How To Get Prattling Pates In Elden Ring

While not as efficient as traditional voice chat, Prattling Pates can be used to communicate in Elden Ring nonetheless.

Communication during gameplay is one of the fundamentals of efficient gameplay. While not as efficient as traditional voice chat, Prattling Pates can be used to communicate in Elden Ring nonetheless.

The following guide will help players find and use every single Prattling Pate in Elden Ring to convey their inner thoughts to their summoned friends.

How to use Prattling Pates in Elden Ring

Prattling Pates can be found inside the Consumable tab. They can be equipped and used as many times as you wish.

Obtaining them is not part of any mainline or side quest. They are just there in the game for the fun of it.

Prattling Pates send out quick messages like “Thank You” or “Apologies” in all sorts of varied voices. They need to be collected though since they are scattered all across the Lands Between.

Prattling Pate locations in Elden Ring


Hello Prattling Pate map location in Elden Ring

Found in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring, this Prattling Pate can be acquired easily. You’ll need to head toward the Church of Elleh Site of Grace and use it as a starting point.

From there head northwest to another Site of Grace, the Stormfoot Catacombs. All you need to do is to dodge the fire trap there and go straight from where the fire is coming. Use a spell or arrow to trigger the trap and allow you to move safely.

As you head behind a giant pillar, you’ll find the Hello-Prattling Pate.

Thank You

This Prattling Pate can be located at Tombsward Catacombs found in the Weeping Peninsula sub-region of Elden Ring. You can use the Ailing Village, Site of Grace as a starting point. From there head west to find the Church of Pilgrimage.

You’ll need to find the Tombsward Ruins, Site of Grace which is located in the southwest direction of the church. Take the slope and head down to get there. From there travel east to find the catacomb dungeon area.

You need to once again dodge the fire, starting from the entrance, of the dungeon, and when you’ve reached the origin of the fire, turn left. There you’ll find the Pratting Pate after a little chit-chat with an enemy.


Apologies Prattling Pate map location in Elden Ring

The Apologies, Prattling Pate is found in the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring. Resting at the Unsightly Catacombs which is an underground dungeon, this Prattling Pate can be acquired after fighting through or avoiding a bunch of enemies there.

You must take on the Magma Wyrm Makar boss to actually unlock this area. You’ll find him in the northern part of the Liurnia of the Lakes region, at the Ruin Strewn Precipice, Site of Grace.

After defeating the boss, you’ll find a lift inside the same room you fought him. You can take it to get to the Unsightly Catacombs. Remember that you can actually access the area unless you also have acquired two Stonesword Keys.

The area will be especially challenging if you attempt to clear it at a lower level considering it is infested by gargoyles. You’ll need to head to the upper level and interact with a lever if you want to access the boss in the dungeon.

The Prattling Pate is found on the same level. Simply walk to the other side of the floor to find the room. Deal with the enemies at your leisure and then find the Apologies, Prattling Pate nearby.


This Prattling Pate can be located at Cliffbottom Catacombs. You can access it by heading on the Liurnia Highway. You’ll come across a fork where one route heads in the east direction. Take it to travel through a cliffside area that reaches the dungeon.

But to first get on this track, we suggest you head to the Stormhill Shack, Site of Grace, and use the hidden path in the northern direction.

Alternatively, you can also head toward the Stormveil Castle and carry on forward until you reach the Lake-facing Cliffs, Site of Grace. From there you can drop down onto the platform to get on the path that leads to the dungeon.

You need to get to the bottom-most part of the dungeon to find the Prattling Pate, so head past the first boss area and continue downward, first to the second level. Where you’ll eventually see a statue once you get on a narrow walkway.

Look down below to see a pit of darkness. You need to drop here so don’t worry about dying. Once there head forward to see a tunnel path to your right.

Since the area is pitch black you may want to bring a torch along with you. Otherwise, you’ll be swarmed by enemies and won’t know what hit you. As you make your way through the tunnel, you’ll eventually find a corpse that you can loot to obtain the Wonderful Prattling Pate.

Please Help

Please Help Prattling Pate map location in Elden Ring

You’ll need to travel to the Weeping Peninsula sub-region in Elden Ring to find this Prattling Pate. Found at Impaler’s Catacombs, this can be acquired by getting to the lowest level.

To begin cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, Site of Grace. Once across you must then take the road there and head south. You’ll eventually find another Site of Grace at the edge of Castle Morne called the Castle Morne Rampart.

You’ll need to find a way to leap onto the elevated plateau next to Oridys’s Rise Site of Grace. You can use the whirlwind of the Spiritspring Jump here to do so.

Now head northeast east to find the Impaler’s Catacombs dungeon and enter. You will be stopped from progressing through the dungeon by a spike trap. Try to juke it to reveal a water source below and jump down.

Make your way to the next area and deal with the enemies there to obtain the Prattling Pate.

Let’s Get To It

You’ll need to head to the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring to find the Let’s Get To It, Prattling Pate. Where it can be found at the Sainted Hero’s Grave Site of Grace. The area is an underground, catacomb dungeon that you can access by heading to the northern outskirts of the Leyndell Royal Capital.

After entering the dungeon, you’ll have to avoid the blade traps that you’ll find in the second dungeon hallway. As you get past the traps you will see an alcove on your right.

Use the ladder to go up, and thereafter dealing with enemies and the Shadow Warrior you can get your item. Remember that you will also be ambushed by Grafted Scion here so be ready.

You’re Beautiful

This Prattling Pate will be found in the Mt. Gelmir region of Elden Ring which is a late-game region found in the midst of the Altus Plateau region. From there you must track toward the Hermit Village, Site of Grace.

After entering the Hermit Village, go behind the first hut, and at the rear of the first hut and the entrance of the rear hut, you’ll find the Prattling Pate. You can avoid confronting the enemies in the area and simply rush toward the item to obtain it.

My Beloved

Before attempting to obtain the My Beloved Prattling Pate you must make sure that you have completed both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medalion. Another pre-request is Latenna’s Questline so be sure to complete it beforehand.

After you have completed both tasks, you’ll need to head to Miquella’s Haligtree and search the Haligtree Canopy area to find this Prattling Pate. Here you’ll find a few creatures blowing trumpets, you need to cross them and descend onto a branch on your right side.

Drop once more avoiding the enemy up ahead to find a set of fungi. You’ll see a corpse here that you can loot to obtain the Prattling Pate.

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