How To Find Your Belongings In Baldur’s Gate 3

Find Your Belongings in Baldur's Gate 3 is a side quest in which Tiefling children loot you and you have to get your belongings back.

Find Your Belongings in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a side quest in which Tiefling children loot you. There are different ways you can complete this side quest, and although this side quest looks like you only have to find your belongings, the path you choose can be anyone.

In the end, you will learn a sign which will warn the Tiefling children not to mess with you and nick you. Read on to find out in what ways you can complete this side quest and how to find it in the first place in BG3.

Find Your Belongings quest location in BG3

The Find Your Belongings side quest is located in the northeastern Wilderness. If you are at the sacred pool or have come north to complete the Save Arabella side quest, you can travel west until you find two children near a ladder.

You can talk to Mattis only. You can find him eastward if you are up north and have recruited Wyll. Talk to the kid, and the quest will begin.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings quest walkthrough

Mattis will ask you to buy a ring when you start the conversation. He claims that this ring is lucky and will change your life. He will then demonstrate its powers by flipping a coin and asking you to choose either heads or tails. No matter what you choose, the coin will show that. You can also pocket it.

You will see a Preception notification on top during all of his stunts. Mattis will signal his friend Silfy to pick up your pocket during his show. Here one of your perceptions will fail, and you will be robbed.


Mattis will show you around his stock of rings. When you enter it, you can buy it from him or just exit the shop and leave the conversation. At this point, you will realize that your pocket has gotten lighter and you have been picked. The Find Your Belongings quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 starts here.

Follow the boy jumping down the cliff

After you have been robbed, you will find the second boy standing beside Mattis. He will run towards the ladder and go down it. Near the beach area, he will run towards a cave entrance. You will be tasked to follow him to the entrance.

At the cave opening, you will find that it is small and you can’t squeeze through. You could squeeze through and move through the cave if you were a Halfling. You would need to find the other entrance and climb out.

This will open that entrance which is big enough to let you through. This will bypass the rest of the confrontation, and you can go straight and Talk to Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

If you can’t squeeze through, you must climb back up and talk to Mattis. He will tell you to speak with Mol, who is his boss. During the conversation, you must pass a Perception check through which you will catch Mattis signaling Silfy to rob you again.

When you have caught her, you can select the first dialogue. To this, Silfy will apologize and tell you that the package is with Mol in the Hideout. This will come up later when you talk to Mol. To get to her in the Find Your Belongings quest in BG3, you must speak to Doni, who is near the crates to the west of him.

Talk to Doni

Before talking to Doni, apply the Guidance spell on yourself, increasing the number rolled during the checks. Now talk to Doni, who speaks in Grunts. Instead, he will not say a single word and stare at something behind you.

When you turn around to look, you will find that the boy has retreated into the cave through the hatch. Here you will have an intelligence check with a target of 12. If you pass this check, you will discover a hatch in the wall of the cliff.

Now you will need to take a long rest. This will make Doni return to this place in Baldur’s Gate 3. Before talking to him, apply the Guidance again to maximize your chances of success in the checks.

Go and talk to Doni after a long rest

A Wisdom Check will initiate when you interact with him and ask him where he went. If your character has more wisdom, you will receive 2 points, and with guidance, you will get 2 points. After the check, he will point to the hatch in the back.

Next, choose the persuasion option, which asks whether it is a door, gate, or something. The persuasion will have a Charisma check, and you will also benefit from the guidance spell. Now he will open the hatch and show you which you can use to get in and Talk with Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

If you have failed any checks here, you cannot talk to Doni; he will not be available. Luckily, you can go to another place that will grant you access to the hideout.

Save Mitron from the Harpies

If you fail any check with Doni, you must complete a quest. Before you start this quest, you must gear up accordingly because you will be fighting some harpies. Now move along the path in front of the hideout. As you progress, you will come near a beach and listen to a boy singing.

You will see that singing boy under the Harpies’ influence near the shore. You will need to free him from their spell by killing them.

When the battle is over, the boy will be thankful to you and tell you to tell Doni that you want to see the Dragon’s lair. When you talk to Doni about the dragon lair in the Find Your Belongings quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, he will open the hatch, and you can go in.

Talk to Mol

When you are in the hideout, you will need to look for the leader of the tieflings, Mol. When you talk to her, you will get many options. Pick the third option, which is about the items that have been stolen.

If you forgave Silfy during the second confrontation with Mattis, she will hand you that package without asking for any fee and only tell you that Silfy might have brought it by mistake. If you haven’t caught Silfy, she will ask for a small fee in exchange for finding the stolen items.

You can either give 40 gold coins, and you will get the items. You can also pick the Intimidation or Persuasion options to trigger a check in Baldur’s Gate 3. The check will have a higher number, and passing this check is tricky, so give her the gold, and she will give you that stolen package.

After giving you the package, Mol will teach you a hand sign warning the tieflings not to steal from you again. This will also trigger intelligence with a small number. You can show it to Mattis and the others when you have learned it. Your package from Mol should be opened to get all the stolen contents.

During your conversation, you can discuss an idol and get another side quest from her: you must steal an idol and bring it back to Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Finally, in the hideout, look for Mikron and talk to him after you have saved him on the beachside. He will reward you with a Story he wrote about you.

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