How To Get Adamantine Mace In Baldur’s Gate 3

Get your hands on one of the six adamantine items in Baldur's Gate 3, Adamantine Mace.

Adamantine Mace in BG3 is a unique weapon that you will be able to craft at a specific place. That place will happen to be the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3. Unlike the rest of the weapons that you find during your playthrough, this one will not be easy to get.

You will require the Adamantine Mace Mould along with a piece of Mithral Ore. Once you obtain both items, you can craft this beautiful weapon. If you are interested in finding the crafting items for this unique weapon, then I will be covering all the details.

How to Craft Adamantine Mace in BG3

Now, to craft the adamantine mace, the two things that you will need are Mithral Ore and Adamantine Mace mould. Keep in mind that you will be able to discover only two Mithral Ore in your playthrough. This will limit your choice selection on crafting the Adamantine items, so make sure to use them wisely.

1. Get Adamantine Mace mould

In order to get the Adamantine Mace mould in BG3, you can travel to the coordinates labeled (X:-613 and Y:283). This item can be discovered while traveling a little way south from the Underdark Ancient Forge area.

Along the way, you will encounter three skeleton enemies guarding that area so you can kill them all and explore that place. This way, you will find two tables on your right side, and you will be able to collect the Adamantine Mace Mould from the first table.

2. Get Mithril Ore

You will be able to discover Mithril ores at the following coordinates. These will include (X: -640, Y:260) and (X:-555, Y:280). In short, there will be a total of two Mithril Ores at these locations, and although you will need one to craft the Adamantine Mace, you can use the other one to craft another Adamantine item.

After reaching the coordinates mentioned above, you can find big chunks of rocks. You need to strike these rocks with either a blunt or bludgeoning weapon. This way, these rocks will break open and reveal the Mithril Ore for you to collect in BG3.

3. Craft the Adamantine Mace

Once you have gathered both the Adamantine Mace mould and Mithril Ore (x1), you can make your way to the Adamantine Forge in BG3. At the Forge, you will need to insert the Adamantine Mould into the Mould chamber.

After that, you can add the Mithral Ore to the center chamber to start the crafting process. Then, you can simply access the lever and pull it to get the forge started. The hammer will strike down the ore and forge it according to the mould to create the Adamantine Mace.

During this process, you will also notice that the Forge will start descending, and apart from the four spirals, everything will be enveloped in molten lava in Baldur’s Gate 3. Then, you will have to face an enemy boss and use spells like Misty Step (spell) to get the boss to move towards the center area outside the four circles.

After that, you can operate the lever or fire an arrow at the lever to get the forge moving and trap the boss in lava, which will slowly kill the boss for you in BG3. Once you have dealt with the enemy, you can collect the Adamantine Mace.

Adamantine Mace stats

Damage: 1d6 + 1 Bludgeoning

Features: The Adamantine Mace comes with the following three features.

  • Diamondsbane: The Adamantine Mace allows your character to register a critical hit on impact to an object in BG3.
  • Lethal Weapon: This particular weapon allows you to ignore Bludgeoning Resistance to Slashing damage during your fights.
  • Proficiencies: Concussive Smash
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