How To Unlock Adventure Mode In Remnant 2

If you missed a certain location or backtrack to get an item, you are going to need to play Remnant 2 in the Adventure mode.

Remnant 2 features multiple worlds with massive maps that contain a ton of collectibles. If you missed a certain location or backtrack to get an item, you are going to need to play Remnant 2 in the Adventure mode.

The mode allows you to revisit any area you previously cleared without needing to bring up old save files. So you can just focus on beating the game and then start the Adventure mode for a 100-percent completion of each world.

Do note that revisiting an old area in adventure mode doesn’t reset or revert your main story progression. This means you can go through the main campaign without worrying that you will miss certain items or areas.

How to unlock the Adventure mode in Remnant 2

To unlock the Adventure mode, you need to beat the first boss known as Root Mantis. He can be found in the last section of the first world.

The boss fight itself is easy as the game is trying to get you in the swing of things. All the attacks Root Mantis throws are melee based. These attacks are well-telegraphed and give you ample time to dodge.

Once the boss is slain, a crafting material known as “Root Ganglia” will be dropped and you will also get access to the new area “Ward 13”. It is a sort of main lobby with multiple NPCs. You can access Adventure mode from this area.  

How to use the Adventure Mode

Once you are in Ward 13, make your way to the giant red crystal located in the bottom section of this area.

Interacting with the crystal will bring up a menu for fast travel. Select the world setting option here. After selecting the adventure mode option, you will be taken to a menu as shown below.

Select the world whose adventure mode you want to create. In each world, you can even start from the checkpoint of your liking.

Starting a new adventure mode also allows you to select a new difficulty level. The game will create a new save file for each adventure mode you create but your progress will remain tied to your campaign progression. In other words, your campaign progression will not be lost.

This concludes our adventure mode guide for Remanent 2. This game brings a lot of quality-of-life changes that were missing in the previous title.

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