Baldur’s Gate 3: Find Mol Quest Guide

The mischievous Tiefling kid is gone missing in Baldur's Gate 3 and his subordinates what you find her. Will you join them once more or leave Mol on her own?

Find Mol is a side quest you can acquire during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Mol is a Tiefling child you will meet in Druid Grove during Act 1 for the first time. She will want you to Steal the Druid’s Sacred idol to punish the oppressors.

If you save the Druid Grove and all the Tieflings inside it, they will move to the Last Light Inn in the Shadow Cursed Lands. Mol will be among them. Soon, Fist Marcus will attack the inn to hurt Isobel. One of his shadow minions will kidnap Mol and take her to Moonrise Towers.

Once you save the inn from the attack, talk to the remaining Tiefling children. This will start the Find Mol quest.

Find Mol Quest Walkthrough

As you infiltrate the Moonrise Towers to kill Ketheric Thorm and Lift the Shadow Curse, you will notice Mol is nowhere to be found. She is not inside the Mind Flayer colony either. You won’t be able to find her in Act 2 at all. She is inside the Guildhall at (X: -10, Y: 750).

Once you reach the Lower City during Act 3, travel East to find the local newspaper, Baldur’s Mouth. If you free the pixie during Act 2, you can complete the Stop the Presses quest here. Now, go Southeast to find a road going downwards. Follow it until you reach an alley with a gang.

The gang will be hostile towards you. You can either intimidate or kill them. Enter the house (X: 62, Y: -99) they were standing before and collect the Guild ring. Cross the road and use the ring in the slot across the road to enter the Lower City Sewers. You will see Mol (X: -11, Y: 751) standing right before you (northeast).


You can also enter the Lower City sewers through a manhole near the Glitter Gala Shop (Southeast of Baldur’s Gate waypoint). Find the room with Noxious Fumes and clear them by pressing the lever. Use the gap above the lever to reach the Guildhall.

Talk to Mol to listen to her story. This will complete the Find Mol quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can purchase a few items from her, and she will also join you during the Gather Your Allies quest.

You can always return “Mol’s Contract” to her by stealing it from the House of Hope. However, this will make her angry, and she will refuse to join you later.

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