How To Defeat The Draug In The Witcher 2

Defeat the Draug boss and complete the Eternal Battle quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

You will face the Draug boss in The Witcher 2 during the events of the quest, The Eternal Battle. This particular quest will take place during the second chapter of the game. In short, Draug will be your second boss fight, and it doesn’t matter if you are allied with Vernon Roche or Lorveth; you will face this demonic arch-wraith.

The Draug Boss Fight has its fair share of challenges; I will address how you can easily win this fight.

Best strategy to kill the Draug in The Witcher 2

The most effective strategy in defeating Draug will be to dodge his attacks and then hit him back with those bomb (projectile) attacks while targeting his sides. This is a highly efficient way of depleting his health, and instead of attacking him head-on, you will be able to survive this Draug Boss fight with minor to no damage.

Remember that he frequently uses melee and projectile attacks during this boss fight. The way to counter these would be to keep up your evasion strategy until the attack ends, and then you can hit Draug with a couple of strikes.

Draug also has a large health pool, and his main attack will come in the form of a devastating swirling tornado in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He will use this attack once his health is under 50 percent in this boss fight.

During his rampage, you must maintain your distance from him at all costs and avoid getting caught in this hellish maelstrom attack.

Furthermore, if you are unlucky in evading Draug’s attacks, you should heal immediately using potions. You can set traps with Yrden in The Witcher 2 to hold this enemy boss for a few seconds to give you breathing space.

If you are out of bombs, you must time your silver sword attack on his weak spot (Sides) to make the most of your attacks. Eventually, you will be able to defeat Draug and win this boss fight with relative ease on any difficulty setting.

Rewards for defeating the Draug

The best part about defeating Draug in The Witcher 2 is that this enemy boss will drop a ton of loot for you to salvage. These will include items such as:

  • Diamond Dust
  • Drug essence
  • Red Meteorite Ore
  • Amethyst dust
  • Essence of Death
  • Blue Meteorite Ore
  • Drug Armor fragment
  • Yellow Meteorite ore
  • Draug Trophy
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