The Witcher 3 Blacksmith Locations And Their Levels

Every Blacksmith location in The Witcher 3.

Crafting various weapons is part of an adventure RPG like Witcher 3. Crafting allows players to make weapons that are usually hard to find. Some weapons and armor can only be crafted making Blacksmiths and armorers quite important in The Witcher 3. Luckily, Witcher 3 offers a lot of options to the players when it comes to Blacksmiths. They can be found in all the major cities and towns of the game.

Before we share The Witcher 3 Blacksmith locations with you, let’s quickly have a look at the level system of these weapon makers. The blacksmith’s level determines what items they can craft according to the tier. There are four levels of blacksmiths, and here’s what each tier can handle for crafting:

LevelCan craft upto
AmateurBasic Weapons
JourneymanComplete Witcher gear weapons upto Superior tier.
MasterMastercrafted witcher gear weapons
GrandmasterGrandmaster witcher gear weapons

White Orchard: Nilfgaardian Garrison Blacksmith

white orchard blacksmith location

The very first blacksmith you come across is during the Prologue of Witcher 3. You start in White Orchard, and to find him, you need to locate the Nilfgaardian Garrison. Go downstairs to this building and find a fellow with glasses.

He is referred to as the Quartermaster and is an Amateur Blacksmith. His presence is not useful as, at this point, there is nothing useful to be crafted. You can later visit him after the prologue as he then sells runestones.

Velen Blacksmith Locations

In Velen, you will come across different blacksmiths; however, they are amateur-level.

Blackbough Amateur Blacksmith

blackbough blacksmith

The first blacksmith location is in Blackbough. The level of this blacksmith is Amature. This blacksmith sells an item called Adalbert Kermith’s second map, which is later used in a quest to find Feline armor, gauntlets, trousers, and a steel sword.

Lindenvale Amateur Blacksmith

lindenvale blacksmith

The second amateur blacksmith can be found in Lindenvale. Apart from crafting, he sells scavenger hunt maps for different School gear. Complete the Bald Mountain quest, and only then he would be available.

Oreton Amateur Blacksmith

oreton blacksmith

Another amateur blacksmith can be found in Oreton. He sells some crossbows and blunt crossbow bolts.

Bald Mountain Amateur Blacksmith

bald mountain blacksmith

The last blacksmith in Velen is found in the little village near the Bald Mountain. You can only find him during the Bald Mountain quest as he later goes away and cannot be found before the said quest.

Novigrad Blacksmith Locations

In Novigrad, you will be able to find amateur, journeyman and Master level Blacksmiths.

Fish Market Journeyman Blacksmith

fishmarket blacksmith

A journeyman-level blacksmith can be found in the Fish Market houses. He is in an alcove on the Novigrad’s northern side of the market.

Oxenfurt Journeyman Blacksmith

oxenfurt blacksmith

Another journeyman blacksmith is found in Oxenfurt. Look at the eastern side of Oxenfrut and you’ll find him.

Silverton Amateur Blacksmith

silverton blacksmith

Another blacksmith is present in Silverton at amateur level. You can play Gwert with him if you want.

Glory Lane Master Blacksmith (Of Swords and Dumplings)

glory lane blacksmith

After completing the Of Swords and Dumplings quest, a new blacksmith would be made available in the south part of Glory Lane District of Novigrad. He is an elven blacksmith named Éibhear Hattori of Master level and sells a few maps and other basic items.

Upper Mill Master Blacksmith (Heart of Stone Expansion)

upper mill blacksmith

Runewright is a Heat of Stone DLC exclusive who is found in a camp at Upper Mill. He is set as a shopkeeper but can craft weapons as a blacksmith. He is a Master level blacksmith, making him quite useful, but he can only be used when fully unlocked.

Skellige Blacksmith Locations

Then, you’ll encounter Blacksmiths in Harviken, Larvik, Fayrlund, Svorlag, Urialla Harbor, and Fyresdal.

Amateur Blacksmiths Locations

  1. Arinbjorn
  1. Fayrlund
  1. Harviken
  1. Larvik
  1. Svorlag
  1. Urialla Harbor
urialla harbor
  1. Fyresdal

Kaer Muire Journeyman Blacksmith

kaer muire blacksmith

The journeyman-level blacksmith named Smith is located on the southern side of the Kaer Muire. His inventory consists of generic Skellige blacksmith items and some 13+ level runestones.

Kaer Trolde Citadel Journeyman Blacksmith

kaer trolde blacksmith

Another journeyman-level blacksmith is Yanne who is found towards the northern side of Kaer Trolde citadel. He sells the Skellige Armor set, which is a useful item to have.

Kaer Morhen: Zolton Chivay

kaer morhan blacksmith

Zolton Chivay is a friend of Geralt’s who later becomes an amateur blacksmith in the area of Kaer Morhen.

Toussaint Blacksmith Locations

You can find at least 6 blacksmiths in the Toussaint region in The Witcher 3. Their locations are as follows:

Belgaard Vineyard Master Blacksmith

Belgaard Vineyard blacksmith

If you rescue the merchants and blacksmiths from the bandits stationed at the eastern side of Termes Palace Ruins, only then you’ll be able to find this blacksmith in the Belgaard Vineyard. He is a master-level blacksmith, so it’s beneficial to free him.

Arthach Palace Ruins Blacksmith

arthach palace blacksmith

Go north from the Arthach Palace Ruins to find this blacksmith. After clearing the Hanse Base, go back to the ruins, and you’ll find The Blacksmith at the Arthach Palace Ruins on top of the tower. He is a journeyman-level crafter. 

Tourney Grounds Journeyman Blacksmith

tourney ground blacksmith

Find the second journeyman blacksmith in the Tourney grounds. You can play Gwent with him if you want.

Ardaiso Quarry Journeyman Blacksmith

ardaiso quarry blacksmith

Another journeyman blacksmith can be found at the Ardaiso Quarry. He sells all stats and mining craft items.

Lazare Lafargue: Hauteville Grandmaster Blacksmith (Master Master Master Master!)

Lazare Lafargue grandmaster blacksmith

Lazare Lafargue is a grandmaster-level blacksmith as well as an armorer. He is only available after completing the Master Master Master Master! Quest in Witcher 3.

Trentin: Hauteville Master Blacksmith

trentin blacksmith master level

Lastly, there is a master-level blacksmith found in central Hauteville, Beauclair. He rarely plays Gwent as he likes to keep it a secret. If you want to play with him, you can do so in Till Death Do You Part sidequest.

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