Elden Ring Oridys’s Rise Puzzle Guide

There are three glowing spirit turtles (or wise beasts) that you need to kill to solve the puzzle and unlock Oridys’ Rise in Elden Ring.

The Oridys’s Rise tower is a perfect place to visit as it provides you with the much-needed Memory Stone in Elden Ring. Additionally, the area is clear of enemies, so you do not have to fight any bosses during the exploration.

To obtain the Memory stone, you must solve the Oridys’s Rise puzzle by finding the three wise beasts in Elden Ring. Surprisingly, the beasts are found very easily, and you can collect your reward without wasting a sweat.

Before getting into the location of the wise beasts, it is crucial to understand the location and way of reaching Oridys’s Rise tower in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Oridys’s Rise location

Oridys’ Rise is a tower, much like Testu’s Rise, players can find when taking the path to the south when in Limgrave.

It is to the southwest of the entrance of the Weeping Peninsula. To get to it, you need to get on your horse and Spirit Jump up to the top of the cliff.

The tower is blocked off with no way in to be seen. There is a barrier keeping you from using the entrance.

Oridys’s Rise Three Wise Beasts Locations

Next to the entrance, you can spot a small tomb, giving you a hint as to how can you remove the barrier keeping you out. The tomb reads: “Seek Three Wise Beasts.”

There are three glowing spirit turtles that you need to kill to complete the Oridys’s Rise puzzle. With the death of the turtles, the barrier stopping you from entering the Oridys’s tower will vanish, and you can explore the area to gain the memory stone.

The first spirit turtle is on the right side of the tower entrance. You can take the stairs and look toward the right to find the turtle hiding inside the bushes.

For the second glowing spirit turtle, you need to move toward the path that is opposite the Oridys’ Rise tower entrance. This turtle will be clearly visible, glowing like a summon.

To find the third and the last turtle, you need to move toward the pond near the tower. Move toward the right side of the tower, and you will spot a small pond.

The turtle hides inside the pond, but you can track the location of this wise beast by looking at the ripples produced inside the pond by the creature. Get to the turtle and kill it.

How to unlock Oridys’s Rise in Elden Ring

With the three wise beasts gone, the tower is unlocked, and the barrier has disappeared. You can simply climb to the top of the tower to the chest that contains the much-needed memory stone.

As mentioned earlier, the memory stone allows you to use an extra slot for spells. This item is highly important to those going for a magic build early in the game.

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