The Witcher 3 Crafting Diagrams Locations

Crafting plays a big part in The Witcher 3 as you constantly need to improve your weapons, armor and equipment in order to keep up with the challenging world. In order to craft improved versions of equipment in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, you need crafting diagrams.

While Geralt starts with a few basic crafting diagrams already learned, there are a huge number of crafting diagrams that much be found or bought from merchants in TW3. In this guide, we will present you with the locations of all the crafting diagrams in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 crafting diagrams locations

Crafting diagrams are essentially divided into four categories in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The places where you can buy these specific category diagrams will differ so you need to know all the possible merchants that sell these diagrams.

Weapon crafting diagrams

These weapon crafting diagrams can be found as loot or bought from blacksmiths around the world of TW3. In order to craft some of the best swords in TW3 for Geralt, higher damaging crossbows and special bolts, you need these weapon crafting diagrams.

Armor crafting diagrams

Similar to weapon crafting diagrams, armor diagrams are also an essential necessity. Without good quality armor, you won’t survive for long. The bulk of the armor crafting diagrams are found as various scavenger hunts throughout the game.

These armor crafting diagrams are usually in the form of Witcher school gear or grandmaster gear sets. These represent some of the best armor sets in TW3 and crafting them should be your priority.

Runestone crafting diagrams

Runestones are basically gems that can improve the effectiveness of your steel and silver swords in TW3 Wild Hunt. While you can craft basic runestones from the start, in order to craft higher quality runestones, you need their crafting diagrams.

Runestone crafting diagrams are usually just bought from vendors although a few of them are also available as random loot.

Glyph crafting diagrams

A bit like runestones, glyphs are supplementary upgrades. While runestones upgrade swords, glyphs improve your Sign intensity. Geralt knows basic glyph crafting from the start but you need glyph crafting diagrams in order to improve your sign intensity in TW3.

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