Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Builds, Moveset, Combos, and Tips

In this Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide, we will be covering The Great Sword, one of the many new weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. We will be looking at its stats and attack combos so you can have a definite idea if this sword is suitable for you or not.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

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The Great Sword is one of the 14 new weapons in MHR. It has a massive blade that is capable of dealing tons of damage with a single hit. You can also use the massive blade to tackle incoming attacks.

This weapon is preferred by a lot of players whenever they go on difficult hunts as it is easy to handle and deals tons of damage.

The Great Sword’s combos are not that difficult either. All of these things combined make it a very effective weapon for slaying monsters of all sizes.

You can also charge your attacks and if an enemy tries to attack you, simply cancel the charge to tackle their attack, and now you can go in for some quick counter slashes.

Great Sword Controls

Attack PC Controls Switch Controls
Vertical Slash Left Click  X
Charge Slash Charge Left Click Charge X
Sideward Slash E Y
Upward Slash Left Click + Right Click X + A
Tackle While Charging  Right Click While Charging A
Guard MB4 ZR
Falling Thrust Midair MB4 Midair, ZR
Hunting Edge Middle Click + Left Click ZL + X
Power Sheathe Middle Click + Right Click ZL + A

How to Use Great Sword Combos

We have listed out the controls to execute combos with the Great Sword weapon in Monster Hunter Rise below.

True Charged Slash Combo

Combo PC Controls Switch Controls
Charged Slash Hold  Left Click Hold X
Strong Charged Slash Hold Directional Button + X Hold Left Stick + X
Strong Wide Slash Right Click A
True Charged Slash Hold Left Click Hold X

Forward Lunging Attack Combo

Combo PC Controls Switch Controls
Wide Sweep Left Click A
Tackle Left Click A
Leaping Wide Slash Left Click A

Stationary Combo

Combo PC Controls Switch Controls
Wide Sweep Left Click A
Rising Slash Left Click + Right Click X + A

Great Sword Silkbind Attacks

You can use the following attacks to inflict devastating damage on your foes.

Power Sheath

The Wire bug launches you forward while sheathing your weapon. You gain an attack boost for a few moments while your weapon is sheathed.

You can trigger this attack with the following button combo: ZL + A. For PC, you can use the Following Combo: Middle Click + Left Click.

Hunting Edge

This attack plunges you into the sky where you can attack the monster with one of two attacks; a deadly Slash or a plunging thrust. The latter also slams the monster into the ground.

You can trigger this attack with the following button combo: ZL + X. For PC, you can use the Following Combo: Middle Click + Left Click.

The Great Sword, as its name suggests is a great weapon. It is suitable for almost all kinds of hunts and can be used to parry small attacks as well. The only thing you need to keep in check is its mobility.

Strongarm Stance

An attack that fortifies your weapons are arms to repel attacks for a short period of time.

Great Sword Switch Skills

Guard Tackle

The Guard Tackle takes your standard Tackle and bumps it up defensively by allowing you to tank more incoming attacks. Its animation and hence timings are different from the standard tackle but you’ll quickly get used to it

You can use this attack on Switch by While Charging A. For PC you can use the While Charging Left Click to perform this attack.

Rage Slash

This attack will absorb incoming damage and use it to power up your incoming charge attack.

You can perform this attack on Switch by pressing X after a Strong Charged Slash. For changing the direction you can use the L-stick. For PC you can use the directional buttons + Left Key after a Strong Charged Slash.

Adamant Charged Slash

With this switch skill for Hunting Edge, you’ll utilize the wirebug to pull yourself towards a target and strike with a charged slash. The benefit of this move is that it has knockback protection, meaning nothing will stop your assault!

However, you’ll still take significant damage if you don’t use this carefully. So only use it when you’re sure you can tank the incoming hit to get in on your prey.

You can perform this attack on Switch using the ZL + X button. For PC you can use the Middle Click + Left Click.

MH Rise Great Sword Builds

Below we have provided you with some of the best Great Sword Builds you can make in MH Rise.

Early Game Build

This Great Sword build is ideal to tackle Two Star Village quests in Monster Hunter Rise


  • Weapon: Buster Sword I
  • Head: Izuchi Helm
  • Chest: Hunter’s Mail
  • Arms: Alloy Vambraces
  • Waist: Bone Coil
  • Legs: Baggi Greaves

Stats & Skills

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -3
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -4
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 2
  • Focus Lvl 1

Mid Game Great Sword Build

Once you’re ready to tackle 4 Star quests, this build should be enough to carry you through them


  • Weapon: Buster Blade
  • Head: Basarios Helm
  • Chest: Barroth Mail
  • Arms: Somnacanth Braces
  • Waist: Basarios Coil
  • Legs: Basarios Greaves

Stats & Skills

  • Defense: 134
  • Fire: 3
  • Water: -3
  • Thunder: 7
  • Ice: 7
  • Dragon: -4
  • Attack Boost Lvl 1
  • Defense Boost Lvl 5
  • Speed Sharpening Lvl 1
  • Free Elem/Ammo Up Lvl 1
  • Bombardier Lvl 1
  • Divine Blessing Lvl 1

Best Great Sword Build

This set of equipment and stats is what you should aim for when reaching the end game of Monster Hunter Rise with the Great Sword.


  • Weapon: Abominable Great Sword
  • Head: Khezu Helm S
  • Chest: Anja Mail S
  • Arms: Rathalos Braces S
  • Waist: Rathalos Coil S
  • Legs: Ingot Greaves S

Stats & Skills

  • Defense: 263
  • Fire: 4
  • Water: -1
  • Thunder: 0
  • Ice: 3
  • Dragon: -5
  • Attack Boost Lvl 6
  • Focus Lvl 3
  • Critical Eye Lvl 2
  • Marathon Runner Lvl 1
  • Recovery Up Lvl 1
  • Windproof Lvl 1

Great Sword Weapon Tree

Below you will find the list of weapons that belong to each Great Sword tree node in Monster Hunter Rise.

Kamura Tree

  • Kamura Cleaver
  • Kamura Ninja Cleaver
  • Gossblade
  • Abominable Great Sword
  • Hanayako Yohino
  • Axeblade
  • Colossal Axeblade
  • Carapace Sword
  • Carapace Blade
  • Tiger Jawblade
  • Tigrex Great Sword
  • Khezu Shock Sword
  • Khezu Shock Blade
  • Izuchi Blade
  • Snapper Blade
  • Deadly Serpentblade
  • Poison Serpentblade
  • Hidden Blade
  • Dark of Night
  • Frilled Blade
  • Illusory Frilled Blade

Ore Tree

  • Iron Sword
  • Steel Sword
  • Buster Sword
  • Buster Blade
  • Chrome Razor
  • Chrome Quietus
  • Barbaroi Blade
  • Crimson Goat
  • Pukei Edge
  • Datura Cleaver
  • Icicle Fang
  • Paladire
  • Aknosom Blade
  • Daybreak Cleaver
  • Tetranadon Edge
  • Tetranadon Cutter

Bone Tree

  • Bone Blade
  • Bone Slasher
  • Jawblade
  • Giant Jawblade
  • Wyvern Fang
  • Great Wyvern
  • Golem Blade
  • Blade of Talosa
  • Valkyrie Blade
  • Sieglinde
  • Jyura Mudblade
  • Terracutter
  • Red Wing
  • Quarrel Hornsword
  • Feud Hornsword
  • Hack Blade
  • Jaggi Greatblade
  • Flammenzahn
  • Gnashing Flammenzahn
  • Usurper’s Storm
  • Cataclysm Sword
  • Cataclysm Blade
  • Snowclad
  • Lagombi Charlotte

Magnamalo Tree

  • Sinister Blade
  • Sinister Shadowblade

Rajang Tree

  • Demon Rod

Ibushi Tree

  • Azure Elder Great Sword

Narwa Tree

  • Thunderbolt Great Sword

Chaos Tree

  • Wyvern’s Perch
  • Roguish Deathcap

Shell-Studded Tree

  • Sleepy Shellblade
  • Soporific Shellblade

Speartuna Tree

  • Frozen Speartuna
  • Freezer Speartuna

Smithy Tree

  • Ninja Parasol
  • Dragonslayer Parasol

Felyne Tree

  • Cat’s Soul
  • Cat’s Curse

Rampage Tree

  • Rampage Cleaver

Best Great Swords

There are different best great swords for each element. Below we have listed down all the best great swords along with their element in MH Rise.

Best No Element Great Swords

  • Rampage Cleaver S
  • Dark of Night

Best Dragon Great Sword

  • Reddnaught Claymore

Best Fire Great Sword

  • Rathalos Firesword

Best Water Great Swords

  • Terracutter
  • Akanesasu

Best Thunder Great Swords

  • Great Demon Rod
  • Abyssal Storm Cleaver

Best Ice Great Sword

  • Abominable Great Sword

Best Paralysis Great Sword

  • Rampage Cleaver S

Best Sleep Great Sword

  • Rampage Cleaver S

Best Poison Great Sword

  • Sieglinde

Best Blast Great Sword

  • Sinister Shadowblade

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