The Witcher 2 Monsters And How To Defeat Them

Here is a list of all the monsters in The Witcher 2 and complete details about finding and defeating them.

The Witcher 2 comprises 3 chapters, and this means that you will be facing a lot of monsters. As you progress further into the game, the monsters will become deadlier. You will need to come prepared in order to defeat them.

Once you are successful in killing the monsters, you can loot their body to earn money. In this guide, I will be discussing all the monsters that you will face in each chapter. You can read on to learn about their locations and loot in this guide.

How to Defeat Monsters in The Witcher 2

There are a ton of monsters that you will be encountering at each turn of the game. It is essential that before you engage any of these, you need to learn their abilities. This way, you can analyze their attacking pattern and come up with an efficient strategy to slay them. You can either face the monsters physically or use the smart move and purchase books to learn the monster’s weaknesses.

There are a total of 16 Monsters that you will be facing at various locations during your playthrough.

Golem- Elementals (Fire, Earth)2,3


These are common monsters that you will be facing in the first two chapters of The Witcher 2. Drowners can be found at multiple spots, including areas such as Old Mill area, Vizima Sewers, Swamp, Swamp Cemetery, etc.

These Necrophage amphibian monsters attack in large groups and are immune to bleeding and poison. However, they are susceptible to silver, which means that you can use your silver swords to make quick work of Drowners. Eliminate each of these monsters using fighting styles such as Fast style.


Nekkers can be found in caves or forests and have traits similar to humans. You will find these specific monsters in different locations, such as Velen, Skellige, Kaer Morhen Valley, White Orchard, and Toussaint. Moreover, you can also pursue the Nekker contract to hunt down these monsters.

These common Ogroid monsters have glowing eyes, which make them adept at fighting their prey in the dark. Nekkers attack their target in packs and are quick to evade attacks by burrowing underground. However, these devilish monsters are susceptible to bombs (Northern Wind). You should remember to lace your sword with Ogroid Oil, as it is also effective in killing Nekkers.

Once you are able to slay the Nekker, these monsters will end up dropping some loot. The loot will include Lesser blue mutagen, Lesser green mutagen, Lesser red mutagen, Monster bone, Monster Brain, Monster Liver, Monster Saliva, Monster Tongue, Monster Tooth, Nekker Blood, Nekker Claw, Nekker Eyes and Nekker Heart in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


Rotfiends are classed as Necrophage monsters, which means that these mutated zombies feast on the human dead. There are two variations of these monsters, which include the basic Rotfiends and the Greater Rotfiends, which are bigger.

You will find Rotfiends mostly at Battlefields, Plague-stricken areas, or the Vergen Mines. You can also complete the Rotfiend Contract to kill these monsters. Moreover, Rotfiends are also immune to poison and bleeding attacks, so you should lace your swords with Necrophage Oil to inflict massive damage on these monsters.

However, keep in mind that once you are about to eliminate the Rotfiends, these creatures end up exploding. Lastly, you will salvage the following loot by eliminating the Rotfiends in the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This will include Necrophage blood, Necrophage eyes, Necrophage skin, Necrophage teeth, Rotfiend tongue, Diamond dust, and lastly, the Rotfiend trophy.


You will come across some ghoulish monsters called Wraiths in the first and second chapters. This monster is classed as Specter. Wraiths are found at locations such as Vizima cemetery, Old Manor Catacombs, Druid’s Circle, and the Swamp Cave.

Unlike most monsters that you will fight, Wraiths are immune to a lot of effects, including bleeding, poison, etc. This makes it harder to kill these creatures, but if you have laced your silver sword with Specter Oil, then you will be able to kill Wraiths.

Furthermore, you will gain the following loot by killing Wraiths. This will include Essence of death, Amethyst Dust, Diamond Dust, and the Wraith Trophy.


Endregas are giant tarantula spiders who primarily reside inside forest areas in The Witcher 2. These are troublesome monsters who can be a pain to deal with since your head-on attacks have zero effect. In terms of Endrega species, you will find them classified as Insectoids. These will include the base Endrega, Endrega warrior, Endrega guard, and the Endrega Queen.

You can hunt this specific monster by following the Endrega Contract from the notice board. Endregas charge at you with their vicious lunge attacks, so make sure to dodge them and target their side areas. Moreover, you should lace your silver sword with Insectoid Oil as it is more effective in killing these creatures.

Once you are able to kill the Endrega, these monsters will drop the Endrega embryo, Endrega Hide, Endrega Jaw, Endrega saliva, Endrega teeth, Endrega venom, and the Endrega Trophy.


Arachas are somewhat similar monsters to the Endrega and also belong to the Insectoid class in The Witcher 2. You will come across these creatures during different associated quests such as Melitele’s Heart, The Assassins of Kings, The Path to Vision, and For a Higher Cause!

Arachas deliver powerful lunge attacks, but they are slow in dealing with these attacks. You can target their lower body portion to deliver those powerful sword strikes. Make sure to use Arachnid Oil or Insectoid Oil, as these are pretty effective in turning the tide of these monster fights.

After you kill Arachas, this monster will end up dropping the following loot for you. This will include Arachas armor, Arachas eyes, Amethyst dust, Diamond dust, and the Arachas Trophy.


If you are looking for a value-to-money monster, then hunting Harpies is the best thing in The Witcher 2. This monster should be among your top priorities if you are looking to make money fast.

However, these monsters are not easy prey, and you will need to be above level 22 to take them on. Moreover, you will also come across Harpy nests in some areas that will contain other types of these monsters, such as the Harpy Queen, Celaeno Harpy, etc.

You will discover Harpy in areas such as near the Visionary’s house, Forest Ravines, Old Quarry, etc. Once you encounter this monster near cliffs, you can use Igni signs to inflict some fiery damage onto them. However, you need to watch out for their ariel attacks and don’t give them time to retreat.

Focus your strong attacks on the harpies, and you will be able to slay them in The Witcher 2. After taking down a Harpy, you will be able to loot the body.


You will encounter Trolls near areas such as bridges and ravines while completing quests like Troll Trouble and Melitele’s Heart. Their body is made of rock, and due to their large appearance, you will not be able to knock them down.

Moreover, these monsters are immune to effects such as bleeding and knockdown. However, you can use poison to take down Trolls, as it is highly effective against these monsters.

Trolls are slow and clumsy and will throw rocks at you during your fights. Dodge their attacks and then hit them back with some sword strikes in The Witcher 2. Keep in mind that not all trolls are hostile; you can also reason with these monsters while following Lorveth’s path.

Defeating the Troll will earn you the following loot items. These will include Troll tongue, Troll skin, Cloth, Leather, Twine, Troll trophy, and a small amount of Orens.


Bruxa is one of those monsters that can charm you quite easily with their unique female appearance. You will get to face shapeshifting vampires at locations such as the Bandit hideout, etc.

If you follow Lorveth’s path, then you are bound to come across the Bruxa in the events of the sidequest, The Secrets of Loc Muinne. On the other hand, if you follow Roche’s path, you will encounter the monster Bruxa early on in the second chapter of the side quest called The Little Sisters in The Witcher 2.

Bruxa are basically high vampires that prey on humans and hunt in packs. Moreover, Bruxa uses a screeching ability to knock you down before they attack you. These particular monsters are also immune to the effects of poisoning and bleeding. You will need to use your silver sword to inflict damage on them.

In terms of loot, the Bruxa will drop the following items. This will include the Bruxa teeth, Essence of death, Diamond dust, and Amethyst dust.


You might have come across a giant monstrosity while visiting the caves and caverns in Witcher 2, which some Rotfiends will accompany. It will happen to be the Bullvore and can be identified by its large horns and spiked body. This monster is immune to the effects of Poison and Bleeding and will give you a tough time.

In order to beat the Bullvore, you will need to coat your sword with the Necrophage Oil. This way, you will be able to bring down this monster’s health, but you need to watch out for its projectile attacks. As it turns out, the Bullvore tends to spit acid and also perform a deadly lunge attack. Both of these attacks can be avoided by timing your evasion strategy correctly.

Once you are successful in defeating the Bullvore, this creature will drop the following loot for you to collect in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. You will get a Bullvore Brain, Necrophage blood, Necrophage teeth, Necrophage eyes, Necrophage skin, Cloth, Twine, Dwarven armor fragment, and the Bullvore Trophy.


During your playthrough, you will be facing a lot of monsters, but the Draugir will take the cake as being the worst demon of war. This monster will be covered in armor from head to toe and belongs to the Specter class.

You will get to fight the Draugir at the battlefield sites, and this enemy will only be immune to the bleeding status effect. This monster is covered in heavy armor. You will need to avoid getting hit by its attacks and wait for a proper opening to strike back.

If you want to defeat the monster called Draugir, then you will need to lace coat your silver sword. This will make your sword strike more deadly and effective against this specific monster and will shift the tide of this fight in your favor in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

At the end of the Fight, the monster Draugir will drop the following loot for you to salvage. This will include items such as Draugir Claws, Essence of death, Amethyst Dust, Diamond Dust, Draugir Armor Fragment, Red Meteorite Ore, Yellow Meteorite Ore, Blue Meteorite Ore, and Draugir Trophy.

Golem (Elementals)

There are two types of Golem monsters that you will be facing during the second and third chapters. One of these will happen to be the Fire Elemental (golem), whereas the other one will be the Earth Elemental (golem).

The Fire elemental monster can be encountered in the Northeast Rune Room. You will need to venture to the Loc Muinne area to get to this rune. Once the fight starts with the fire elemental monster, you need to dodge its attack at all times. This monster is immune to status effects such as Poison and bleeding and will use fire attacks on you.

You can attack it from behind and keep up with the evasion strategy in order to not get hit by its massive fire attack. 

On the other hand, the Earth elemental is a relatively more straightforward opponent as it will target you with its heavy arms to deliver massive blows. Use the same dodge-roll strategy on this monster and attack its backside.

Once you defeat both the golems (elemental monsters), you will gain the same rewards in The Witcher 2. These will include Elemental Stone, Amethyst Dust, Diamond Dust, Red Meteorite Ore, Yellow Meteorite Ore,  Blue Meteorite Ore, and Elemental Trophy.


If you follow Roche’s path, you will definitely come across a deformed monster called the Gargoyle. You can also pursue the monster contract to hunt down the Gargoyle by accepting the Gargoyle contract, and you will get to meet it at Loc Muinne.

Gargoyles are susceptible to silver swords, especially Deithwen, so if you have this sword, then dealing with this monster will be a piece of cake for you. However, the Gargoyle has high immunity against status ailments such as poisoning, incineration, bleeding, knockdown, and traps. Apart from that, this specific monster can also use teleportation to change positions to attack you.

You will need to hit it with your strong attacks and dodge-roll the Gargoyle’s incoming attacks. Eventually, you will be able to take down this monster and collect its drops. This will include items such as Gargoyle dust, Gargoyle heart, Amethyst dust, Diamond dust, Elemental Stone, and the Gargoyle Trophy.


The Kayran is going to be your first major boss fight during the first chapter. You will encounter this huge worm beast at Flotsam, and it will be classed as a Gargantuan. The Kayran is immune to Poison, so lacing your weapons with it won’t do you any good in this boss fight.

Moreover, this humongous monster will lunge toward you and try to crush you with its tentacles in The Witcher 2. If you get caught in this attack, you will be struck by poison ailment as the Kayran secretes a deadly sticky mucus with its tentacle attack.

In order to fight the Kayran, you will need to use the Yrden sign to temporarily resist its moment to give you some distance and breathing space. Then, it would be best if you struck this monster with your silver sword to deplete its health.

After defeating the Kayran, some valuable rewards will drop for you to salvage. These will include the essence of water, Kayran’s eyes, Kayran’s tissue, Kayran’s skin, and the Kayran Trophy for beating this monster.


Draug is a huge demonic monster that will make its appearance following the events of a particular quest, The Eternal Battle. This specific monster belongs to the Specter class and is only immune to Pain, which means that you can use bombs and silver sword attacks to kill it.

Keep in mind that the Draug fight will be your second major boss fight in the second chapter. During the battle, Draug will utilize both aggressive melee attacks by swinging his giant sword at you and bull rushing toward you.

Apart from that, he will also hail some projectile attacks on you, including an arrow and a meteorite shower. You need to maintain your distance and hit him continuously with the bombs, and you will be able to defeat Draug.

Once Draug is defeated, he will drop the following loot items in Witcher 2. This way, you will be able to acquire items like Draug essence, Essence of death, Amethyst dust, Diamond dust, Draug Armor Fragment, Red Meteorite Ore, Yellow Meteorite Ore, Blue Meteorite Ore, and the Draug Trophy for killing this monster in a boss fight.


At the end of the Third chapter, you will be facing a huge Dragon during the events of the quest, Enter the Dragon. This monster will disrupt the Mage’s summit, leaving you with the task of dealing with this threat.

The Dragon will engage you in a major boss fight at the tower. It will use multiple deadly attacks, but you will need to bait it into spitting the fire attack. This can only be done if you increase the gap between yourself and this colossal monster, which will prompt the Dragon to spew fire.

Once he does that, you need to roll out of the way, rush toward the Dragon’s face, hit it with two strikes, and immediately roll back.

You will need to dodge-roll continuously during the fight with the Dragon, and if you play your cards right, you can trounce this monster in the Witcher 2.

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