What Is The Enemy Of Justice Condition In Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Enemy of Justice condition is Larian's way of preventing your murder hobo tendencies from taking over in Baldur's Gate 3.

In BG3, every action carries a consequence. These consequences may come in various ways, including permanent debuffs. If you give into your murder-hobo tendencies and kill many people, including guards, you will be inflicted with the Enemy of Justice condition in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This puts you on the hit list of every guard and law keeper you come across, as the name implies. They will immediately be hostile to you, and you will not have a good time. Therefore it is important to know what the Enemy of Justice condition does in detail and how to remove it in BG3.

Enemy of Justice Condition Explained in BG3

This condition is implemented on you when you start your villain arc. This means going on various rampages and killing sprees. If this debuff is implied on you, the allied guards will leave no stone unturned in eliminating you. You will be considered an enemy of the state and ordered to kill on sight. 

This debuff doesn’t come by easily if you’re playing your normal game. However, if you make quite a repute of yourself, so much so that people start chattering about it and the allied guards hear of it, you are dead. The guards will start hunting you and ensure you are put behind bars or removed permanently. 

In most cases, we have seen that the Enemy of Justice condition is applied when a witness talks to the guards about the murders you have committed in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Remove the Enemy of Justice Condition

As mentioned before, this debuff is permanent. But if it isn’t implied, you can still make up for it with enough time. You must find and kill the witness before she talks to the guards—no loose ends.


If the debuff has been applied, you can try to reload your game from a manual save before the debuff was implemented. That trick should work, although it can cost you your progress, depending on how often you manually save. 

How to fix the Enemy of Justice Bug

There is a known bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 when the condition is applied automatically without you doing any unlawful activity. As of now, Larian Games has not fixed the bug. But some helpful tips can help you until this issue is resolved.  

One of the main indicators of this bug is that one of your party members will receive this condition. This happens after clearing the Goblin Camp and killing Priestess Gut or Minthara. You have to kill either of them to unlock Act 2. Because it conflicts with the refugee quest in the main storyline.

The witness will be someone inside the Goblin Camp. The first thing you can do is kill every goblin inside and leave no one standing. This way, you can guarantee there are no witnesses. The second approach involves you nearing completing Act 1, and getting ready to explore the Underdark.

In this case, you might as well continue with the condition. Once Act 2 is unlocked, this debuff will be removed. So, bear just a tad bit longer. If the gameplay suffers a lot due to this condition, one more thing you can do is go back to a manual save. You can try to kill Priestess Gut in the main chamber.

Sometimes, this bug can be triggered when you kill the Priestess in her sleeping chamber instead of the main chamber. 

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