in Remnant 2 is ideally used with the Medic Healer Build due to its protective and self-healing properties. That’s all about the Burden of The Divine ring. We hope you will find this guide to be helpful.

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