How To Find Your Belongings In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Play stupid games to win stupid prizes. Or in this case lose precious belongings in Baldur's Gate 3.

Find Your Belongings is a side quest in the very early sections of Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you have come here seeking help, the Tiefling children have conned you already. 

This quest has many bugs, so we will cover it from all angles. Before starting this quest, we recommend that you find and recruit Gale. He is a wizard who can learn the Enlarge/Reduce spell from a scroll.

How to start the Find Your Belongings quest

Find Your Belongings quest starts when you talk to a Tiefling child merchant, Mattis, in the hollow region of Druid Grove. He is standing before Emerald Grove’s gate, where the Druids are stopping people. You can find him by going right from where you found Wyll teaching children.

Once you talk to Mattis, he will start playing strange tricks with a coin. You can either play along or stop him. At this point, your character will perform a perception check. If you fail, another Tiefling child will run away with your belongings, starting the quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Find Your Belongings quest walkthrough

The thief kid will use a ladder to climb down behind Mattis’ shop and disappear into a rock. When you go near the rock, another perception check will occur. It is a Rocky Crevice that you can pass with a smaller character.

If you have a Gnome or Halfling character in your party, they can go through it. If not, you can cast the Reduce spell on your character and go inside. Once inside, talk to the leader of the Tiefling children. She is a girl named Mol. 

You can pay her 40 gold or intimidate her (DC10) into returning your belongings. Either way, you will get your belongings back, and Mol will offer to teach you a gesture. This gesture will stop Tiefling Children from troubling you ever again.


Open the Pickpocket’s Bag in your inventory to retrieve your lost items.

If you can’t pass through the Rocky crevice to enter the Tiefling hideout, turn right from Mattis’ shop to reach the beach. You can also access it from the Emerald Grove by taking the first left. Here, you will notice a mesmerized Tiefling child, Mirkon.

Harpies have ensnared him, and he is moving to his doom. Kill all the harpies to save Mirkon and complete Investigate the Beach quest. Mirkon will give you the password to Dragon’s Lair. Return to Mattis’s shop and talk to a kid standing before Ox Barn.

This kid is named Doni. Upon learning the password, he will reveal the secret hatch. Enter the hatch to find Mol and your belongings in Baldur’s Gate 3.

There is one more way to complete this quest. Talk to Doni first and then take a long rest. We have mentioned it in the last as we are uncomfortable with taking long rests for quests that can be progressed otherwise. Talk to Doni again and ask him where he disappeared.

Pass a couple of skill checks, and Doni will reveal the location of the hatch to you. If you fail, try bribing Doni, as this works, too.

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