Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Options Guide

Every character you can romance in Night City.

There are a lot of things you can do in Cyberpunk 2077 and one of them is building a relationship. Romance takes time; you must build your relationship with the character you want to romance. You must meet specific requirements if you want to engage in a sexual encounter with each character.

However, romancing and forming bonds isn’t as easy as it seems. Each character in the game has their preferences which determine whether you can romance them or not.

This includes things V’s body type, and the gender-dependent voice. Moreover, although lifepaths hold no significance in Cyberpunk 2077 romance, the choices you make with and for a character do affect your relationship status significantly.

Furthermore, V can date two characters at once if their bodies and voices match. Female V can romance both Judy and River, while male V can romance both Panam and Kerry.

Due to this being such a complex toping, we bring you this Cyberpunk 2077 Romance guide, which will tell you everything that you need to know about romance and help you build healthy relationships with the character of your own choice in the game.

Though you can have only one-night stands with most of the characters in the game, we will cover the major ones with whom you can have a long-term relationship.

Judy Alvarez

Romance Requirements:

  • Body type: Female
  • Voice: Female

The first romance-able character you will likely find in the game is Judy Alvarez. When you prepare for The Heist mission in Act 1, you will meet this character.

She is an extremely skilled Braindance technician and a member of the Mox gang, which serves to protect the working class.

After Act 1, the next time you see her will be in Act 2 during the Automatic Love main mission. After that and a few other missions, a separate questline concerning Judy will open up.

You have to complete all of these quests to romance Judy. A few important decisions here would be to agree to help Judy in the Talkin’ Bout a Revolution quest, refuse Maiko’s plan, and then refuse payment from the individual. 

You must fulfill all of the Judy Alvarez romance requirements to build a healthy relationship with her.

Panam Palmer

Romance Requirements:

  • Body type: Male
  • Voice: Any

Panam Palmer is a ferocious woman who used to run with the Aldecaldos nomad clan but chose to lead the life of a mercenary after facing some troubles with her family.

She is another character in Cyberpunk 2077 you can start a romance with. You will meet Panam in the Ghost Town story quest and continue to have contact with her till the Life During Wartime quest. After that quest, Panam will contact you to start her story arc.

A tip to winning over Panam is to behave courteously. You have to be polite to her and pick conversational options that respect her. Apart from that, you must also meet up with her often.

Though these are the major things you have to do to win Panam over, make sure to meet all the requirements to romance Panam.

River Ward

Romance Requirements:

  • Body Type: Female

River Ward is a genius individual who used to work as a detective for the NCPD and became very dedicated to his line of work after his partner committed suicide. He is one of the few romance options for female V. 

You will meet River in the I Fought the Law side job (Street Cred Tier 2). Once you have completed it, complete the Life During Wartime mission and you will receive a call from River, which will start his story arc.

As you are playing through his story arc, you will have opportunities to build a relationship with him – particularly in The Hunt Quest. In this quest, you have to make sure that you visit the correct farm and leave only when you’re done helping him.

Then, when the questline is wrapping up, leave no room to show interest in him to guarantee a relationship with him.

We suggest that you go over the complete requirements to romance River Ward to avoid any mistakes.

Kerry Eurodyne

Romance Requirements:

  • Body Type: Male
  • Voice: Masculine

Kerry Eurodyne is a profound and accomplished musician who used to be part of the Samurai. His skills with a guitar don’t fail to impress V and is likewise a suitable romance option.

You will meet Kerry after you complete the Rogue side quests. After you complete all the predisposing quests with him, including A Like Supreme and Second Conflict, Kerry’s story arc will start.

There are only a few major things you have to keep in mind to romance Kerry in Cyberpunk 2077. Always be on his side in dialogues and do not skip any chances to kiss him – especially in the last quest on the yacht.

Meredith Stout

Romance Requirements:

  • N/A

Meredith Stout is a senior corpo Militech agent who’s got herself into quite the pickle. Though things between Meredith and V don’t start that well, she still holds the potential to be a romantic option in Cyberpunk 2077, but it is only for a short while.

You will meet her during The Pickup mission. Make sure that you do meet her in this mission as she can be completely skipped.

Meeting all of Meredith’s romance requirements will play a big role in building a relationship with her. Some of the major ones include shooting Royce when the time comes or buying the Flathead with the chip.

Rogue Amendiares

Romance Requirements:

  • N/A

Roque Amendiares is a fierce individual who doesn’t enjoy the complex processes of gangs. Therefore, she set out as a solo and she was so darn good at it she earned the Queen of the Solos title because of it.

A short-term romance with this widely known best fixer in Cyberpunk 2077 is also possible. You first meet her in the Ghost Town quest but taking steps to win her over begins later on.

Once at the Chippin’ In quest, you have to make sure that you befriend Johny Silverhand while at his grave. When that is done, call Amendiares to start the Blistering Love quest.

In that quest, all you have to do is select the dialogue options appropriate to the goal and you will be rewarded with an intimate scene with the Queen of the Fixers.

Alt Cunningham

Romance Requirements:

  • N/A

Alt Cunningham is an extremely talented woman who was not only the best netrunner of her time, but also the developer of the phenomenal Soulkiller program.

The Romance with Cunningham is seen in the Fade Away quest when you go through Johny’s memories. There are no requirements to romance her.

Ruby Collins

Romance Requirement:

  • N/A

Ruby Collins is a character V can romance while playing the Chippin’ In quest with Johny. All you have to do is to let Johny take over V’s body and then meet Ruby.

However, this is a one-time kinda thing – nothing too serious.


Romance Requirement:

  • N/A

Joytoys are the prostitutes of Cyberpunk 2077. They can be found on Jig-jig street and two of them are available from the start of the game. They cost about a thousand bucks per session.

You unlock two more Joytoy options later on in the game after completing the Off the Leash side mission. They will become available at the Dark Matter Club and cost $3,000 per session.

Does Phantom Liberty have romance options?

The long-awaited Phantom Liberty expansion does not come with any new romantic options in Cyberpunk 2077. It also has little to no impact on your main romance quests in the base game.

The only difference is that with this update, you do have a few more dialogue options and a bit more cutscenes with the date-able characters already existing in the game. 

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