Baldur’s Gate 3 Investigate The Beach Walkthrough

To protect Mirkon in Baldur's Gate 3 you need to set out on a quest called Investigate the Beach.

There is always some exciting event in every side quest of BG3. One of the side quests is to Investigate the Beach in Baldur’s Gate 3, which will be available in Act 1. The quest’s goal is to protect Mirkon, a Tiefling Child, from the enemies in the Druid Groove.

As simple as it sounds, the quest will be very challenging, and you might struggle a lot if you have no idea how to complete it. Follow our guide and help yourselves to complete the Investigate the Beach quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start the Investigate the Beach quest in BG3

Unlike most BG3 quests that NPCs give, Investigate the Beach will be given to you automatically.
Getting the “Investigate the Beach” quest is very simple. You must travel to the Secluded Cove beach in Druid’s Grove, northeast of Mainland Wilderness.

The quest will automatically start once you head to the beach. Here are the following objectives you have to complete in Investigate the Beach quest in BG3:

Investigate the music

Before you start, you must prepare yourself because you will have combat shortly. Once you enter the beach region, you will hear a beautiful, melodious song. You have to know the source of the song. Searching the beach’s eastern side in Baldur’s Gate 3 would be best.

Speak with the Entranced Child

At the eastern side of the beach, you need to head down towards the beach cliffs at (X: 332, Y: 547) coordinates to meet a Tiefling Child named Mirkon. Upon confronting him, you will realize he is hypnotized and lured into a song.


Save Mirkon from Harpies

Mirkon will try to get closer to the musical source, and at the same time, four harpies will appear in the scene. It turns out that one of the four Harpies was singing that song to lure Mirkon towards them.
You will now have to fight the Harpies.

The troubling part of this fight is that Mirkon will still listen to the song of the harpies and will get closer to them in Baldur’s Gate 3. To prevent Mirkon from being hunted by them, you have to target the singing Harpie and get rid of it as soon as possible.

The best way to defeat them early is to position your party on the high ground by taking advantage of the cliffs. As you might know, High Ground in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be quite beneficial. One of your members should stay close to Mirkon to protect him. You should use ranged weapons to fight harpies because they can fly, so that melee attacks will be ineffective.

Find Doni in Baldur’s Gate 3

After you clear the Harpies from the scene, speak to Mirkon. Mirkon will thank you for saving him, and he will refer you to an NPC named Doni and tell you to ask about the Dragon’s Liar.

Luckily, finding Doni is not tricky. Just head along the road towards the western side of the Beach. You will find him near a crossroad at The Hollow. Upon speaking to him, he will hatch a Dragon’s Liar egg for you. Get inside and talk to Talk to Mol.

After the conversation with Mol, she will ask for your help. This will end the quest: Investigate the Beach in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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