Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Mysterious Eighth Quest Walkthrough

Uncover the truth of the Mysterious Eighth Gerudo warrior.

The Mysterious Eighth is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that can only be completed by finishing some other quests in the Gerudo Region. You need to find seven unique orbs to find the mysterious eighth orb that will take you a lot closer to the true history of Gerudo Heroines.

In this guide, we will help you complete The Mysterious Eighth Side Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We have a detailed step-by-step guide for this purpose, and all the guides are linked. You must complete them to progress in this quest.

Talk to Rotana in Gerudo Shelter

The Mysterious Eighth side quest can be started only after completing The Heroines’ Secret side quest inside Gerudo Shelter.

Once again, return to Gerudo Town (by fast traveling to the Soryotanog Shrine) and enter Gerudo Shelter.

From the entrance, turn left and pass the door near the Goddess Statue. Turn left once more, and you will see Rotana standing in a hall at the following coordinates (-3828, -2971, 0029).

Talk to Rotana; she will tell you to find seven mysterious orbs to solve the mystery of the eighth heroine.

The Mysterious Eighth Orb Locations

To complete The Mysterious Eighth side quest, you must find seven unique orbs. Five of them are readily available inside Gerudo Town and Gerudo Shelter. However, the remaining two can only be obtained after completing two side quests.

The first side quest, Dalia’s Game, is available inside Gerudo Town. You must travel to the Kara Kara Bazaar in the Northeast to complete the Lost in the Dunes side quest and get an orb.

Orb # 1

The first orb can be obtained from the location where you first met Rotana during The Heroines’ Secret side quest. She was standing near a Stelae on the entrance wall of the training room (-3883, -2973, 0033).

Pick up the orb and return it to where Rotana is. She will ask you to place it in the statue’s hands. Make sure the symbol on the orb matches the symbol on the statue, and place it on its hands.

The first orb will go to the first statue to the left of the entrance. Rotana will give you one Hydromelon for each orb you find.


You can go to the courtyard and talk to Patricia there to learn about the locations of other orbs. She is at the following coordinates (-3854, -2997, 0043), and you must offer her a Splash Fruit every time to listen to her prophecies. Offering any other item won’t work.

Orb # 2

Once again, to find the second orb, start from the Gerudo Shelter’s entrance. Turn right as soon as you enter the shelter and go through the door.

Immediately turn right again and pass the door with a red person symbol on top. The second orb is present near some pillows on the ground (-3904, -2917, 0030).

Return it to Rotana and place it on the statue right in the middle. You will get another Hydromelon from Rotana.

Orb # 3

To locate the third orb, once again, start from the Gerudo Shelter’s main entrance. Turn right from the entrance and go straight to enter the bunker room.

Climb the stairs to the left and look across to locate the third orb in a bunker above the first bed (-3913, -2930, 0037). Pick up the orb with the Ultrahand and return it to Rotana.

Place the orb on the statue’s hand in the Northeast corner to obtain a Hydromelon as a reward.

Orb # 4

To obtain the fourth Orb, you need to complete Dalia’s Game side quest in the Gerudo Town. You must find a sand-seal plushie for a little girl named Dalia.

You can pick up the fourth orb where you first met her (near Gerudo Town’s entrance door). Its exact coordinates are (-3814, -2874, 0043).

Return this orb to Rotana and place it on the statue in the southwest corner. Rotana will reward you with another Hydromelon for your heroic efforts.

Orb # 5

The fifth mysterious orb is inside Gerudo Town, near the sand-seal rental shop.

From the main entrance of Gerudo Town, turn left to find the sand-seal shop. It is marked as a star on the map. Climb the stairs near it, and you will notice another orb beside some boxes (-3784, -2899, 0046).

Return this orb to Rotana, and she will ask you to place it on a statue. This one goes to the statue to the west, and you will earn another Hydromelon as a reward.

Orb # 6

This orb is a bit difficult to find as you will either need a zonai fan or a Korok Fond for this one. Stand right in front of the Gerudo Shelter’s entrance and go to its left (don’t enter the shelter).

Go until you reach the wall of a building at the end (-3820, -2953, 0045). Climb the wall to reach the top of the house. Keep climbing until you reach a dome-shaped surface (-3802, -2959, 0058).

Take out your zonai fan or Korok Fond and Fuse it into any weapon. Now press the attach button to blow away the dirt mound. This will reveal the sixth orb required to complete The Mysterious Eighth quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Take this orb back to Rotana and place it on the hands of the statue on the right side of the entrance. She will reward you with another Hydromelon.

Orb # 7

The final orb is also the most irritating one to find. To locate this orb, you need to start Riju of Gerudo Town’s main quest and defend Kara Kara Bazaar. Once the dust settles, talk to Benja to start the Lost in the Dunes side quest.


Before going to the Kara Kara Bazaar, rent a Sleigh Seal to transport the orb easily.

Save Ponthos from the caves below, and as a reward, they will give you the final orb. Pick up the orb and attach it to the Sleigh you rented from the sand-seal rental shop.

Return to the Gerudo Town and return the orb to Rotana. This orb will go into the hands of the statue to the east. You will get another Hydromelon as a reward from Rotana.

The quest is not yet complete, though. Upon placing all seven orbs, a hole in the floor will appear, leading to a secret room. Go inside to find a mysterious eighth orb (a massive one) with some instructions on the slab in front of it.

Transport the Eighth Orb

Your next task is to transport the eighth orb to the Gerudo Sanctuary in the North Gerudo Ruins. Luckily, this time, the quest marker is placed on the map.

Pick up the orb and take it all the way to the North Gerudo Ruins (-3790, -24128, 0034). Make sure to equip the Desert Voe armor to survive the scorching heat of the Gerudo Desert.


If you encounter Gibdo enemies, hit them with shock arrows to remove their armor first.

Drop the eighth orb inside the hole marked on the map and drop down yourself. This is Gerudo Sanctuary. Place the orb in the receptacle to open the sanctuary’s door.

Gerudo Sanctuary Walkthrough

Once you are inside the Gerudo Sanctuary, keep going straight until you hit a dead end (-3760, -2492, 0015). Turn on Ultrahand ability to locate some planks on the floor.

Move the planks to find a secret opening on the floor. Drop down and keep going straight until you come across a barred door. Turn left into the tunnel and continue.

As you reach the end of the tunnel, you will reach a room with a collapsing floor. Glide to reach the door with torches on its sides.


If you drop all the way down, you can use the Ascend ability to go back up.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a room with three slabs. Remove the slab on the left (as the middle one contains a Gibdo enemy) to reveal a hidden door.

Go through the door to enter another tunnel. You will encounter an Electric Chuchu and a Gibdo enemy here. Defeat them both and reach the end to find a door blocked by the boulders.

Destroy the boulders with either Bomb Arrows (Bomb Flowers + Arrows) or Rock Hammer. You can also use Yunobo’s Charge ability. The next room has a collapsing bridge.

Run past the bridge to enter another hallway. Keep going straight until you reach the room of the Eighth Heroine’s Statue. Examine the massive slab in front of it and then return to Rotana in Gerudo Town.


Don’t forget to collect a Gerudo Scimitar, Gerudo Shield, Gerudo Bow, Gerudo Spear, Gerudo Claymore, Topaz, Ruby, and a Sapphire from the Eighth Heroine’s Statue room.

Report your findings to Rotana to complete The Mysterious Eighth Side Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Rewards

In addition to the items mentioned above, Rotana will give you a Diamond as a reward. You can also use the Gerudo Scimitar and Gerudo Shield to craft the Daybreaker Shield and Scimitar of the Seven legendary items.

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