How To Defeat Grym, The Forge Protector In Baldur’s Gate 3

Grym, The Forge Protector is a very tough enemy in Baldur's Gate 3 with tons of resistances. Here is how to defeat him.

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to explore several locations to complete certain quests. Some of these quests are considered secrets, such as BG3 Adamantine Forge. You will find this quest in the Underdark region, home to Grym, the Forge Protector, in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Grym is a highly skilled enemy who is nobody’s stepping stone. You face him after activating the Admantine Forge. Due to his strength and massive stature, he is regarded as one of the most difficult enemies to defeat in BG3.

You may feel overwhelmed in the fight since most of your attacks against him will be useless. But there is a trick to make him vulnerable and do massive damage.

The Forge Protector location in BG3

Grym, the Forge Protector, is found at the Grymforge location in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will first encounter this Construct during the Adamantine Forge quest in Act 1. However, you will not find the boss immediately, as you must complete the rest of the Adamantine Forge quest.

This quest includes you finding the Adamantine Forge. This Forge is hidden in the Grymforge area in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can reach it by heading past the pile of rubble leading straight to the Forge. The next objective consists of you Activating the Forge. However, this will summon the Forge Protector, thus commencing the boss fight.

How to reach Adamantine Forge

Adamantine Forge location Baldur's Gate 3

The easiest way to locate the Adamantine Forge is by heading to the Underdark – Beach Sigil Circle area. From there, use the boat to sail to the Grymforge. After docking at the dock, you must head up the stairs and proceed to an area where you’ll see some Duergar and Gnomes clearing some rubble. You need to go past them and proceed straight to the edge where the lava is underneath.


You will come across planks at the edges that help you cross the lava without burning to a crisp. Now, there will be an area with a large gap in between and no way to cross to the other side. You cannot use your Jump Bonus Action to cross the gap since the distance is too great.

However, you must use Misty Step to cover the distance from the platform to the Planks above. You can take turns putting all your party members atop the plank and heading down the stairs next to the Sigil Circle to come across the Adamantine Forge below.

Forge Protector Fight Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Forge Protector boss fight is one of the toughest in the game. As you start the battle and move to attack him, you will find that most of your attacks will not affect him. This is because he is resistant to most types of damage, including magical.

So you cannot use your weapons on him or use Gale to blast him with his spells. However, there is a trick in which you use your environment against him. There is lava around the area which makes him vulnerable to attacks. Moreover, you will use the forge to hammer and crush him.

Position your party

Positioning your party will be one of the most integral parts of combat. If you are too close to Grym, he will greatly threaten you. Since he uses his strength to overpower you and your allies, scattering your team across each platform is best. You will need a party member each on the forge level, the lava valve, the western circle, and the mould platform.

You can start by placing melee characters near the Wheel. As for the ranged characters, you can place them at a distance from the Wheel at the mould. This will allow your melee characters to their full potential at close range.

Flood the floor with lava

Once you have positioned your party on the abovementioned platforms, you can steer the wheel and flood the floor with Lava. This will summon Forge Protector in Baldur’s Gate 3, who interjects your plans and challenges you to battle.

Flooding the floor with lava gives you an upper hand in this battle. This is because the Forge Protector will overheat while he stands in the lava. Grym can only be damaged while he is in an overheated state. Your attacks will be useless if you damage him otherwise since he has much resistance.

Lure the Forge Protector to the Anvil

Your main task is to lure the Forge Protector to the Anvil in the Adamantine Forge. The main purpose of luring him towards the Anvil is that there is a large hammer hanging above the platform. The Forge Protector always attacks the character who makes the last move on him.

As such, position someone with ranged capability here to attack and lure him there. Meanwhile, someone else in your party, such as a melee character, will activate the forge level and use the piston to smash him. Do note that Grym will use Awaken and Slam as his main attacks during this fight.

Activate the forge lever

With the Forge Protector in position, your party member at the Forge Lever will activate it and send the Forge Piston slamming into Grym. You will find the Forge Lever at the southern platform. This will smash Grim and take a large chunk of his health down. Each smash can do upwards of 100 damage and also send him flying back into the lava.

Keep the lava flowing

As mentioned before, as long as Grym stands in the lava, he will be vulnerable due to overheating. This softens him up for the inevitable piston slam that will do the bulk of the damage to him.

One of your party mates must then stand on the Lava Valve platform and ensure the Forge Floor flows with it. It will keep Grym, The Forge Protector, vulnerable, and you can defeat him in a few turns. Rinse and repeat the process to defeat him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Forge Protector fight rewards in BG3

Following are all the rewards you will receive as dropped items for defeating the Forge Protector in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • 500 XP
  • Grymskull Helm

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