Elden Ring Beast Claw Location, How to Get It Early

Elden Ring contains a number of exquisite Incantations. One such Incantation is Beast Claw. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Beast Claw in Elden Ring.

What is the Beast Claw Incantation?

Beast Claw is a mysterious spell that can be casted in Elden Ring to summon five offensive waves that deal damage to enemies. These waves travel through the ground in a cone in front of you to deal damage.

This is a must-have Incantation because it only costs 10 Focus Points and consumes only 1 Memory Slot, and deals magic damage. In addition, the Beast Claw has a medium speed and can be chain-casted as long as you have enough Focus Points.

Elden Ring Beast Claw Incantation Location

If you are unsure how to get beast claw early in the game, it can be found in Bestial Sanctum. It is not looted from a corpse or chest and is instead given as a reward by an NPC.

Head to the Bestial Sanctum region and find the fifth Deathroot there and lend it to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. For this act of kindness Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman will turn into a boss, and defeating him will reward you with Beast Claw.

Unfortunately, gathering those 5 deathroots can take some time and requires a fair amount of progress in the game which is why it’s not possible to get Beast Claw early in Elden Ring.

Beast Claw only requires 8 Faith to use so it is a fairly easy spell you can equip early on in the game. That combined with its decent damage and range makes it a great Incantation to have in your arsenal.

How to Use Beast Claw Incantation?

Charge the Beast Claw because doing so will amplify the spell’s effect, and the wave will travel much further and spread much wide.

Beast Claw can come in handy in Boss Fights because they deal great damage at short range. Beast Claw should be used against a boss at close range because it has a good chance of hitting all five waves.

It is recommended to use the Beast Claw on smooth surfaces. It is due to the fact that Beast Claw travels much further compared to water or rocky surfaces. As a result, waves are hindered, and their effect is canceled by water or rocky surfaces.

Beast Claw is an exceptional incantation for crowd control, and the plus point is that it doesn’t sacrifice many Focus Points.

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