Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Builds, Moveset, Combos, and Tips

This guide has all you need to get a better insight into the Heavy Bowgun so that you can utilize its true potential in Monster Hunter Rise.

When it comes to the ranged weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, Heavy Bowgun needs no introduction as the name is self-explanatory. This Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun guide has all you need to get a better insight into the Heavy Bowgun so that you can utilize its true potential in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun

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The Light Bowgun comes in handy when you need mobility as you shoot, but the Heavy Bowgun is all about ranged shots from rest. Land a correct, precise shot and you will achieve your purpose. It is best suited when the creature is at rest and not attentive towards you.

Heavy Bowgun Controls

Basic Attacks

Here are some useful Heavy Bowgun controls that you should know.

Attack Switch Controls PC Controls
Crosshairs zL Right Click
Fire zR Left Click
Load Special Ammo A MB4
Reload X MB5
Select Ammo Hold L-stick+X or B Hold Ctrl+MB5 or MB4
Melee Attack X+A MB5+MB4
Free Silkbind Glide R-stick + X Shift+MB5
Counter Shot R-stick + A Shift+MB4

Charge Shot

PC – Hold Left Click

Switch – Hold zR

To charge the shots, just press zR or hold left Click for Switch and PC respectively. Make sure that your timing of release must be accurate if you want to cause maximum amount of damage to the foe.

Load Special Ammo

PC – Press MB4 while unsheathed

Switch – Press A while unsheathed

Heavy Bowgun can launch some additional special ammos. Make sure that you switch ammos while keeping a distance from the enemy, as it has long set of ammunition.

Heavy Bowgun Silkbind Attacks

Free Silkbind Glide

Free Silkbind Glide helps you to come closer to the monster and if your timing of glide is to the point, then you can attack the monster as well.

Keys: Switch = R-stick+X | PC = Shift + MB5

Counter Shot

Counter Shot is a vital tool to fight against the enemy, as it allows you to halt the attacks coming at you and helps you to launch a counterattack at the same time.

Keys: Switch = R-stick+A | PC = Shift + MB4

Counter Charge

Counter Shot is an additional Silkbind attack that you can use through Counter Shot. This not only helps you to halt the attack coming from the enemy but also charges the next Charged Shot quickly. In this way, the players can reduce time launch the shots.

Keys: Switch = R-stick+A | PC = Shift + MB4

Setting Sun

Using this attack, you can generate an Ironsilk ring through a Wirebug, with the ring itself consisting of a Special powder that decreases the velocity of the ammo as it goes through it.

How to Use Heavy Bowgun Switch Skills


 Original Skill  Switch Skill Controls
 Melee Attack Tackle X + A/ MB5+MB4
 Counter Shot Counter Charge R-stick + X/ Shift + MB5
 Mech-Wyvernsnipe Healing Mech-Wyvernsnipe A/MB4
Countershot Rising Moon Zl+X
Free Silkbind Glide Setting Sun Zl+A
Charged Shot Crouching Shot Switch> Hold ZR to shoot while crouching

MH Rise Best Heavy Bowgun Builds

Best 2 Star Build


  • Weapon: Iron Assault II
  • Head: Zuchi Helm
  • Chest: Hunter’s Mail
  • Arms: Alloy Vambraces
  • Waist: Alloy Coil
  • Legs: Baggi Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -4
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -5
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 3
  • Water Attack Lvl 1

Best 4 Star Heavy Bowgun Build


  • Weapon: Rapidcaster II
  • Head: Barroth Helm
  • Chest: Tetranadon Mail
  • Arms: Tetranadon Braces
  • Waist: Alloy Coil
  • Legs: Barroth Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 83
  • Fire: -9
  • Water: 6
  • Thunder: 1
  • Ice: -1
  • Dragon: 0
  • Attack Boost Lvl 1
  • Critical Eye Lvl 1
  • Normal/Rapid Up Lvl 1
  • Water Attack Lvl 1
  • Guard Lvl 1
  • Special Ammo Boost Lvl 1

Best Endgame Heavy Bowgun Build


  • Weapon: Despot’s Paroxysm
  • Head: Tetranadon Helm S
  • Chest: Tetranadon Mail S
  • Arms: Rathalos Braces S
  • Waist: Rathalos Coil S
  • Legs: Tetranadon Greaves S

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 245
  • Fire: 4
  • Water: 15
  • Thunder: -9
  • Ice: 6
  • Dragon: -5
  • Normal/Rapid Up Lvl 3
  • Attack Boost Lvl 4
  • Speed Eater Lvl 1
  • Windproof Lvl 1
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1
  • Hunger Resistance Lvl 1

Best Heavy Bowguns

Tigrex Howl II

This HBG has 230 raw with 10 negative Affinity, but its real strength is the combination of Sticky Ammo and Cluster Bombs. First Ammo type is useful to stun the monsters by including skill Slugger in your build.

Then reach the town with a slow-firing Cluster Bomb or five. The Cluster Effect II Ramp-Up skill will add more weapons and armor to your inventory. Another useful option is Wyvernheart Special Ammo for this purpose.

Sinister Dreadvolley

Sticky Ammo 3 and Cluster Bomb 3 acts same as in the Tigrex Howl. So, the players can drop bombs on their enemies and use shields to protect themselves from the enemies. Spread Ammo 3 will work good as well.

Felyne Cannon

This Heavy Bowgun is especially good because it offers Cluster Bombs. It’s not the best weapon, but it can get the job done.

Heavy Bowgun Weapon Trees

Heavy Bowgun Kamura Tree

  • Kamura H. Bowgun
  • Kamura Ninja H. Bowgun
  • Tigrex Howl
  • Tigrex Skull
  • Cirrus Blaster
  • Mountainous Roar
  • Reversal Shot
  • Reversal Barrage
  • Queen’s Longfir
  • Queen’s Farflier
  • Guerrera Cannon
  • Thorn Cannon
  • Arzuros Gun
  • Arzuros Fishergun
  • Usurper’s Tremor
  • Despot’s Paroxysm

Heavy Bowgun Ore Tree

  • Iron Assault
  • Steel Assault
  • Striker’s Bowgun
  • Elite Bowgun
  • Flammenkanon
  • Gnashing Flammenkanone
  • Meteor Bazooka
  • Meteor Cannon
  • Rock Eater
  • Earth Eater
  • Marino Burst
  • Marino Cannon
  • Carom Shot
  • Rebound Shot
  • Wind Thief Crossbow
  • Gale Crossbow
  • Fulgent Shot
  • Araknamortar

Heavy Bowgun Bone Tree

  • Bone Shooter
  • Bone Buster
  • Pukei Launcher
  • Venomhail
  • Anteka Burst
  • Anteka Blaster
  • Dual Threat
  • Diablazooka
  • Kadachi Cannon
  • Kadachi Raijodo
  • Rapidcaster
  • Cyclecaster
  • Hidden Gambit
  • Baleful Night
  • Highpriest Bowgun
  • Bishaten’s Grace
  • Spheniscine Slayer
  • Spheniscine Ruler

Heavy Bowgun Magnamalo Tree

  • Sinister Volley
  • Sinister Dreadvolley

Heavy Bowgun Rajang Tree

  • Rajang Shooter
  • Rajang’s Rage

Heavy Bowgun Ibushi Tree

  • Azure Elder Cannon
  • Abyssal Gale Barrage

Heavy Bowgun Narwa Tree

  • Thunderbolt Cannon
  • Abyssal Storm Barrage

Heavy Bowgun Kushala Daora Tree

  • Daora’s Delphinidae
  • Daora Grande

Heavy Bowgun Teostra Tree

  • Teostra’s Artillery
  • Teostra’s Flames

Heavy Bowgun Chameleos Tree

  • Kamaeleon
  • Veiled Kameleon

Heavy Bowgun Valstrax Tree

  • Redwing Cannon
  • Diabolica

Heavy Bowgun Mosgharl Tree

  • Carrozza Bazooka
  • Cendrillon

Heavy Bowgun Jelly Tree

  • Journey Jelly
  • Guiding Light

Heavy Bowgun Smithy Tree

  • Ladybug Cannon
  • Ladybug Mortar

Heavy Bowgun Felyne Tree

  • Felyne Bowgun
  • Felyne Cannon

Heavy Bowgun Rampage Tree

  • Rampage H. Bowgun
  • Rampage H. Bowgun S

Heavy Bowgun Tips

The two main types of ammo that can be used are Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe. Wyvernsnipe allows the gun to shoot a single, extremely accurate shot and the other one turns the gun into a machine gun!

You can even equip the gun with a Shield which allows you to block some shots when they are laid upon you. This mod allows you to cover up the inefficiency that comes with the gun’s heavy weight; you can really move a lot with this weapon.

The shield allows you to absorb the damage, which compensates for the immobility and hence the shots that could be dodged. On the other hand, the damage the heavy bowgun deals is unprecedented.

Remember that the ammo is limited, and every shot counts; therefore, you need to make sure that you manage your ammo well and conserve it where possible.