How To Return The Locket In Baldur’s Gate 3

Return the Locket quest in Baldur's Gate 3 requires you to find the true owner of the Locket from Meli and Barth.

In BG3, you will find many quests. Some are straightforward, while others are tricky and demand more work. However, the Return the Locket quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 has something completely different going on in the back.

On the surface, you must resolve a dispute between a man and a thiefling child. The man, Barth, accuses the boy of stealing his locket. But the reality of the ownership is not as plain as it looks. Read on to find out whose locket it is in BG3 and what each dialogue option does.

Where to find the Stolen Locket in BG3

The side quest about the stolen locket does not start conventionally as many others do. You don’t need to talk to anybody to start the quest.

You will find a wooden platform in the Hollow and out of the Secluded Chamber transition point in Baldur’s Gate 3. There will be a child standing on the platform looking into some boxes. He will then start to run away while taking something from the pack.

A man will also chase him in the back. You can then go after them, and after climbing the stairs, both will start to talk.

Return the Stolen Locket

When you start with the conversation, Meli says he does not have the locket. To this, Barth will threaten to hit him. In reality, the locket is actually with Meli. Now, you can either let Meli keep the locket, or you can return the locket to Barth in Baldur’s Gate 3 while making a few coins out of this process.


Let Meli keep the Locket

If you want the locket to be with the kid, you can either side with Meli by stopping Barth and then persuade or intimidate him. This will cause Barth to get angry at you and leave. Meli will also go.

You can also stand and say nothing in the first dialogue option. After Barth hits Meli, a guard will show up, and you can then tell him that Meli is a thief who stole the locket in BG3 and avoids persuasion afterward. This will trigger the guard to let Meli go while hitting Barth and teach him a lesson.

Finally, you can side with Barth and tell Meli to do as Barth says. Roll and pass a persuasion or intimidation check like before, and Meli will confess his crimes. He will say that this locket reminds him of his mother’s.

Barth will then let Meli have the locket in Baldur’s Gate 3, and you can later talk to him. He will say that he is happy that the locket is with him.

Get the locket and give it back to Barth

Now, you can also get the locket from Meli and give it to Barth for a quick buck. This is, however, not possible through dialogue. You must pickpocket it from Meli before the dialogue or go into the Tiefling Hideout and steal it from the Thieves Stash.

To pickpocket Meli, you will need to become invisible and use sneak. You will also need Astarion for this job to maximize your chance of success. When you have the locket with you, start the dialogue. You can either side with Meli or do nothing and accuse him like before.

After the dialogue, you can go and talk to Barth and offer the locket to him while asking for a bit more money in BG3. If you have Astarion equipped, he can use the Rogue persuasion to demand even more money for the locket.

If you don’t want to or can’t pickpocket, you can let the dialogue play along and let Meli run away using the dialogue option like in the first and second methods. You can leave it here until you reach the Thiefling hideout in the quest to find your belongings in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After talking to Mol, you can go and search for the amulet in the Thieves’ chest in the back and steal it. The location of the chest is shown in the image above,

If you have chosen a Halfling or gnome race and have a small height, you can use the secret entrance and steal the locket from the Thieves’ chest. Now, go back and talk to Barth and hand the locket over. If you read his mind, you will find out that his mother had already stolen this locket in BG3 from someone. Later, she handed it to him, but you can do nothing now.

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