How To Defeat The Golem In The Witcher 3  

Prepare properly to deal with any golem you encounter in The Witcher 3.

Golems are one of the many enemies that Geralt will encounter in the world of The Witcher 3. These senseless creatures are nothing but mindless matter brought to life through a spell. Once created, Golems obey their creator’s orders and utilize their boundless strength, endless patience, and ability to withstand massive pain to fight against powerful foes.

Players only get to fight a Golem as part of Wandering in the Dark quest in The Witcher 3 and there are no other instances where a golem appears. Nevertheless, defeating this monstrosity can be quite challenging in the quest so allow us to help out.

Golem attack patterns

The Golem has four different attack styles, all of which can deal a significant amount of damage to the players. This monster will begin its first attack by punching your left and right two times consecutively. You cannot dodge this attack, so the best course is to avoid it by getting out of the way.


Golems don’t use any weapon as their fists are really strong and even crush solid objects with one hit. So rolling out of the fist’s way is the best option you have in The Witcher 3. 

It is preferable to dodge its attack and get behind the Golem since it will provide Geralt with the perfect opportunity to land an attack. Moreover, the creature’s back side can also be considered as the gargoyle’s weakness in The Witcher 3, so you should target it frequently during your fight to defeat the Golem. 

The next attack the Golem uses is a variation of the first attack. It’ll charge forward while landing punches left and right. Like the previous attack, this one cannot be countered either, so all you can do is dodge the incoming blows until he stops attacking.

While charging, sometimes the Golem will run into a wall, which will stun him. This will give Geralt the opportunity to land multiple fast/strong attacks on him and will help significantly in bringing down the Golem’s health.

Once you manage to bring down the Golem’s health under 5 percent this creature will utilize another attack in the form of a shockwave ability. The Golem will initiate this particular attack while crouching so you need to definitely watch out for this powerful attack. Dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit; otherwise, this attack will knock you down and deal a tremendous amount of damage through the shockwave.

However, if you manage to dodge this attack, it’ll give players a few seconds to land two or three attacks before it gets ready to attack again. The last attack the Golem uses is a jumping attack, often paired with the shockwave attack in The Witcher 3. This attack is quite simple, as the Golem will only jump up and stomp on the ground. 

These are the only attacks that Golem uses, with the occasional pairing of the last two attacks.

How to kill the Golem in The Witcher 3

The Golem is weak against acid attacks. Being an Elementa type of monster, it is best to cover your blade with any version of Elementa oil before fighting a golem. This will allow you to deal significant damage to the golem. A Dimeritium bomb can also be quite useful, but those are difficult to come by and are expensive to craft.

As discussed above, the Golem utilizes multiple close-range attacks to damage players heavily. Its shockwave attack is quite powerful, and if players are unable to dodge or roll out of the way, the shockwave will drain a significant amount of Geralt’s health, subsequently knocking him down.

The other attack it utilizes to drain a significant portion of Geralt’s health is through its charge attack. It’ll charge towards Geralt, and if you’re unlucky and are unable to dodge on time, then players will soak a significant amount of damage through this attack.


The magical signs you can make use of to your advantage are Aard and Yrden, both of which can be used to slow him down and push him back. Pairing up the thunderbolt potion with both of these magical signs is a good option since your attacks will be able to deal an increased amount of damage to the Golem.

Apart from that, you’ll often notice the Golem completely blocking all of your attacks by bracing himself for a small amount of time. While the Golem is utilizing this tactic, not only will all of the damage Geralt inflicts upon him be insignificant to it, but it will also end up mirroring some of the player’s damage back to them.

Players must wait for an opening in its attacks to beat the Golem. The biggest opening you’ll receive is after its charge attack. However, if you’re careful and swift enough, there’s a window after each of his attacks. You can use that small window to land an attack. 

Once you defeat the Golem in The Witcher 3 this creature will drop either one of the following loot items which will include a Golem heart or Infused Dust. Overall, the Golem is a formidable opponent to face since it can effectively clear out the battlefield with 2-4 successful attacks.

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