Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover the complete Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring, including all the challenges, loot, and bosses you are going to find there.

Stormveil Castle is the first foreboding castle your tarnished comes across in Elden Ring. It poses many dangers and challenges for you to overcome. This walkthrough will cover the complete Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring, including all the challenges, loot, and bosses you are going to find there.

How to Get to the Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

To get to Stormveil Castle you can start at the Castleward Tunnel.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Location

Go through the tunnel and continue to move forward and you will reach Stormveil Castle.

Once you reach Stormveil Castle the first boss you are going to encounter outside is Margit the Fell Omen. Defeat that boss and you will be ready to enter Stormveil Castle.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Walkthrough

Head towards the main gate of Stormveil Castle and you will see a site of grace right there in front of the gate.  From the main site of grace follow the path on its right side that goes around the wall of the Castle.

Move forward and collect the Furlcalling Finger Remedy from a corpse there. After that turn back and you will see a path down on the left side. From there you can collect Fire Grease.

Move forward on this path to reach the cliff and collect Trina’s Lilly on the left side. Now you have to head all the way to the main gate of Stormveil Castle using a hole on your right.

Talk to Gatekeeper Gostic

From the main gate of the Stormveil Castle enter the doorway on the left and you will find the Gatekeeper Gostic. He will tell you about a secret path to enter the castle.

It’s wise to use this path as if you enter through the main gate what you are going to get is death. So, there is no point in going through the main gate, unless you’re up for the challenge.

Following the hole, you will see the Marika Statue. Examine it and activate the summoning pool. You can also collect a Golden Rune from a body right next to this statue.

On the west side of the statue, you will see rubble that you can climb to collect the Ruin Fragments. Continue to move forward till you see a land mass down there.

There you are going to encounter swordbirds that can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention. Take them out and head forward to activate the Stormveil Cliffside site of grace.

Cliffside Site of Grace

From the Stormveil Castle Cliffside site of grace, you can go left and collect some loot from there and after that, you will have two path options. One of them will take you down while the other is up.

Take the path going down and you will encounter a few Stormhawk there. It would be better if you could take them out one by one rather than deal with all of them together.

Once you have taken down all of them you can go to the remains and collect the Smithing Stones from there. After that continue to head towards the north uphill and there you will see a ledge with the Marika Statue.

Drop from there and activate the Stormveil Cliffside site of grace and the statue. Rest here to restore all of your flasks.

Now continue to head upstairs and you will encounter three Exiles there. You have to take out the first one first because he has a horn that can alert the other two.

Take them out and after that, you can collect the Marred Leather Shield from the remains there.

Again, turn back and get to the top to take out the enemy with a ranged weapon. There you can collect the Golden Rune from the remains and head inside the castle.

Inside Stormveil Castle

Enter the castle and you have to kill two enemies you find there. There is an enemy with a giant axe. To take him out head forward and hide on the side of the stairs and once his back is towards you attack him.

You can collect the Hookclaws from the remains. Now use the stairs to go up and defeat any enemies attacking you. After killing them you can collect St. Trina’s arrow from there.

There is a hole there that you have to use for hopping up. You have to kill the enemy there and move forward using the stairs. Collect the Smoldering Butterfly from the corpse there.

You can also spot an enemy sitting down from here. Get to him and kill him. Jump down from the ledge and collect the loot from here. Jump back and you can see a door here.

Before opening the door, you have to make sure that you have a good amount of health and stats as you will be facing a boss inside.

Banished Knight Boss Fight

Inside this dark room, you will be facing the Banished Knight boss. You can take out this boss by using the ranged build and we will also recommend you get into a fight with him with a ranged build that focuses on stats like magic and dexterity.

From the remains, after the fight, you can collect the Rusty Key that will open the door downstairs. Inside that, you will find a chest with a Curved Sword Talisman that will increase the guard counters.

Back to Hookclaw’s Location

Now you have to go all the way back to the location where you get the hookclaw. There you will find the NPC that offers you help at the start of the walkthrough.

Talk to him and he will give you Grace Mimic. Unlock the door using the Rusty Key and then climb up the ladder. Move right and kill the enemy at a distance to get the Fire Grease.

Now jump towards a ledge on the wall right opposite where the enemy was and follow it to your left. There you will encounter some more enemies. Kill them and collect the Brick Hammer from there.

Jump through the bodies to get to a ladder going up. Climb up and turn left to kill the enemies there. Continue to move forward using the stairs and kill the enemies there. You can collect the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot.

Outside of the Stormveil Castle

Get to the outside area of the Stormveil Castle and before using the stairs, move along the ledge on the left. There you can collect Mushrooms from the remains.

Get back and use the stairs to go up. There is a door that you can open to fight the Banished Knight boss but, we will leave it closed for now.

After going upstairs go through the doorway on your left and you will see the Rampart Tower site of grace.

Rampart Tower Site of Grace

You can rest at the site of grace to prepare yourself to move forward. There are different paths that you can take to move forward. First of all, we will follow the door on the southeast side.

Turn right from there and jump through the gap. There you can collect the Drawstring Fire Grease from the remains.

Now go down using the spiral stairs to face the Banished knight in a room. Explore that area and return to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace.

Again, from the Site of Grace follow the path upstairs and kill the enemies there. You can grab the Throwing Daggers from here. Head out from the door there and go up on the roof.

You will again encounter some enemies here. Take out all the enemies there, especially the one with the horn, and go back to the site of grace.

From here, move along the path heading towards the south and jump to the tower in front of it. Move around the outside path and then jump into the rubble to get inside the tower.

Jump below and here you will see a corpse with the Stonesword Key. Jump outside from the window and prepare to fight with a fire-throwing Stormhawk.

Go north and move across the adjacent roof and you will see a clear path next to a pillar. But you have to go through the edge of the pillar and jump around the building.

You can collect the smithing stone from a body there. Get back and follow the path next to this pillar. There you will encounter around four enemies while moving forward.

After taking them out use the ladder to go up the roof to collect the Claw Talisman. Head back to the ledge from where you came and jump down to encounter the enemy with a crossbow.

Here you have two paths southeast and north. This time we will be following the northern path to go through a rope bridge with a couple of enemies. Kill them and collect the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 10.

Go towards the east side from there and instead of using a ladder smash some wooden barrels there and jump down on a ledge. From there you can use the arrows to take out two sleeping enemies.

After that head forward through the bridge and make the knight there to follow you. There are two knights here and you have to make sure you kill them one by one instead of attacking them both together.

After that go towards the south side and collect the Festering Bloody Finger from the remains close to the ladder. Go down using the ladder and collect different loot items from there.

Down here you are going to encounter an enemy and find some smithing stones as well during the exploration.

You have to kill all the enemies here using the ranged weapon. If you go for the melee option, it can take a lot of time. Once you have taken most of them you can use the stairs in the southeast direction.

Head through the door and collect the Golden Rune from there. You will see a lever there that opens the main gate to the castle. Push the lever exit through the door in the east and use the Gateside Chamber Site of Grace.

Back to Rampart Tower Site of Grace

Fast travel to Rampart Tower site of grace and move through the northern door. There you will encounter some Stormhawks that you will need to take out using the barrels close to them.

Explode the barrels using the firepots. You can also collect the smithing stones from the remains here. There you will see a huge entrance that has nothing but a hidden area below.

Go there, jump onto the railing and you will drop down into a hidden area below. Go towards the northeast side and jump down from a ledge. After that jump down onto some wreckages’ and you will see more ledges.

You can also collect another Marred Wooden Shield from the remains here. Go all the way down and fight the enemy there to get the Ash of War: Storm Assault.

Move forward on the southeast path and you will encounter a Knight here. Take him out, collect the loot and get back to Rampart Site of grace.

Meet the Sorcerer Rogier

On the third visit to the Rampart Tower site of grace follow the path downstairs and get onto the roof to collect a Golden Rune. Move forward through the roof and collect the Kukiri from a corpse.

There you will see a door that you can use for jumping down. Here you will meet the Sorcerer Rogier. Go outside the church and defeat the Knight and enemy you encounter there.

Head towards the building down to collect the Golden Rune. Explore this area and visit other rooms there for collecting the Golden Rune, Lump of Fresh, and Chrysalids’ Momento.

Get outside and turn left to reach the lift. Exit the lift room and get back to the Rampart Tower site of grace.

Unlock the locked Door

Go to the outside area from where you dropdown. Jump onto the sandbags and defeat the enemy there. You can pick the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot and head the path around it.

There is a ladder in the corner that might be difficult for you to see. Dropdown using the ladder and open the door. Open the chest inside and collect the Pickled Turtle Neck.

There is also a corpse on the other side of the platform with a Stonesword Key.

Defeat the Grafted Scion

Back to Rampart Tower Site of Grace, use the lift you just opened to go down. There you will encounter the familiar Grafted Scion in the dining hall.

Take out that boss and collect the Stanching Boluses and Highland Axe from the rooms there. You can explore the whole area for different collectibles.

After that, you can go through the fog wall to reach the Gateside chamber Site of grace.

Stormveil Castle Courtyard

This is one of the most difficult areas in the game. You will need to enter that area with full preparation.

You have to go through all the enemies and clear them out to collect different loot items for remains including Smoldering Butterflies.

At the end of this area, you will see a giant creature with a dog. Go up using the stairs on its right side and collect the Liftside Chamber site of grace.

Liftside Chamber Site of Grace

Now we will start from the Liftside Chamber site of grace after resting. Head right and collect the smithing stone from the cliff. Run past the giant creature and his dog to find the open door on your right side.

Collect the Prophecy Painting. Pull the lever in the room right next to the site of grace to bring the lift down. Go up and follow the path ahead and you will have two options now.

You can go left and kill the pot creatures there for collecting the reward. And turn right and listen to the bell sound. There you can defeat the scarab to get the Ash of War: Stormcaller.

Head forward from there and you will find the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. Now you can head back again to collect the Kukri and defeat the Banished Knight’s Shield.

Open the Locked Door

Now you can open the locked door close to the Liftside Chamber Site of grace. From there, take the lift to go up. Now turn right and move forward into the building to get outside.

Obtain the Smithing Stone from a corpse outside the building. Move forward from there and head through the doorway on the left side. There you will collect Trina’s Lilly, Smithing Stone, and Golden Rune.

From there, follow the only path there till you get inside again. Here you will encounter some enemies and you have to take them out one by one. Once the area is cleared, collect the Manor Towershield from the body that is right under the stairs.

There is only one way for you to move forward here. Continue on that and collect Smithing Stone and Rainbow Stone on it.

Right from where you collect the Rainbow Stone you will see a door next to a small staircase. Go there and open it to get to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace.

Turn right from the Rainbow Stone again and you will encounter lots of bats. Defeat them and jump on the wooden crates below to collect the Arteria Leaf from a corpse.

Stormveil Castle Basement

Now use the door close to the site of grace to get down to the basement grave of the Stormveil Castle. Here you will encounter some rats. Defeat them and collect the Poisonbloom from a corpse near the body of the biggest rat.

Here you will hear some fainting bell sound. Follow it by going across the room on the right side and killing the Teardrop Scarab just outside the room for collecting the Rancorcall.

There you will also encounter Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss that you can take out.  From that graveyard arena, you can also collect items like Throwing Dagger, Stonesword Key, Smoldering Butterfly, and Prince of Death’s Pustule.

Back to Secluded Site of Grace

Now head back to the Secluded site of grace you discovered first and head outside the room and beat the giant and two enemies there on the stairs. Move forward and collect Trina’s Lilly and a Golden Seed from there.

Explore that area and in the room on the left side, you will find Nepheli Loux. After that, you can also summon her during the boss fight.

From the site of grace, head down again and kill the enemies in your path. Kill the Stormhawks there and follow the stairs next to them for going up. This path will take you back to the courtyard and you have to return to the Secluded site of grace for resting.

Break the Courtyard Statue

Optionally, you can lure the giant to the glowing statue back in the courtyard to break it if you choose or move onto the fog gate to face Godrick the Grafted

How to Defeat Godrick the Grafted Boss

In the first phase, he will be using attacks like tornado blasts to damage you severely. But you can dodge them easily as you can judge from his movement that he is going to use that attack.

He is also going to use an axe dragging attack in which he approaches you at high speed, but you can also dodge this attack if you look for sparks.

What we will recommend you is to use a ranged building so you can stay as far away from him as possible and still deal damage to him.

When the fight enters the second phase, he gets dangerous and uses a strong fire attack that has a good range. So, you need to be at a good distance from him when he attacks you with a fire throw.

You can also summon some allies for helping you in the battle. Defeating that boss is not an easy job so you should not be taking this lightly. You need to be fully prepared for this boss fight. More on this fight in our guide here!

Once you have defeated that boss you will get the Remembrance of the Grafted, Grodrick’s Great Rune, and 15000 Runes. After this, your Stormveil Castle Walkthrough will be completed.

You can now visit other areas and also summon NPCs like Nepheli to fight along with you in the fights.

To use Godrick’s Great Rune, you can head back to the Divine Tower of Limgrave and get to its top to interact with the glowing sigil in the center there to activate the Godrick’s Great Rune.  This will raise all of your attributes.

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