Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons (Weapon Tier List)

In this guide, we'll be compiling a Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List to show you which ones work best for all players in the game

Choosing the right weapon in Monster Hunter Rise can be a bit challenging but with a good weapon tier list, your struggles can come to an end. This Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List covers the best weapons and places them in their respective tier slots, helping you pick the best ones.

Best Great Swords in MH Rise

Following are our picks for the best Great Swords in Monster Hunter Rise.

Rampage Cleaver S

Crafting Requirements: 50000 Zenny, Apex Shockshell x2, Apex Blaze Sac x1, Defender Ticket 9 x3

Starting our list strong, we first have the Rampage Cleaver S Great Sword. This sword is one of the strongest weapons in the game and has a whopping 210 Attack Stat. Having this in your build will give you the reliability to face any threat without being harmed much.

It can be upgraded up to six levels and is highly beneficial for players if they want to provide their enemies with the sleep or paralysis effect. Using this against strong bosses allows you to freeze them for a few seconds and land successful attacks, ultimately draining their health pool.

King Teostra Blade

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Gleaming Shell x1, Fire Dragon Scale + x2, Teostra Gem x1

Another of our favorite Great Swords in the game is the King Teostra Blade. Its Sinister Shadow Blade and 45 points of Blast Elements make it an absolute killer. If players equip it with Fireblight Exploit Rampage Skill and  Rank 3 Attack Boost, you will be turning your enemies into ashes on the field! You can also pair it with other skills and boosts you like; however, we’ve found these two performing as absolute killers with this sword.

King Teostra Blade compliments the hunter nature and can elevate the gaming experience for the players. If you’re fond of butchering enemies, this one is for you.

Sinister Shadow Blade

Crafting Requirements: 45000 Zenny, Magnamalo Blade + x4, Magnamalo Shell + x3, Magnamalo Scale + x3, Purple Magna Orb x1

Our last pick for the best Great Sword is the Sinister Shadow Blade. It provides 25 points of Blast Damage, which is incredible, and with Rank 3 Blast Boost Rampage Skill, this weapon becomes incredible to take down any enemies that get in your way. It also has a 200 Attack Stat, which is a killer, making it a great pick for players.

Best Sword and Shield

Queen Rapier

Crafting Requirements: 52000 Zenny, Chameleos Spike x1, Rathalos Wing x2, Rathian Ruby x1

Our first pick for the Sword and Shield weapon in MHR is Queen Rapier. It is great for players in terms of its sick poison potential. It has deadly thorns that, upon contact with enemies, will inflict damage and poison on them. It has 220 Attack Stat with 10% affinity. It also comes with Rampage Skills; Attack Boost II, Poison Boost II, and Small Monster Exploit. It is an easy choice if you’re looking for a good Sword and Shield weapon in the game.

Teostra’s Emblem

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Rouge Spikewing x2, Teostra Powder x3, Teostra Gem x1

Our second pick for the Sword and Shield weapon in MHR is the Teostra’s Emblem. It is uniquely designed, and its blade is from the Teostra monster. It has incredible blast build-up, and its sharpness is enough to pierce through any enemy that comes your way. With 19 Attack Stat and Blast abilities, you’ll be more than good in the field with various kinds of bosses and minions.

Best Dual Blades

Rain of Gore

Crafting Requirements: 33000 Zenny, Gothjelly x3, Rakna-Kadaki Spike x3, Firecell Stone x5

Paralysis debuffs are always great, especially when you’re unaware of incoming threats and how big and small they will be. Rain of Gore is great as it has powerful paralysis and accuracy and overall is a balanced weapon providing a little bit of everything. With 180 Attack Stat and Rampage Skills such as Attack Boost II, Affinity Boost II, and Paralysis Boost I, you’re more than set to encounter any unexpected scenario you face.

Dual Chameleos

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Shimmering Scale x1, Chameleos Spike x2, Chameleos Gem x1

Poison-based weapons are always a go-to while you’re choosing and considering the type of blade you need in the field. They are incredible in inflicting massive damage to the enemies while also leaving them suffering from poison in their bodies. It has 190 Attack Stat with 40 Poison elemental damage. By piling up the available Rampage Skills, players can increase the effect of the poison and critical success.

Best Long Swords

Reddnaught Blade

Crafting Requirements: 90000 Zenny, Crimson Liquid x2, Red Serpent Orb x1

Reddnaught Blade is one of the best Long Swords players can choose while playing MHR. It can execute 90 hits of white sharpness alongside with massive Dragon Elemental Damage. Using this against bigger bosses entails a victory for you. With 180 Stat Attack and balanced power, this becomes the perfect pick for Long Sword lovers.

Phantom Mirage

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Crimson Liquid x1, Chameleos Claw + x3, Chameleos Gem x1

Another best of the best Long Swords in the game is the Phantom Mirage. It has 220 Attack Stat and 15% Affinity Stats and can be a part of almost any build of your choice. It has the most effective raw damage alongside the Rampage Skills; Attack Boost III, Defense Boost III, and Chameleos Soul that elevate your playstyle when equipped.

Best Hammers in MH Rise

Diamalto’s Dream

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Crimson Liquid x2, Chameleos Wing x2, Chameleos Gem x1

We personally prefer poison elements in any type of weapon as they inflict the most damage to the enemies. The same is the case while picking Diamalto’s Dream as one of the best hammers in the game. With 200 Attack Stat that can be enhanced furthermore by the Attack Boost Three Rampage Skill, this hammer can perform as a killer in combats. It is abusively lethal, and if you’re confused about picking a hammer, this should be your choice.

Huracan Hammer

Crafting Requirements: 56000 Zenny, Fire Dragon Scale + x3, Rathalos Ruby x1

Huracan hammer is great for providing your enemies and bosses with Fire Damage. Equip this against Fire Element vulnerable enemies, which should instantly drain most of their health pool. It is also one of the strongest hammers in the game, with its 210 Attack Stat and a 5% Affinity Stat bonus.

Best Hunting Horns

Rathalos Feroce

Crafting Requirements: 56000 Zenny, Teostra Webbing x2, Rathalos Ruby x1, Rathalos+ x12 Points

First, on the list for Hunting Horns, we have the Rathalos Feroce. We love it because it brings the heat with its fire element in the game. With 35 Element Status, you best believe it will be turning enemies into ashes in no time. Moreover, with the Rank Three Attack Boost, players can boost up the Attack Stat to 190 which is a win in the combat arena.

Abyssal Storm Horn

Crafting Requirements: 80000 Zenny, Orb of Origin x1, Thunder Serpent Orb x1, Ibushi Bluespike x1

With the spikey horn, you can easily pierce through any enemy and provide them with some stun effects. It belongs to the thunder element with 41 Elemental Stats and 190 Attack Stats. With the perfect combo of attacks and thunder, you will be able to take down any foes that bother you during your game progression. With Rampage Skills, you can further boost the weapon performance.

Best Lances

Rampage Spear S

Crafting Requirements: 50000 Zenny, Apex Shockshell x2, Apex Blaze Sac x1, Defender Ticket 9 x3

One of the best lances in the game, especially because it belongs to the Rampage tier and has incredible versatility. With the build design, this lance can provide elemental effects of Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep. Having these produced on enemies is highly beneficial for players in the field as it damages your foes, and you also get a few seconds more to inflict as much further damage as you want. Additionally, this is a great lance to use against bigger bosses.

It has a great 180 Attack Stat and can be further enhanced with any Rampage Skills. Overall it is a winner that should definitely be your pick.

Teostra’s Roar

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Gleaming Shell x4, Teostra Tail x1, Teostra Gem x1

An explosive and damaging Lance with a great foundation of 200 Attack Stat and 35 Blast Element. With piling up the Rampage Skills, this can become the only weapon you would need while being in the arena.

Best Gunlancese

Crimson Rook

Crafting Requirements: 56000 Zenny, Teostra Tail x1, Rathalos Ruby x1, Rathalos+ x15 Points

With 210 Attack Stat, Neutral Affinity Stat and 37 Fire Element Damage Point, this Gunlance comes first among our favorite Gunlances in MHR. Moreover, it has no setbacks, meaning it gives an excellent critical rating. Players should choose this Gunlance without hesitation if they are on a search for one.

Venomous Attar

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Crimson Liquid x2, Chameleos Wing x3, Chameleos Gem x1

One of the deadliest Gunlances in the game with its deadly poison abilities. It has powerful and reliable 230 Attack Stat alongside 31 points of poison damage. It is lethal, and its Rampage Skills boost its features, even more, making it even deadlier.

Best Switch Axes

Grior’s Landmaker

Crafting Requirements: 39000 Zenny, Magnamalo Blade + x3, Rathian Ruby x1, Rathian+ x15 Points

Hands-down, the best Switch Axe players can acquire in MHR. With 25 points of Poison Damage making it absolutely lethal alongside 210 points of base attack, consider yourself a winner while having this equipped on the field.

Fall Drache

Crafting Requirements: 30000 Zenny, Magna Soulprism x2, Firecell Stone x3, Ibushi Claw + x2

Another great Switch Axe with 200 Attack Stat, 22 Dragon Element,  5% Affinity, and +5 Defense. What else can you even ask for? Moreover, piling it up with Rampage Skills enhances it further, making it a great choice for you.

Best Charge Blades

Daora’s Thwartoise

Crafting Requirements: 70000 Zenny, Valstrax Tail x1, Daora Carapace x4, Daora Gem x1

A well-rounded Ice Element Charge Blade with a solid base attack of 190 points and 10% Affinity. The 36-element points make it freezingly deadly, and with an extra push with Rampage Skills, you best believe you’ll be killing enemies like bugs on the battlefield.

Rampage C. Blade S

Crafting Requirements: 50000 Zenny, Apex Shockshell x2, Apex Curlhorn x1, Defender Ticket 9 x3

Rampage C. Blade S gives extra sleep status effect to your enemies, providing you the opportunity to drain the life out of them. Pile it up with Rampage Skills, and its effects will build up, even more, making the weapon’s performance better for you.

Best Insect Glaives in MH Rise

Nightmare Frilled Jab

Crafting Requirements: 24000 Zenny, Almudron Hardclaw x2, Somnacanth Wild Fin x2, Large Wyvern Gem x1, MR Somnacanth 8 pts

With 22 points to Sleep status effect alongside 220 points of Base Attack and Neutral Affinity, this Insect Glaive becomes a balanced and great choice for players. It is upgraded from Illusory Frilled Jab + and can deal great damage to the enemies by providing players the ability to put them to slumber and continue the attacking party.

Duke’s Scepter

Crafting Requirements: 52000 Zenny, Malzeno Cortex x3, Bloody Parasite x3, Malzeno Hardfang x3, Malzeno Fellwing x2

Belonging to the Dragon element, it has 20 points alongside 320 Attack Points, Neutral Ability, and a great level of sharpness. It is uniquely designed and is one of the best Insect Glaives that guarantees massive damage to the enemies.

Best Bows in MH Rise

Flying Kadachi Striker

Crafting Requirements: 39000 Zenny, Goss Harag Fur + x3, Tobi-Kadachi Claw + x3, Wyvern Gemx1, Tobi-Kadachi+ x10 Points

One of the best bows players can choose from while playing MHR. It has 23 Points of Thunder Elemental, 190 Attack Stat, and 15 percent affinity. It is a rounder and basically the only weapon you easily rely on. It can be enhanced by piling up its respective Rampage Skills to improve the performance.


Crafting Requirements: 36000 Zenny, Rakna-Kadaki Hardclaw x3, Rakna-Kadaki Glowgut + x3, Rakna-Kadaki Spike + x4, Rakna-Kadaki Silk + x3

Another killer in the Bow category. Araknabuster has 36 points of Fire Elemental, 260 Attack Stat, and 30% Affinity. How much better can it get? It brings massive heat to the combat and will destroy any threat that gets in your way.

Best Light Bowguns

Night Owl

Crafting Requirements: 42000 Zenny, Nargacuga+ x15 Points, Tigrex Fang + x3, Narga Medulla x1

You’re in for a treat with 40% Affinity and 180 Attack Stat. Putting it with Piercing and Exhaust ammo, you can use this as your main weapon in the game. You can also invest in extra Affinity to shift it into an absolute killer Light Bowgun to further elevate it.

Teostra’s Flamebolt

Crafting Requirements: 75000 Zenny, Shimmering Scale x6, Teostra Mane x3, Teostra Gem x1

Teostra’s Flamebolt is one of the strongest Light Bowgun in MHR. You’re in for a treat with 200 Attack Stat and 5% Affinity. In addition, it has 5 Rampage Slots that you can use to pair it with skills that can buff it even more according to your liking and builds.

Best Heavy Bowguns

Gemetzel Abzug

Crafting Requirements: 60000 Zenny, Afflicted Fang x5 Afflicted Shell x5

This is a Heavy Bowgun described as a weapon that black curses and has doomed countless opponents. It is upgraded from Todlicher Abzug to its now deadly form. Equipping this entails great reliability on the field with accurate shots. It has 20% Affinity and 360 Attack Stat. Using the Rampage slot, you can buff it out even more according to your builds.

Rampage H. Bowgun S

Crafting Requirements: 50000 Zenny, Apex Shockshell x2, Apex Curlhorn x1, Defender Ticket 9 x3

You’re in for victory with this Heavy Bowgun. It has 210 Attack Stat and Neutral Affinity. It has average recoil and reloads, which plays out decently while being in an intense battle.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapons Tier List

Below we’ve listed weapons in tiers according to their importance in MH Rise. The list ranges from S all the way to C tier with each slot containing at least 3 weapons to choose from.

S- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

A- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

B- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

C- Tier Weapons in MH Rise

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