Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez Romance Guide

It’s always nice to have someone by your side. Judy Alvarez is one of the coolest NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 who you can romance. You meet Judy early on in the game when you go to Elizabeth’s Club and Judy helps you learn how to use Braindances to look for clues.

This guide will help you iron things out between V and Judy if you want to romance her in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Meet Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077

You will first meet Judy fairly early in the game, where she will help you with your first braindance that you need to do for your big Arasaka Heist job.

In your prep missions for Arasaka Heist, you will be introduced to Judy in the job “The Heist”.

You meet Judy Alvarez in the basement of Elizabeth’s Club, where she is working in her lab. Here, Judy will show you the Braindance and teach you how to look around and spot clues in different modes.

After your first interaction, Judy will disappear and you won’t see her for a long time.

She will come back in the storyline with the job called “Both Sides Now,” which is her first side job, that unlocks after the main job, “Double Life.” After this, you will have Judy’s whole questline in your job log.

Judy Alvarez Romance Requirements

The first thing that you need to know if you want to start Judy Alvarez Romance, is that Judy Alvarez Romance is only open if you are playing as female V.

You cannot romance Judy Alvarez as male V. Of course, this choice is only possible at the start of the game. You need to make a new save file as a female V fs you have already started the game as a male V. 

How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077

Now, if you want Judy to be interested in you and start a romantic relationship with her, you need to make sure that you do whatever she says during her side jobs and complete her storyline as soon as possible.

Your main interaction with Judy Alvarez for starting the romance starts in the main mission, ‘The Information’, ‘ Automatic Love’, ‘The Space in Between Lines’, ‘The Space In Between, ‘Disasterpiece’, and ‘Double Life.

You will also get side jobs with her called “Ex-Factor,” “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution,” and “Pisces.” All of these side missions are offered to you after the ‘Double Life’ main story mission.

After these, things will start heating up a bit, and when she calls you again for another side job, “Pyramid Song.”

Missions that make an actual impact on Judy Alvarez’s Romance only include a few of her side mission and none of the main story missions have any impact on how your romance goes with Jud Alvarez.

What you need to do during this entire storyline are the following things. Stick by these dialogues and actions to make sure you end up with Judy Alvarez.

Both Sides, Now

The choices within this quest don’t matter for your future romance. Just pick up the call when Judy calls you after a 24-hour wait-time from the main job “Double Life.”

Just make sure you are nice to Judy and don’t do anything to offend her.


Once you finish the first side-quest, you will get a text from Judy titled “EV’s Send Off”. Reply, and Judy will call you. Agree to help Judy and start the quest.

When you speak to Judy Alvarez at her apartment, make sure that you agree to help her. If you accidentally refuse, all of Judy Alvarez’s future side jobs will be concluded and your chances of romancing Judy Alvarez will be dead.

Other than this, all of your choices make no impact on Judy Alvarez’s Romance.

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

When you finally get this quest, go ahead and Spar with Tom and choose the dialogue “You can count on me.” This will take you to the next side quest.

As you choose to agree, Judy will ask to pay you, to which you will very humbly decline by saying,

  • “Out of the question.”
  • “Forget about it. It’s passed.”
  • “[Lean] Sure, thanks.”

By following the above instructions, you will get to stay a night in Judy Alvarez’s Apartment. You will get breakfast in the morning as well. Jackpot!


You will receive another text message from Judy. Reply, and she will call you back in the next 24 hours.

Head to the penthouse and select the following dialogues in the presence of the gang bosses.

  • “This wasn’t the plan.”
  • “Who are the other two?”
  • “Do my best. Jack ‘em out.”
  • “Hold on, think you’ve gone too far.”
  • “[Draw Weapon] Let’s cut to the quick.”
  • Kill all of the gang bosses.
  • “What?”
  • “You tried to cheat us all.”
  • Kill Maiko

Do NOT accept Maiko’s plan or payment, you will lose any chance to be with Judy if you do. Make sure the gang bosses attack you.

If you kill Maiko, you get a kiss on the lips. If you let Maiko go, you get a kiss on the cheek. However, for Judy Alvarez’s Romance to proceed properly, you need to kill Maiko.

Pyramid Song

A week later from the previous quest, Judy will call you and ask you to come over. When you go to the marked destination, she will ask you to go diving with her to which you need to reply with,

“Hell yeah, I’m in.”

Picking up any optional items during the quest is not important for the romance.

When you come back from the dive, Judy will invite you to spend the night at Judy Alvarez’s apartment. To this, your reply will be,

“[Stand] Why not.”

Do not choose the alternative option, as it will void the chance with Judy.

After entering the bathroom with Judy simply choose to kiss her which will results in a sex scene.

Wake up the next morning and go talk to Judy by the pier and tell her that this was “The beginning of something amazing”. You will now be in a relationship with Judy. This will also unlock Judy Alvarez’s apartment for you.

By telling her that it was a distraction, the relationship will not continue.

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