Best Berserk’s Guts Build In Elden Ring

Elden Ring allows you to live out your geeky fantasy by building Guts from the critically acclaimed manga and anime Berserk.

Similar to the previous Souls games, Elden Ring too takes great inspiration from the critically acclaimed manga series, Berserk.

It has always been a custom to create Guts in a Souls game. Also known as the Black Swordsman, Guts is the protagonist of Berserk who wields a giant Greatsword that he uses to smash demons and ghouls.

Thanks to the numerous equipment and items available in Elden Ring, you can make a Guts build that looks and plays like him.

How to create Guts’ character in Elden Ring 

The first step in creating a Guts build in Elden Ring is creating a character with the same likeness. Use the cosmetics and appearance values below to create Guts from Berserk.

Skin Color 

  • Red: 126 
  • Green: 88 
  • Blue: 70 

Face Template 

  • Bone Structure:
  • Form Emphasis:
  • Apparent Age: 110  
  • Facial Aesthetic: 60 

Facial Balance 

  • Nose Size: 108 
  • Nose/Forehead Ratio: 85 
  • Face Protrusion: 110 
  • Vertical Face Ratio: 114 
  • Facial Feature Slant: 119 
  • Horizontal Face Ratio: 136 

Forehead Glabella 

  • Forehead Depth: 135 
  • Forehead Protrusion: 195 
  • Nose Bridge Height: 58 
  • Ridge Protrusion 1: 76 
  • Ridge Protrusion 2: 143 
  • Nose Ridge Width: 63 

Brow Ridge 

  • Brow Ridge Height: 195 
  • Brow Ridge: 96 
  • Outer Brow Ridge: 136 


  • Eye Position: 192 
  • Eye Size: 130 
  • Eye Slant: 66 
  • Eye Spacing: 205 

Nose Ridge 

  • Nose Ridge Depth: 225 
  • Nose Ridge Length: 172 
  • Nose Position: 149 
  • Nose Tip Height: 50 
  • Nose Protrusion: 38 
  • Nose Height: 100 
  • Nose Slant: 120 


  • Nostril Slant: 164 
  • Nostril Size: 93 
  • Nostril Width: 115 


  • Cheekbone Height:  192 
  • Cheekbone Depth: 112 
  • Cheekbone Width: 111 
  • Cheekbone Protrusion: 107 
  • Cheeks: 114 


  • Lip Shape: 185 
  • Mouth Expression: 195 
  • Lip Fullness: 138 
  • Lip Size: 150 
  • Lip Protrusion: 50 
  • Lip Thickness: 88 


  • Mouth Protrusion: 125 
  • Mouth Slant:
  • Occlusion:
  • Mouth Position: 149 
  • Mouth Width: 88 
  • Mouth Chin Distance: 110 


  • Chin Tip Position: 51 
  • Chin Length: 125 
  • Chin Protrusion: 147 
  • Chin Depth: 158 
  • Chin Size: 150 
  • Chin Height: 195 
  • Chin Width: 165 


  • Jaw Protrusion: 175 
  • Jaw Width: 50 
  • Lower Jaw: 95 
  • Jaw Contour: 100 


  • Hair:
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Luster: 10 
  • Root Darkness: 255 
  • White Hairs:

Facial Hair 

  • Beard:
  • Beard Color: Match Hair 
  • Luster: Match Hair 
  • Root Distance: Match Hair 
  • White Hair: Match Hair 
  • Stubble: 125 

Skin Features 

  • Pores: 255 
  • Skin Luster: 130 
  • Dark Circles: 70 
  • Dark Circle Color: Black 


  • Head: 128 
  • Chest: 255 
  • Abdomen: 165 
  • Arms: 168 
  • Legs: 148 
  • Body Hair: 130 
  • Body Hair Color: March Hair 
  • Musculature: Muscular 

How to make a Guts Strength build in Elden Ring 

Berserk fans will know that Guts is known for his strength. It takes great power to use a Greatsword like Guts does hence, we will be making a Strength-based build for Guts in Elden Ring which allows him to wield Heavy Swords.

Finding Guts’ Dragon Slayer sword in Elden Ring

Once you’ve created Guts, it is time to find his signature weapon. Make your way to the northern half of Limgrave to reach the Smoldering Church. You will find the Heavy Sword here in a cart.

The Heavy Sword is a massive Greatsword that looks and feels the same as the Dragon Slayer sword Guts uses in Berserk.

Finding Guts’ Berserk armor in Elden Ring

You need Blaidd’s armor set to complete your Guts’ build in Elden Ring. For this purpose, you need to complete Ranni the Witch’s side quest. Once you have done that, reach the location marked on the map above and head outside Ranni’s Rise to defeat Blaidd, the Half-Wolf.

Doing so will give you his armor set which not only looks like Guts’ Berserker armor but also has a few properties that function the same in Elden Ring.


With the weapon and armor out of the way, you can focus on obtaining the remaining equipment that best suits a Strength-based Guts build in Elden Ring

Ritual Sword Talisman 
Arguably the best talisman to use for the Guts Strength build is the Ritual Sword Talisman.

You get additional attack power by increasing your maximum HP, which means that your first attack is always going to hit hard at the start of a battle.

To acquire this Talisman, you must defeat Demi-Human Queen Gilika and find it inside a chest in the Lux Ruins

Starscourge Heirloom   
Starscourge Heirloom is used for increasing your Strength in Elden Ring. Although the damage output isn’t that massive, you can still use it to reach the required stats for your weapons.  

This gives you enough time to explore the map and increase your Strength even further. You can find this Talisman at Fort Gael inside a chest.   

Shard of Alexander 
A variant of the Warrior Jar Shard Talisman. The Shard of Alexander is arguably one of the best Talismans to equip in Elden Ring for Strength and melee builds.

You can use it to increase the attack power of your skills by 15%. You can find this Talisman after completing Alexander’s questline.

Radagon’s Soreseal 
Radagon’s Soreseal is another useful Talisman and one of the best ones to use for your Guts build in Elden Ring.

It scales with vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity. You can use it to increase parts of your stats at the expense of 15% of damage taken. You can find this Talisman at Fort Faroth atop a corpse.   


Flask of Wondrous Physick is the best option for this build. It allows you to combine the Strength-knot Crystal Tear and Stonebarb Cracked Tear to increase your Strength and the possibility of breaking the enemy’s stance

To acquire this Flask, you can visit the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace and find it on the floor near the statue.  

Ash of War 

Your main Ash of War for a good Strength-based Guts build needs to always be the Lion’s Claw in Elden Ring. This allows you to perform the same move Guts performs in Berserk, which is a front flip followed by a large blade slam. 

You can find this Ash of War in the southern part of Fort Gael North Site of Grace. However, before receiving the Lion’s Claw, you must defeat the Lion Guardian in the area.  

Incantations and Spells 

Flame, Grant Me Strength will be your go-to spell for this build. It provides an increase in the attack damage of both physical and fire affinity.

To acquire this spell, you must head to the backside of Fort Gael and find it atop a corpse.  

Great Rune 

Godrick’s Great Rune is a highly recommended Rune as it increases all attributes of this build serving as a cherry on top.  

With an overall increase in each stat especially Strength, you can annihilate even the strongest enemies the game offers as the Black Swordsman.

To acquire this Rune, you must visit the Stormveil Castle and defeat Godrick the Grafted


You do have a little freedom when it comes to allocating stats for Guts in Elden Ring. You need to focus mainly on Strength, Vigor, and Endurance.

The following stats are recommended by us for a highly optimized Guts build in Elden Ring.

  • Vigor: 50 
  • Mind: 19 
  • Endurance: 40 
  • Strength: 80 
  • Dexterity: 15 
  • Intelligence:
  • Faith:
  • Arcane:

Berserk Guts Mod Elden Ring

Using mods, you can add a little more authenticity to your Berserk Guts build in Elden Ring. The mod which is titled ‘Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer’ adds two dedicated Berserker armor sets and Guts’ iconic Dragon Slayer sword. These items can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Round Table Hold.

It is important to note that you need to have Mod Engine 2 installed on your PC. To use this mod, simply download it and paste it into your Mod Engine 2 folder.

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