Lies of P Best Ergo Farming Locations

Learn the best places to level up.

Ergo is the lifeblood, literally, of everything in Lies of P. Being a puppet, you also need Ergo to level up in Lies of P. As the game gets more challenging, your character needs to be able to keep up by upgrading stats and weapons. So you must stockpile plenty of ergo if you wish to survive the challenging boss fights.

Luckily, there are certain spots in Lies of P where you can just loop around the stargazer, kill enemies to farm Ergo, and then reset at the stargazer. Rinse and repeat these ergo farming routes in Lies of P, and you will be swimming in thousands of Ergo points in no time. All that brings us to the purpose of this guide, highlighting the best Ergo farming routes and their locations in Lies of P so you can easily earn this upgrade currency.

The process of farming Ergo in Lies of P is simple: you start at a specific stargazer, kill the enemies nearby that give a high number of ergo points, return to stargazer, and rest to let all the enemies respawn. Below are some of the best ergo farming routes we have discovered in Lies of P. We will update the guide with more info if we find better places.

Krat Central Station Plaza

The first location on our list is one that is available pretty much in the first 30 minutes of starting the game. This is the best location for early game Ergo farming. Just keep killing enemies as you make your way to Cerasani Alley. Rest at the Cerasani Alley Stargazer and then make your way back to the Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer. Keep repeating this route to earn tons of ergo.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Bridge

Lies of P Ergo Farming

We recommend this bridge in St Frangelico Cathedral for mid-game farming. This bridge has a large horde of enemies that you can fight, which – we will warn, also happens to be the reason that could overwhelm the player and wound up killing them. While there are high amounts of enemies on the bridge, it also means there’s a good chunk of Ergo to farm here.

Barren Swamp Entrance

If the two locations mentioned earlier are no longer dropping sufficient amounts of Ergo then this is the Barren Swamp is the next best place to farm ergo in Lies of P. You begin at the Barren Swamp Entrance stargazer and search for the shortcut that you’d need to unlock while clearing the area from the monsters. You need that shortcut to return to the stargazer and reset the enemies again before going back to the hunt.


Malum District

This is another one of the early game Ergo farming locations in Lies of P that we recommend. There’s a strong enemy inside the Red Lobster. You’d need to clear through the area first to unlock the exit, which brings you back to the Malum District stargazer.

Once you’ve opened the door right in the front, you can access the strong enemy inside with relative ease. This is also called reverse loop farming since you’re essentially entering through the exit. You can kill the strong enemies and the small fry around them if you like and then go back to the stargazer to respawn all the enemies again and get back to farming.

With some practice, you should be able to clear the room within 60 seconds. You can also use the Puppet String to make it easier to farm here by pulling enemies to you without getting swarmed up by the others.

Collapsed Street

Lies of P Ergo Farming

Collapsed Street has a great Ergo farming route but is unlocked in Chapter 9 – a bit late in the game. It’s simple and straightforward – all you have to do is enter the building and clear the area. Go upstairs while clearing and go to the ledge where another enemy is walking. There’s one below as well.

Defeat the one on the ledge first and then just dive down and kill the other one. Go back to the stargazer and then repeat the cycle. The enemies are easier to kill since they’re weakness is in the back, and hitting them there not only deals additional damage but also staggers them, allowing for easy fatal attacks.

Lorenzini Arcade

Lorenzini Arcade is full of locations to farm for Ergo. You would need to unlock some doors for it and require some experience to increase the Ergo farm rate. For instance, if you go forward from the Stargazer a big enemy will fall from above. This enemy will drop like 600 Ergo, and you can easily defeat it within a minute.

Another enemy you can fight is if you’ve unlocked the path that says “Clemence.” Go inside that doorway and past the fountain, and you’ll find a giant enemy there. Since they’re huge in size, they’re good tanks. Defeating two of these should give you 1000 Ergo in less than a minute.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Arche Abbey Broken Rift is another high-risk, high-reward, late-game Ergo farming location. You’ll be able to rack up thousands of Ergo in a few seconds with this, but it requires a good amount of skill. You basically need to play bait, as there are 3 large enemies in the location.

Begin by climbing the ladder up to the right, and without defeating the first big enemy you see, make him follow you around the platform. You’ll find some stairs that go up, but your second large puppet enemy will run through it and fight with the monster that followed you.

Run up the stairs, and you’ll find your third large enemy. Bait him and bring him downstairs with you where the others are fighting, and he’ll join the fight as well. Now all you have to do is defeat all of them, and you’ll easily rack up around 4000 ergo in less than a minute. Once you’re finished with the three of them, just return back to the Stargazer and repeat.

Elysion Boulevard

Elysion Boulevard is another early-game unlockable region to farm Ergo. However, this Ergo farming route is a little time-consuming. From the Elysion Boulevard rooftops, you need to unlock an area by lowering the ladder, which will lead you to a route with small enemies. It’s a low-risk, low-reward system since the enemies are small and easy. Sadly this means that it would require a lot of time to farm in this location.

Center Of Venigni Works

Lies of P Ergo Farming

This is another place that is riddled with low-level monsters, and worse, this location has a weird map with awkward enemy locations. If you’ve already defeated King’s Flame Fuoco, only then do we recommend that you use this location to farm for Ergo. It is still easier to defeat all the enemies in the next boiler room, obtain around 1000 Ergo within one minute, and return to the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer so you can reset the enemy and repeat.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Lies of P Ergo Farming

The best way to farm in Rosa Isabelle Street is to go from stargazer to stargazer. The map of this location does not make a great loop, so it is best to head straight for the Estella Opera House. While the Opera House contains strong enemies, which may seem great for the loot, it’s sadly a debuff zone due to the status effect. Keep moving between Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert stargazer and the Estella Opera House entrance to farm ergo.

How to use Ergo in Lies of P

Now that you’ve collected all the Ergo, it is now time to use it. While raw ergo (shown at the top right) is always ready to use, if you have picked up Ergo fragments, they need to be consumed to gain raw ergo.

Open up your inventory, highlight the Ergo fragment you need to consume, and press the Use button. You will have the option to choose how many fragments you want to consume. Remember that raw ergo can be lost upon death if you don’t pick it back up from where you died. That is why I would recommend only using Ergo fragments when you are in a safe place, either near a merchant or within Hotel Krat.

Once you have enough raw Ergo in Lies of P, talk to a merchant like Eugenie to upgrade your weapons to level up your character at the Stargazer in Hotel Krat. The Ergo cost keeps increasing the more you level up or upgrade your equipment.

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