Monster Hunter Rise Sword and Shield Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Sword and Shield Guide, we will explain everything there is to know about the Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It can deal damage to opponents with the sword, block enemy attacks and stun enemies with the Shield.

It is also the only weapon in the game with which items can be used, even with the weapon unsheathed.

It provides a big advantage to the players as with all other weapons, consumables, and other items cannot be used unless the weapon is sheathed.

But with the Sword and Shield, you can use consumables and other items on the fly without being bothered to sheath your weapon.

This aspect of the Sword and Shield make it a really viable option for a support player. Another big advantage of the Sword and Shield is its fast rate of attack.

It can consistently deal damage to the enemies at a speed higher than most of the weapons. Combined with the Shield, you can stun the enemy and attack them quickly with the sword.

The sheathing and drawing speed of Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise is also very fast.

It has almost no slowdown, which results in the player being able to avoid taking much damage from an enemy when surprised attacked.


Below we have listed the different combos and how they can be performed with the Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Chop: X
  • Side Slash: Double tap X
  • Sword and Shield Combo: Triple tap X
  • Lateral Slash: A
  • Return Stroke: Double tap A
  • Round Slash: Triple tap A
  • Super Round Slash: X+A after an attack
  • Shield Attack: Left Stick + A
  • Advancing Slash: X+A
  • Midair Rising Slash: X+A while in midair
  • Round Slash: Left Stick + X + A after an attack
  • Rising Slash: ZR+X
  • Guard: ZR
  • Guard Slash: A while guarding
  • Backstep: ZR (Hold) then A + Left stick down
  • Backstep (2nd variant): Multiple actions + A + Left stick down
  • Falling Bash: Hold A after backstep
  • Leaping Slash: Hold X after backstep
  • Perfect Rush: Triple Tap X after leaping slash
  • Use Item: ZR+Y

Sword and Shield Silkbind Attacks

Below we have listed Sword and Shield’s Silkbind attacks.

Falling Shadow: ZL+X
It is a forward leaping attack and if successful, it will automatically lead to Scaling Slash attack.

Windmill: ZL+A
Use Ironsilk to swing your sword which completely blocks the monster’s attack.

Metsu Shoryugeki: ZL+A
This attack is switchable with Windmill. Perform an uppercut with the Shield, which will hit the enemy with high damage if timed correctly.

Sword and Shield Overview

All in all, the Sword and Shield is a great weapon and is useful in both Attack, defense, and support roles. Its attack speed is very fast, and the Silkbind attacks are also very useful.

It is also the only weapon in the game that you can use items without having to sheath it.

However, there are some weak points of the weapon as well. Its attack range is very short, so you will have to be close to the enemy at all times for it to be useful.

Its lengthy combos also don’t deal that high damage. So player’s will have to choose this weapon if it suits their playstyle.

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