Elden Ring Sainted Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

This walkthrough of the Sainted Hero's Grave in Elden Ring will help you best it and defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor mini-boss at the end.

This walkthrough of the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring will help you best it and defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor mini-boss at the end. This Hero’s Grave is located in the Altus Plateau region and is not very rich in loot. You will be fighting fanged imps throughout the dungeon.

How to Get to the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring

In the central Altus Plateau, you’ll see a Hero’s Grave structure, similar to all other Hero Graves in Elden Ring.

The easiest way there is via Windmill Village in the northern Altus Plateau. Then, move along the outer wall of Leyndell, up the ridge, to get to the structure.

A Black knife assassin awaits at the entrance, and there’s no need to defeat it if you are fast enough to outrun it.

Defeating it will give you a black knife. Lift the door open, and using the lift, get down where you’ll see a site of grace.

Elden Ring Sainted Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

After passing through the site of grace, take the first left and descend the stairs ahead. After descending the stairs, move to the pathway on your right.

You’ll be in a huge corridor with a fanged Imp in a tunnel to its left. After getting to the end of the corridor, east and the fanged Imp will be hiding in the darkness and can’t be hit unless brought under a light.

The Imps will chase you, and after traveling through that tunnel, you’ll be on a high platform from where you’ll be able to see two more fanged Imps.

Now you can either kill those fanged Imps by luring them to a light sphere after you come down from the platform using stairs, or you can carry them straight through the tunnel just in front of the stairs you came down from.

The Imps will continue chasing you, and when in range, they’ll cast spells on you. Finally, you’ll reach a seemingly dead end after traveling through the tunnel.

But as you’ll step up on the central floor, the floor will break down to pieces, and you’ll find yourself in a huge circle of light with Imps surrounding you from all sides. Fight with all of them at once to get rid of them.

After dealing with all the Imps, you’ll find a lever that will open a gate to a huge hallway. The hallway is full of zombies and blades that are moving vertically.

Dodge all three blades carefully and make your way to the other end. You’ll encounter more zombies at the end of the corridor, Albinauric riding a horse, and some blades.

Continue through the enemies and blades and move into the tunnel to your right, guarded by a corpse. In the tunnel is a ladder that will take you to the top upon climbing and then turning right.

There at the top is a Grave Warden Duelist hiding in the darkness. It can’t be killed until brought to the light sphere.

Lure it onto the overpass, drop down, and drawback through the blade corridor the light sphere where the floor collapsed. Kill it in the light and earn the Duelist Greaves.

This will automatically open the distant boss doors. Continue to the boss doors and down the mist wall.

How to Defeat Ancient Hero of Zamor at Sainted Hero’s Grave

It is an agile boss, and due to the agility, the ranged and magic players will feel troubled here. It sometimes summons a blue light on its hand that will result in a small spherical explosion around itself that will affect the Frostbite status effect.

The fight has two phases. The first phase is the right phase to show aggression and put all the energy into the attacks.

During the first phase of the fight, a deadly attack is launched by the Ancient Hero of Zamor, which will create a huge blizzard in a large circle around itself. This will spring into a huge lunge attack.

After Zamor has drawn the sword upon reaching 50% of its health, the players will need to be more defensive, marking the second phase’s start. Again, the main key to defeating the boss is playing defensive and timing your attacks.

Upon defeating the Ancient Hero Zamor, you will receive the following items:

  • 83000 Runes
  • Zamor Curved Sword
  • Zamor Armor Set
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