Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons Tier List

Choosing the right weapon in Monster Hunter Rise can be a bit challenging but with a good weapon tier list, your struggles can come to an end. This Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List covers the best weapons and places them in their respective tier slots, helping you pick the best ones.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons Tier List

Below we’ve listed weapons in tiers according to their importance in MH Rise. The list ranges from S all the way to C tier with each slot containing at least 3 weapons to choose from.

S- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

Long Sword

A powerful and versatile weapon to start the list. The Long Sword is probably one of the strongest weapons in MH Rise and the best part about wielding this weapon is that this weapon doesn’t necessarily require many skills to wield, making it a user-friendly weapon placing it on the top spot.

Light Bowgun

An alternate for the Heavy Bowgun, this weapon is lighter to handle making it much faster as compared to the Heavy Bowgun. It also consists of a very strong Nargacuga Bowgun and you can use this weapon from a long range with precision.

Heavy Bowgun

Speaking of the Heavy Bowgun, taking the last position on the S-tier slot is none other than the Heavy Bowgun itself. Due to the Light Bowgun being agile, this weapon is placed at a lower position. However, that doesn’t take away the insane Elemental Ammo the heavy bowgun uses along with precise shots when aimed accurately.

A- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

Great Sword

Number one on the A-tier is the Great Sword due to it possessing Power Sheath along with multiple hard-hitting attacks that can deal a good amount of damage to the opponent with its Explosive one-hit attacks.

Switch Axe

A dual-form weapon that switches between axe and sword easily during combat. The Zero-Sum Discharge feature is an absolute beast of a possession used by the Switch Axe making it a must-have weapon for any player.

Charge Blade

A weapon with an amazing Elemental Discharge. Also, Charge Blade’s Counter Peak Performance gauge is maxed out on a perfect execution. Although it has slightly tough controls, it still makes for a good slicer weapon.

Hunting Horn

A blunt weapon in Monter Hunter Rise. This weapon not only buffs you but also your party with its melody making it a must-have weapon for multiplayer. Not only that but its Slide Beat’s dodge potential is also up to the mark.

B- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

Insect Glaive

A weapon with high potential. Using the Insect Glaive, you can perform Jumping Advance Slash moves with ease. Its Kinsects have been buffed and has high mobility along with offensive-oriented Silkbind attacks.


The Gunlance may not be one of the most versatile weapons but can be a lethal threat for the opponent when used accurately. However, requires mastery in controls.


An amazing weapon that deals a good amount of damage when used properly. Comes with high mobility and a powerful charge attack. However, the Hammer drains much of your stamina when charging and requires precision for dealing damage.


An effective counter mode, easy to handle and understand. However, other options are still available to take on monsters

C- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

Dual Blades

Probably one of the fastest damage dealing weapons in MH Rise. However, Dual Blades consists of weak individual attacks and is quite challenging to control.

Sword and Shield

High mobility and is good in both defense as well as offense. However, requires a lot of skills to manage to make it inconvenient for the player to memorize all the combos and control types.


Probably not the most favorite weapon out of all for majority of the players. Considering we already have better options available such as Bowguns.

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