The Witcher 2 The Endrega Contract Walkthrough

There is an easy trick to beat the Endrega monsters and complete this contract.

The Endrega Contract in The Witcher 2 is a Chapter One side quest you can pick up from the Notice Board outside the Flotsam Inn. After accepting this specific contract, you must learn more about the Endregas and how to get rid of these monsters.

The Endregas will have a similar appearance to a giant tarantula spider. These giant monsters can block your sword strikes, but if you target their side areas, you can inflict major damage.

However, you need to watch out for their dash attacks and evade them as much as possible. Here, I will explain how you can easily complete The Endrega contract.

The only sidequest that is associated with this contract is the Nekker Contract. Completing that contract alongside the Endrega contract will earn you additional rewards in Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

First, you can navigate through the forest area on the south and east sides of Flotsam district and avoid fighting the Endregas. If you get surrounded by them, it will be hard to escape their attacks, so be always prepared.

Purchase the book to get info on Endrega in The Witcher 2

However, the quickest thing to do is find the book Three Years Among the Endregas. This particular book will carry all the vital information, including the weaknesses of these giant tarantula-type spiders.

You can buy it from an NPC merchant called Einar Gausel in the south area of the Flotsam: Nonhuman District. After purchasing the book, you can head into your inventory and read its details. It will mention that to destroy the Endregas, you must lure out the Queen Endrega by targeting the cocoons.

In short, you will be dealing with two nests of cocoons.

Discover the location of the Endrega Nests

The first nest of the Endrega cocoons is a little way south of the Flotsam city in the forest. The second nest is across the river in the southeastern direction of the first nest in The Witcher 2.

Remember that there will be two cocoons at each of these locations, so you will need to destroy these. This process is relatively simpler as you can walk up to each cocoon, guarded by a large Endrega. You will need to kill the Endrega first and then destroy the cocoon.

Once you take down the second cocoon, Queen Endrega will appear to engage you in a fight.

How to defeat the Queen Endrega in Witcher 2

The best way to inflict decent damage to the Queen Endrega would be by applying Insectoid Oil onto your silver sword. This way, the damage you inflict on the Endregas will be increased by 20 percent.

Frontal assault against Endregas is ineffective, as these monsters will block your sword strikes. You can circle the Endrega and rotate your strikes, targeting different parts of its body.

You can also get a fair amount of hits by striking the Endregas from the rear sides, but keep circling them and studying their striking pattern. The Endregas will curl back in a lunging position and will produce a fierce charge attack on you.

If you are lucky, the Endrega will get wedged in the giant tree roots, allowing you time to inflict damage. If you cannot bait the Queen Endrega, you can use the Yrden sign to stun the queen temporarily and get some solid hits on her. Similarly, fire attacks are also very effective against Endrega’s, so make sure to use them during this battle.

It will take some time to defeat this monster in The Witcher 2. Repeat this process at the other nest locations; this way, you can complete the Endrega contract with relative ease.

Rewards for completing the Endrega Contract

In terms of rewards for completing the Endrega contract in Witcher 2, you will end up salvaging the following:

  • Greater Vitality Mutagen (x2)
  • Endrega Embryo (x2)
  • Queen Endrega’s Pheromones (x2)
  • Endrega jaw (x2)

Apart from this drop loot, you can return to meet with an NPC character known as Louis Morse. He will be present at Flotsam town, and once you show him Queen Endrega’s pheromones, he will pay you for completing the Endrega Contract. The rewards you will receive on completing this sidequest will include:

  • 200 Orin
  • 75 XP
  • Diagram: Witcher’s superb silver sword
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