How To Unlock The Story of A Stranger Girl In Lies of P

Eugenie's questline leads to the achievement.

In a classic Soulslike fashion, unlocking achievements or trophies in Lies of P can leave people scratching their heads. The Story of a Stranger Girl achievement/trophy in Lies of P is no different and requires completing a specific questline to unlock.

If you haven’t been able to guess yet, The Story of a Stranger Girl is linked to Eugenie, the only stranger/outsider in the land of Krat. To earn The Story of a Stranger Girl achievement in Lies of P, you have to complete her storyline and make some specific decisions during that quest.

How to get The Story of a Stranger Girl in Lies of P

To start your journey to complete Eugenie’s questline in Lies of P, you will first need to reach Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field. This unlocks during Chapter X of the game. You need to find Alidoro, the person who betrayed Hotel Krat and allowed the attack to happen. Just follow the path and you will find him crying and begging for his life.

Kill Alidoro to get the Cryptic Vessel

Begin talking with Alidoro. What you are looking for are the crucial dialogue options since you need to obtain Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. As soon as you reach the first choice for the dialogue options, you need to choose “Attack Alidoro”.

How To Unlock The Story of A Stranger Girl In Lies of P

Alidoro will you give a choice once again in case you change your mind. However, don’t be swayed by his words. If you want to complete The Story of a Stranger Girl, you have to make sure to follow through. Select the Attack option.

The second time you do this, the dialogue box will completely disappear, and you will enter a proper fight with Alidoro. However, he isn’t strong so a few attacks will be enough to kill him. Once he dies, you can loot his body to pick up Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Now you need to decode this cryptic vessel.


Talk to Venigni in Hotel Krat

Make your way to Hotel Krat and look for Venigni. Make sure you don’t talk to Eugenie at this point. Since Vengini specializes in deciphering the cryptic vessels, he can unlock the message hidden in Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Hand over the Cryptic Vessel to Vengini for him to decipher and you will obtain Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Decryption.

You’ll be able to read more about Alidoro and Eugenie here and their relationship with each other. Once you’re done – head on over to Eugenie.

Talk to Eugenie

Talk to Eugenie, and she’ll explain that she just got word of Alidoro’s death. She’ll say that she still had to repay her debts to him. She would explain that she felt like she didn’t know much about Alidoro like he was a different person. This is when you’ll get the quick time dialogue choice where you reveal to her that Alidoro was Eugenie’s older brother.

How To Unlock The Story of A Stranger Girl In Lies of P

At first, she refuses to accept it, but eventually just gives up and asks for some time to think about everything. Then leave her and take some rest. Approach Eugenie again after resting and talk to her. Eventually, Eugenie will believe that Alidoro was, in fact, related to her.

While she is frustrated over Alidoro’s actions and the events that transpired, she gives you a gift of Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part I, and that’s when you’ll finally achieve the “The Story of a Stranger Girl” achievement in Lies of P.

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