Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide

All the weapons from the previous entries of Monster Hunter have been brought back in Monster Hunter Rise. One of those weapons is the Bow that is a ranged weapon with high mobility. This Monster Hunter Rise Bow guide will give an overview of the functions, attacks, and combos for the Bow in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow

Bow in Monster Hunter is a precise long-range weapon that requires complete control and precise aim. Having a good aim and control over the weapon will reward you with sweet kills and will be a menace to the enemies.


The Bow gives you high mobility as you can dodge enemies’ attacks and shoot arrows at the same time. Facing enemies that focus mainly on melee attacks will work wonders with the Bow. You can shoot them from afar and deal high damage.

The Bow also allows you to heal your teammates using the Arc Shot unique attack. You can also use different effects on the Bow. These are:

  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Paralysis
  • Blast
  • Power
  • Close-range
  • Exhaust

These effects are called Coatings that give a unique effect to the weapon. However, coatings are limited to use in a hunt. Use the coating which you think will work best against that certain type of enemy.


The Bow has been nerfed to only charge shots. You can no longer Quick Shot using the Bow. You need to charge your shots and hit the enemy in order to inflict any damage.

However, charging a shot will use a very major amount of stamina for a single shot. There is a long learning curve to master this weapon. Precision, Control, and Handling are keys to get the best out of the Bow.

Unique Attacks

There are two unique attacks for the Bow that change the way you use this weapon. These two unique attacks are:

Dragon Piercer
Dragon Piercer is a unique attack that power-ups the Bow by attaching rockets to the arrows and rips through the body of the enemy once hit by it. You can use this attack by using the following combo (X + A).

Arc Shot
You can use this unique attack by pressing ZR followed by A. This attack heals your teammates with some HP and works charms in co-op mode.

Bow Silkbind Attacks

There are three newly added attacks in Monster Hunter: Rise that gives extra capabilities and adds effects to the weapon. These attacks are called Silkbind attacks.

  • Focus Shot: Performs a backward dodge that lands you in a crouched position and restores your stamina. Use ZL + X to perform a Focus Shot.
  • Herculean Draw: Grants you an attack boost by charging the arrow after rushing in the forward position. Perform the Herculean Draw attack using ZL + A.
  • Aerial Arm: Launches you in the air to shoot arrows while being airborne and attacking the enemy by stabbing with the arrow when falling down. Replace this attack with Herculean Draw to use it.