Lies Of P Blade Upgrade Material Locations Guide

Moonstones are the main blade material in Lies of P. Using these, you can improve the damage your weapons do in the game.

Lies of P allows you to completely customize your weapons to make them more effective and enhance their stats. You can reinforce your blades and handles to make your weapons more powerful. The Blade Upgrade Materials in Lies of P are known as Moonstone. There are several different types of Moonstones in the game scattered throughout the map.  

In this guide, we’ll go through the location of every Blade Upgrade Material in Lies of P, categorized by type. There are over 100 places to go, through this guide will make this entire process very easy. 

How to Find All Blade Upgrade Materials in Lies of P?  

In Lies of P, Blade Upgrade Materials are found throughout the game and are known as Moonstones. Each area contains at least one Moonstone. There are several different types of Moonstones in the game, including the Hidden Moonstone, Dark Moonstone of the Covenant, Crescent Moonstone, Half Moonstone, and Full Moonstone. The required materials change from weapon to weapon.   

Hidden Moonstone 

Cerasani Alley: Located near the entrance of Hotel Krat

Elysion Boulevard Entrance: Get to the rooftops of Elysion Boulevard. Locate a wooden beam and walk across, then go down a ladder.  

Elysion Boulevard 1: This Blade Upgrade Material is located near an alley right next to the Stargazer in Lies of P. Kill the dog to access it easily.  


Elysion Boulevard 2: Head straight after the dog, where you’ll find two puppets. The stone is near a door.  

Elysion Boulevard 3: Locate a Dimensional Butterfly while heading straight from the wooden door. Kill it to get the moonstone.  

Elysion Boulevard 4: This blade uprgrade material is hidden behind a cart in the area where you talk to Geppetto in Lies of P

Workshop Union Culvert: After killing the Survivor mini-boss, head straight into the next room to find a Stargazer. Head straight until you come upon an area with corrupted water. The stone is at the end of the area.  

Workshop Union Entrance: Found in the Puppet of the Future boss arena. It will be accessible after you kill him.  

Venigni Works Control Room: After you meet with Black Cat and Red Fox, head up until you find a burning elite puppet enemy. The stone is located towards the back.  

Venigni Works (Central): Go to the mine and destroy the wooden entrance; enter inside to find it.   

Path of Misery: Found under a collapsed structure, heading straight from the area’s Stargazer 

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel:  Explore the area until a decay-throwing puppet appears. Head up to the area where he is, kill him, and head up the ladder near him. Once at the top, destroy a few crates until you find this blade upgrade material in Lies of P. 

Hotel Krat: Return the supply box from St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel to Polendina in Hotel Krat. Then buy a Hidden Moonstone from her.  

Path of the Pilgrim 1: Located near two enemies near the area’s Stargazer.  

Path of the Pilgrim 2: Found in a lake before the Wooden Village.  

Malum District 1: From the area’s Stargazer, head straight and up the ladder from the area where the enemies emerge. Once up, you’ll find a wooden ledge. The stone is located on it.  

Malum District 2: After you get the Trinity Key, continue straight and drop down, and the stone will be found in the path ahead.  

Black Seaside (1, 2, 3): All three Hidden Moonstones of the area are found near the beach right before the Stargazer.  

Crescent Moonstone 

Moonlight Town (1 and 2): Head straight from the Stargazer, until you find a hole in the ground. Drop down and traverse the water until you find two Dimensional Butterflies.  

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel: Continue on the main path until you encounter a couple of moving gears. Get to the other side. Knock the canister present there to open a path on the left. Continue straight until you find a ladder. The stone is located there.  

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library: Located on the area’s main path. Keep an eye out for a wooden table. The stone is located near it.

Malum District 1: Head straight from the Stargazer until a few enemies approach you. They’ll come out a gate. Near this gate is a ladder head up to find the stone.  

Hotel Krat 1: Obtain the Smiling Bunny Mark, then have Pulcinella in Hotel Krat appraise it to get another Crescent Moonstone.  

Hotel Krat 2: Expand Pulcinella’s shop in Hotel Krat to purchase this Blade Upgrade Material in Lies of P.

Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance: Locate a gate engulfed in flames. Near this gate is a suitcase with the item.  

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert: When you reach the surface after the sewer section, make a left until you locate a door. The item is found near the area.  

Estella Opera House Entrance: Explore the area until encountering a giant skeleton enemy. Head left twice to the area where he emerged from. The stone is present at the end of the corridor.  

Lorenzini Arcade: This blade upgrade material is found before the wine cellar between two tables in Lies of P.

Grand Exhibition Plaza 1: Found in the park.

Grand Exhibition Plaza 2: Found near three enemies in the opposite direction of the park.

Grand Exhibition Plaza 3: This moonstone is located in the cable car exhibit.

Barren Swamp Entrance: Follow the main path until you reach a crater with many dead puppets. Destroy the crates in the area to find the Crescent Moonstone.  

Barren Swamp 1: Found near the left side of the crater along a house.  

Barren Swamp 2: head up the hill outside the house until you find a river. There will be a wooden rod that connects both ends of the river. Walk across it to find the Moonstone.  

Barren Swamp Ravine: Locate the main tower in the area. There will be a cannon on it. The stone is on the top of the tower.  

Black Seaside (4): Found in different spots of the beach desert.  

Half Moonstone 

Lorenzini Arcade: Locate a decay damage-dealing enemy and kill him. Past him will be three more enemies. Find the Dimensional Butterfly to acquire the stone.  

Grand Exhibition Plaza: Located along the main path, directly in front of the counter behind a few white curtains.  

Hotel Krat: Bring the Venigni Commemorative Coin back to Pulcinella to get a Half Moonstone.  

Barren Swamp Entrance 1: Found on a beam sticking out of the top of a tower engulfed in frames in the Barren Swamp Entrance area. 

Barren Swamp Entrance 2: This Blade upgrade Material is found in one of the landfills in Lies of P.  

Barren Swamp: Located near the area of the Puppet of the Future boss battle. Defeat the boss and loot the item.

Barren Swamp Ravine: Find the area with the rolling boulders. There is a Dimensional Butterfly there. Kill it to obtain the item.  

Barren Swamp Bridge: Open the gate near the Stargazer and head straight until you reach a fork in the road. Head right and follow the path to find it.  

Barren Swamp Nest: Head straight from the Stargazer until you find an elite enemy. Kill it to obtain the item.  

Collapsed Krat: Complete the elevator section of this area. The stone is found right after.  

Krat Central Station Street: Obtain the Trinity Key and follow the path until you encounter an area overlooking the sea. The stone is found here.  

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance 1: Locate the Bonfire in the area; a Dimensional Butterfly drops the item in the area.  

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance 2: Kill the elite enemy in the area and get on top of the pillar where it was. The item is located there. 

Arche Abbey Outer Wall: Found inside the Church.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 1: Head down from the middle room of the area. Enter the first room on the left. The stone is inside.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 2: After the Decay cage-dropping sector, when the last cage drops, look for a ladder. The stone is near it.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 3: use the ladder you found, and the stone will be in your path.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 4: Follow the path until you find a dimensional Butterfly.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 5: Locate the enemy throwing disruption. Kill it, the head down. The stone is found within this area.  

Ascension Bridge: Go to Sophia’s Room and head up the stairs and into the pantry to find the stone.  

Arche Abbey 1: Found near the second set of stairs in the area. Head up and kill the enemy on the balcony. The stone is near it.  

Arche Abbey 2: Find the two fire-breathing puppets in the area. Kill them and make a right from the area where they emerged from. The stone is located there.  

Full Moonstone of the Covenant  

Krat Central Station: This blade upgrade material is dropped by the Corrupted Parade Master boss in Lies of P.  

Hotel Krat: Bring the Venigni Commemorative Coin back to Pulcinella to get a Full Moonstone.  

Relic of Trismegistus 1: Locate the Dimensional Butterfly in the bonfire area. It will drop a Full Moonstone.  

Relic of Trismegistus 2: From the landfill area, locate Alidoro. Kill him and continue down the path to find him.  

Arche Abbey Outer Wall 1: Dropped by a Dimensional Butterfly in the area.  

Arche Abbey Outer Wall 2: Go up the stairs in the area and look to your left until you spot a ledge. A Full Moonstone is present there.  

Arche Abbey Outer Wall 3: Locate the enemy with a machine gun. Kill him and continue straight to locate it.  

Arche Abbey Outer Wall 4: Use the elevator to get up. A Dimensional Butterfly will drop a stone.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift: Locate an enemy wielding a sword on a staircase. Kill him and find a ladder. Go down to find the stone.  

Ascension Bridge: Found near the opening next to a platform.  

Arche Abbey Upper Part: Climb the ladder in the area and make an immediate left to find it.  

Dark Moonstones of the Covenant  

Vengini Works: Go to the mine and destroy the wooden entrance. Enter inside to find it 

Hotel Krat: Bring the Venigni Commemorative Coin back to Pulcinella to get a Dark Moonstone.  

Hotel Krat (2-4): Expand Polendina’s shop to access three additional Dark Moonstones.  

Hotel Krat (5-8): Return the Special Krat Supply Box to Polendina’s shop to access three more Dark Moonstones.  

Path of the Pilgrim: Locate a Dimensional Butterfly along the lake before the Wooden Village to find the item. 

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert: Locate the Wedding Rings and search for an alley. Open the shortcut present there to find the stone.  

Estella Opera House Entrance: Enter the Opera House. Kill the enemies and head up from the stairs on the right. The stone is located in a corner.  

Lorenzini Arcade 1: Go past the cellar until you find two enemies. Kill them. The item is near a hallway where you killed them.  

Lorenzini Arcade 2: This blade upgrade material is dropped by a Dimensional Butterfly in Lies of P.  

Grand Exhibition Plaza 1: Take the stairs on the right when you reach the plaza to find the stone.  

Grand Exhibition Plaza 2: From the Stargazer, open the shortcut and continue straight; the item is present within the area.  

Barren Swamp Entrance: Destroy the cannon atop the main tower, then look for a ledge to drop down. Locate the Stargazer; the stone is located near it.  

Barren Swamp: Locate the landfill and then kill the Dimensional Butterfly.  

Barren Swamp Ravine: Kill the Pinocchio Toy. He drops a Dark Moonstone.  

Krat Central Station Platform: Kill Robber Weasel, then enter the room and enter the restroom towards the right to find the item.   

Collapsed Krat: Found right before Walker of Illusions boss fight.  

Hermit’s Cave: Locate the Stargazer. Head down directly in front of it to find the stone.  

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance 1:  Found right next to the area’s Stargazer.  

Arche Abbey Outer Wall: head straight upstairs from the Stargazer. Make a right and then another right to locate the moonstone.  

Arche Abbey Broken Rift:  Enter the room right next to the Stargazer. Navigate the trap to access the item. 

Arche Abbey Upper Part 1: Go up the first flight of stairs and enter the room right before the second set of stairs to locate the item.  

Arche Abbey Upper Part 2: Look out for a fire-breathing enemy. Another enemy’ll accompany him. Kill them both and head straight to locate the last Dark Moonstone.  

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