Where to Get Prattling Pate in Elden Ring

The following guide will help players find and use every single Prattling Pate in Elden Ring to convey their inner thoughts to their summoned friends.

How to Use Prattling Pates in Elden Ring

Communication during gameplay is one of the fundamentals of efficient gameplay. While not as efficient as traditional voice chat, Prattling Pates can be used to communicate in Elden Ring nonetheless.

Prattling Plates can be found inside the Consumable tab. They can be equipped and used as many times as you wish. Obtaining them is not part of any mainline or side quest. They are just there in the game for the fun of it.

Prattling Pates send out quick messages like “Thank You” or “Apologies” in all sorts of varied voices. They need to be collected though since they are scattered all across the Lands Between.

All Prattling Pate Locations in Elden Ring


Found at Stormfoot Catacombs, this Prattling Pate can be acquired easily. All you need to do is to dodge the fire there and go straight from where the fire is coming. Behind a giant pillar lies your Hello-Prattling Pate.

Thank You

This Prattling Pate can be located at Tombsward Catacombs. You need to once again dodge the fire, starting from the entrance, and when you’ve reached the origin of the fire, turn left. There you’ll find the Pratting Pate after a little chit-chat with an enemy.


Resting at the Unsightly Catacombs, this Prattling Pate can be acquired after fighting through or avoiding a bunch of enemies there. Deal with the enemies at your leisure and then find the Prattling Pate nearby.


This Prattling Pate can be located at Cliffbottom Catacombs. After getting to the bottom-most part of Catacomb, you’ll see an enemy and also will find the Prattling Pate there. Deal with the enemy and get hold of the Pate.

Please Help

Found at Impaler’s Catacombs, this can be acquired by getting to the lowest level. There, after dealing with the enemies you can get the Prattling Pate.

Let’s Get to it

This Prattling Pate can be found at Sainted Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring. After entering into the dungeon, use the adder to go up, and thereafter dealing with enemies you can get your item.

You’re Beautiful

After entering the Hermit Village, go behind the first hut and the at the rear of the first hut and the entrance of the rear hut, you’ll find the Prattling Pate.

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