Lies of P Survivor Boss Guide 

Technically, the Survivor is an optional boss in Lies of P, but it is worth taking him on for the rewards he gives.

Lies of P is built around tough boss battles that will have you on the edge of your seat, such as the Survivor fight. While this is not a boss in the traditional sense, the Survivor still proves to be a worthwhile threat. This fight gives you some handsome rewards and a decent amount of Ergo.

The survivor is found within the Union Workshop Culvert, and has been driven mad over his obsession to eliminate puppets within Krat.  

Survivor is a hard-hitting foe who is susceptible to back attacks. He can close the gap quickly so be mindful of the distance.

Lies of P Survivor Location  

To find Survivor in Lies of P, first go to the Workshop Union Culvert. From the Venigni Works Control Room’s Stargaze, head up a shallow flight of stairs to your right. Then, take a right and head upward into the tunnel. The path will have rolling balls of fire, which will roll down the tunnel after a specific interval.

Take refuge in the tunnel indentations towards your right. Move only when the fireball has passed. You will notice two corridors on your right as you enter the tunnel. Take the second one. Head straight until you come upon a balcony, take the stairs on the right, and head up.   

When you enter the room after taking the stairs, continue right. In the next room, you’ll notice another flight of stairs. Go past them, and you will see a ladder leading downward into a basement. Take the ladder, and you will be face-to-face with the Survivor. Talk to him to initiate the fight.  


The path to reach the Survivor is littered with puppets and enemies. Some present themselves quite explicitly, while others use the element of surprise to gain the upper hand on you. Make sure you are prepared to face them.  

How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P  

Like all bosses in the game, the Survivor has a set pattern of attacks. His main combo involves a series of slashes with his rapiers, and he also lunges towards you. His movement set makes him swiftly close the gaps between you and him. You can use this to your advantage.

Stay close to and behind him the best you can. Because when he starts his combo, he will see it through completely. This gives you a good window to land a charged heavy attack. 

Given the small size of the arena, staying close to him is relatively easy. But make sure you are constantly strafing him to avoid getting caught up in his attacks. Staying behind him allows you to land fatal blows on the Survivor in Lies of P.

Fatal blows tend to deliver the greatest amount of damage and are especially useful here. This strategy is doubly effective since he is weak to back strikes and will net you the most damage. Using a swift weapon, in this case, proves very useful.  

Since Survivor is not a particularly big boss, parrying him also works effectively. Parry him whenever he initiates his basic combo. And then follow up with a swift attack to inflict damage. The Survivor also has an unblockable attack. A glowing red aura indicates this, so make sure to steer clear.

His fight only lasts one phase and he does not have a lot of health. So follow the strategy and take him out.

Lies of P Survivor Rewards  

Considering Survivor is an optional boss, he only drops 1796 Ergo. Upon defeating him, you get his outfit, which includes the Survivor’s Mask and Survivor’s Hunting Apparel. Additionally, you also unlock the Stalker’s Promise gesture.  

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