Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Builds, Moveset, Combos, and Tips

In this detailed guide, we help you get the maximum out of the destructive Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise by telling you how to use it!

Gunlance is the best of the best lances, offering a colossal chunk of firepower. You will get a mix of burst fires and thrust attacks, where gunlance is a spear as well. We have brought you this detailed Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance guide on getting the maximum out of the destructive Gunlance in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance

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If you have played the previous games in the Monster Hunter series, then you must be aware of the Gunlance, it was already a very powerful weapon, but now the developers have added a new Wirebug feature in the Gunlance that fixes many of the older generations’ problems.

Gunlance Controls

Attack Switch Controls PC Controls
Lateral Thrust X LC (Left Click)
Shelling A RC (Right Click)
Charged Shelling HOLD A HOLD RC
Rising Slash X+A LC+RC
Overhead Smash X+A+X LC+RC+LC
Guard ZR Mouse button 4 (MB4)
Guard Thrust ZR+X MB4+LC
Reload ZR+A MB4+RC
Backstep B SPACE

Suggested Gunlance Combos

The best combos will deal the most significant amount of damage. Let’s take a look at some of the best Gunlance combos.

Combo Switch Controls PC Controls
Full Firepower X+A+X+A+X+A LC+RC+LC+RC+LC+RC
Wyrmstake Cannon + Guard Edge ZL+A+A MB4+RC+RC
Guard Edge Full Blast ZL+A+X+A MMB+RC+LC+RC
Fast Wyrmstake Cannon Combo from Charged Shelling Hold A+ Down Trigger +A Hold RC+S+RC
Infinite Full Burst X+A+X+A+X+ZL+A LC+RC+LC+RC+LC+MMB+RC

How to Use Gunlance Switch Skills in MH Rise

Switch skills are unlocked as you make progress in the game, and they can be used in place of their original skill counterparts, depending on your preference. The first switch skill becomes available after you finish the Village Urgent Quest, Feathered Frenzy. These skills are as follows:

Original Skill Switch Skill Switch Controls PC Controls
Charged Shelling Blast Dash A RC
Hail Cutter Ground Splitter  ZL+X MMB + LC
Quick Reload Guard Reload  ZR+A  RC
Hail Cutter Bullet Barrage  ZL+X
Guard Edge Reverse Blast  ZL+A
Wyrmstake Cannon Erupting Cannon Switch> Press A > Press X > Press A >Press L

Gunlance Silkbind Attacks

Hail Cutter

This is basically an uppercut that you do with your Gunlance and it will do an overhead slam on the enemy. Using these attacks will also reduce your Wyvern Fire’s cooldown time and reload your Gunlance shells.

Keys: Switch =  ZL + X | PC = Middle Mouse Button (MBM) + Left Click (LC)

Guard Edge

This is a defensive stance with the Gunlance in MH Rise that increases its sharpness level on contact and then you can follow it up with many counterattacks.

Keys: Switch =  ZL + A | PC = MBM + Right Click (RC)

Ground Splitter

You can swap this silkbind with hail cutter. As the name suggests, this one will use the wirebug and let you move forward quickly and make a strong upward attack.

Using this attack in MH Rise will increase the damage of wyrmstake cannon, Gunlance shells, and wyvern fire for some time.

Keys: Switch =  ZL + X | PC = MBM + Left Click LC

Bullet Barrage

This Silkbind attack is used for dash forward via a Wirebug and releases everything it has towards the target to deal damage.

Best Gunlance Builds

Gunlance Four Star Build


  • Weapon: Rampage Gunlance S
  • Head: Jyuratodus Helm
  • Chest: Diablos Mail S
  • Arms: Bazelgeuse Braces
  • Waist: Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Legs: Almudron Greaves S
  • Talisman: Razor Sharp Lv. 2

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 320
  • Fire: 4
  • Water: 6
  • Electricity: -9
  • Attack: 210
  • Offensive Guard Lv. 3
  • Guard Lv. 3
  • Razor Sharp Lv. 3
  • Wirebug Whisperer Lv. 3
  • Artillery Lv. 3
  • Load Shells Lv. 2
  • Speed Sharpening Lv. 2
  • Evade Extender Lv. 1
  • Guard Up Lv. 1
  • Flinch Free Lv. 1

Gunlance Normal Build


  • Weapon: Rampage Gunlance S
  • Head: Jyuratodus Helm
  • Chest: Vaik Mail S
  • Arms: Bazelgeuse Braces
  • Waist: Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Legs: Bazelgeuse Greaves
  • Talisman: Razor Sharp Lv. 2

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 316
  • Fire: 9
  • Water: 9
  • Electricity: -16
  • Attack: 210
  • Offensive Guard Lvl 3
  • Guard Lvl 3
  • Artillery Level 3
  • Razor Sharp Lvl 3
  • Wirebug Whisperer Lvl 3
  • Load Shells Lvl 2
  • Flinch Free Lvl 2
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1
  • Guard Up Lvl 1

Best Gunlances

Below we list down our pick for the best Gunlances in the game, for each shell type:

Howlitzer (Long Shell)

The Howlitzer is a Long Shell Gunlance that hits hard. It can be further improved with the Buddy Ramp-Up Skill which will give you higher attack and higher defense.

The best thing is, this specific Gunlance is a very flexible weapon to play around with, and works with mostly any skills.

Araknalance (Normal Shell)

When it comes to the Araknalance, you have a Normal Shell style (Level 5), white sharpness and a bunch of decoration slots. It has explosive damage that more than accounts for its lack in raw damage.

You might not want to go for a Normal Shell Gunlance in MH Rise, but if you really want the best Gunlance to pair with your melee combos; this is it.

Admiral’s Arbalance (Wide Shell)

The Admiral’s Arbalance has 210 raw damage with a Wide Shell. It has sharpness, affinity and decoration slots. It’s not the best in the party, but it can get the job done thanks to its white sharpness with Handicraft.

Gunlance Weapons Tree

There are many different weapon trees for the Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise. All of them are listed as follows:

Gunlance Kamura Tree

  • Kamura Gunlance
  • Kamura Ninja Gunlance
  • Ukiyo no Yamiwo
  • Princess Panoply
  • Ortlinde
  • Red Rook
  • Delex Harpoon
  • Sand Blaster Gunlance
  • Usurper’s Roar
  • Despot’s Phlogiston
  • Twinfang

Gunlance Ore Tree

  • Iron Gunlance
  • Eizenlitter
  • Striker’s Gunlance
  • Imperial Guardlance
  • General’s Arbalance
  • Admiral’s Arbalance
  • Pukei Gunlance
  • Datura Gunlance
  • Diablos Gunlance
  • Diablos Cannon
  • Aknosom Gunlance
  • Dawnbreaker Gunlance
  • Almudron Gunlance
  • Doombringer Gunlance
  • Full Voltage
  • High Volt Gunlance
  • Shattershot
  • Shatter God
  • Baggi Gunlance
  • Lullabyte Sleeplance
  • Kadachi Striker
  • Mythic Kadachi Striker

Gunlance Bone Tree

  • Bone Gunlance
  • Wyvern Bone Gunlance
  • Golem Gunlance
  • Behemoth Gunlance
  • Hidden Gunlance
  • Fading Night
  • Flaming Gunlance
  • Barbarous Firelance
  • Barroth Loader
  • Rugged Loader
  • Tiger Blast
  • Tigrex Gunlance
  • Lagomberator
  • Lagomberatrix
  • Ludroth Harpoon
  • Ludroth Shellbreaker

Gunlance Magnamalo Tree

  • Sinister Gunlance
  • Sinister Shadowshot

Gunlance Rajang Tree

  • Demon Gunlance
  • Great Demon Gunlance

Gunlance Ibushi Tree

  • Azure Elder Gunlance
  • Abyssal Gale Gunlance

Gunlance Narwa Tree

  • Thunderbolt Gunlance
  • Abyssal Storm Gunlance

Gunlance Canyne Tree

  • Canyne Cannon
  • Howlitzer

Gunlance Guild Tree

  • Cornpopper
  • Mighty Cornpopper

Gunlance Shell-Studded Tree

  • Sleepy Shellgun
  • Soporific Shellgun

Gunlance Rampage Tree

  • Rampage Gunlance
  • Rampage Gunlance S

Gunlance Tips

Now coming to what the Gunlance can do in MH Rise, it can shoot burst shots from the front using shelling which can give you mini-explosions ahead. This will help you in dealing more damage in a bigger area.

You can also do the old-school Sweep and Side attacks with the Gunlance, these attacks are not as good as those burst shots, but they are faster and can give you a filler to continue your combo. So, use both attacks from Gunlance together to get the best out of your fights and continue your chain of attacks.

One more thing that can benefit you hugely while using Gunlance is the defense. Gunlance has great defense efficiency with a very strong shield. It also has a Wyrmstake Cannon that is an armor-piercing stake that will pierce through enemies and explode.

Wyvern Fire is the biggest and most powerful attack from Gunlance, it will set the monsters around you on fire, and they will go blasting in the sky.