Should You Give Your Blood To Araj Oblodra In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Giving Araj Oblodra your brood has its own benefits and in turn, she provides you with some of the best potions and elixirs in Baldur's Gate 3.

Araj Oblodra is a very peculiar Drow NPC that you first encounter at Moonrise Towers in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. She appears as a merchant on the map but offers much more in exchange for your blood. This will be a rather odd request coming out of nowhere, but she promises to make it worthwhile. Araj is interested in the blood of every race and uses it to create race-specific potions.

However, the deal seems shoddy, and Araj Oblodra seems to dodge your questions a lot. Does she have ulterior motives? Does she want the blood because she’s curious? Is she working on some miracle cure? All these questions lead to a major one, “Should you give Araj Oblodra your blood or not?”. Let’s find out the answer.

Araj Oblodra Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will first meet Araj Oblodra during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 inside Moonrise Towers. She can be missed easily if you are not curious. Head inside and go toward the kitchen and you will see Araj working in a lab next to it (X: -123, Y: -191). Start a conversation with her, and after some words, she will ask for your blood to create potions.

You will find Araj Oblodra again in Act 3 in the Lower City (X: -88 Y: -91). Once you have found her, talk to her as she invites you inside her shop, Crimson Draughts, for a conversation. You can get potions from her now if you refused her previously.

Potions you can obtain from Araj Oblodra

If you give your blood to Araj Oblodra, she will give you a potion/elixir that can be useful in your later fights in Baldur’s Gate 3. She will craft a race-specific potion with your blood, which grants you specific bonuses. 

She will also make a potion called the Formula Gruna during Act 3 which makes your blood explosive when exposed to fire. This potion lasts and remains in effect till your next Long Rest. 

Giving Araj your blood will allow you to gain the following potions: 

Race Potion Description 
Dragonborn Elixir of Dragonborn Prowess Grants resistance to the element you chose for your Dragonborn. You gain an advantage on Persuasion checks and a level 3 spell specific to your sub-race. 
Dwarf Elixir of Dwarven Resilience Allows you to add a proficiency bonus to your 3 saving throws per long rest. 
Elf Elixir of Elven Elegance You gain resistance against being charmed. Your movement speed and Darkvision increase by 10m. 
Githyanki Elixir of Githyanki Providence You gain Leap, Blur, and Misty Step spells. 
Gnome Elixir of Gnomish Ingenuity You become proficient in Sleight of Hand checks and can now use the Knock spell. 
Half-Elf Elixir of Half-Elven Healing Heals you and your allies for HP equal to your Constitution ability. 
Half-Orc Elixir of Half-Orcish Fury When your HP reaches 0, instead of dying, you survive with 1HP. 
Halfling Elixir of Halfling Luck Grants you advantage on all your skill checks. 
Human Elixir of Human Versatility You become proficient in all skills. 
Tiefling Elixir of Tiefling Vice You gain hellish rebuke, Burning Hands, Flame Blade, and Thaumaturgy spells. 

The effects of these potions only last till Long Rest. You can’t use them infinitely. One more important bit, you can get blood for each of your party members (depending on their race) once per playthrough. If you have two party members of the same race, you can get two similar potions from Araj Oblodra. For races like Dragonborn, you need to have custom characters.

You can’t fool Araj into giving you the potions multiple times by taking your blood again. You can’t get another potion by using disguise as potions are dependent on your blood. Which unfortunately you can’t change.

Should you give Araj Oblodra your blood or not?

The answer to this moral dilemma is a resounding YES. You won’t lose anything and gain some powerful potions. When you first meet Araj, she will try to dodge your questions. Pass a religion check to learn more about her past. Confront her with new information and she will let you know that she is only interested in the blood of people who have tadpoles in their brains but are not turned into Mind Flayers yet. She will offer you 200 gold to keep this a secret.

However, you’ll learn later during Act 3 that she plans to use your blood to create explosives. Read the journal downstairs in Crimson Draughts to know her full plans. She plans on raising an army of the undead, creating explosives, and assaulting Drow City in the Underdark. So, while the elixirs with bonuses are useful, you’ll practically be assisting her in committing genocide against the Drow.

Moreover, if you check upstairs in her shop, you’ll find several corpses, including one belonging to a Spectator. The morally correct option will be to refuse to give her your blood but no one in your party objects to it. So, roll with the flow and get all the yummy potions you can get.

Should you let Astarion Bite Araj Oblodra?

Once you are rewarded with the elixir, Araj Oblodra will ask you to bring Astarion to her. If Astrion is absent, you can choose the “My Vampiric Friend? Sure, I can bring him here.” option. Araj wants Astarion to bite her as she tells you it is her fantasy to get bit by a vampire. She will promise to reward you with a much more powerful potion in return.

Astarion will be reluctant to bite her. You get two options here. Either respect Astarion’s choice or force him to bite Araj Oblodra. If you are pursuing a relationship with Astarion, stick with the former. However, if you force Astarion to bite her, it will severely dent your relationship and in extreme cases make Astarion leave the party.

As soon as Astarion bites Araj Oblodra, he will spit out her blood and say she is full of corruption. He will turn extremely sour, but Araj will give you Potion of Everlasting Vigor as promised. Anyone who drinks this potion, their Strength ability increases by 2 permanently (even beyond the limit of 20).

If you are currently romancing Astarion, he won’t leave but will confront you as you head over to the camp. This can end up in you breaking up unless you choose the right options.

Choose the following dialogue options to prevent Astarion from breaking up with you after biting Araj Oblodra in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • I hope you’re alright.
  • You can still throw your body at me, at any time.
  • How do you want me to see you?
  • I care about you.
  • Open your mind so he sees you care.
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