How To Complete The Little Sisters Quest In The Witcher 2

Meet Mavrick and choose whether you want to side with Specters.

There are a lot of interesting side quests in The Witcher 2, like the Little Sisters, with multiple endings. This quest will involve you venturing to the Lower portion of the Kaedweni camp during the second chapter. Once you get to that place, you will observe three guards, one arguing with the rest.

The other two guards will hit him and shove him aside. You can ask this guard about him and learn that Mavrick suffers from nightmares. You can start the Little Sisters’ side quest by speaking with this specific NPC character.

During the events of the Little Sisters quest, you will have to make certain choices; some of these can even result in you failing this particular quest and losing the reward. To avoid that outcome, I have presented you with all the details regarding each one of these outcomes and how you can complete the Little Sisters quest and earn the reward.

The Witcher 2 Little Sisters side quest walkthrough

Once you meet Mavrick and hear his tale about having nightmares, he will mention seeing a specter at the Riverside. Moreover, he will mention the time being one hour before midnight, so it can be presumed that it would happen to be 11 PM.

After hearing his tale, you can ask him if he was part of the campaign three years ago, and Mavrick will tell you to see Liva as she knows everything about it. Then you can tell him that you will deal with the specter.

Speak with Liva

Once the conversation ends, you will have multiple objectives, including exploring the hut on the cliff, the riverside beach at night, and meeting Liva. You can begin by going to Liva first to inquire more about this matter, and after heading south, you will come across a brothel.

Liva will be serving there, so go there and speak with her. She will mention a story about Malget and his family in Witcher 2.

According to Liva, Malget was the local Healer, and you will learn that during the campaign, his house on the cliff was raided, and his daughters were killed. This drove him insane, and he ended up committing suicide by jumping off the cliff.

This story ties in with Mavrik’s encounter with the specter. You can presume that it will be somehow related to the murder of the healer’s daughter. Once your conversation ends, you can follow the river west from that area in the Witcher 2.

Visit Malget’s house at the cliffside

Next, you can visit Malget’s house on this side. You can get there easily by following the map indicator, and once you reach this abandoned house, you can examine it from outside.

Six barrels are piled up on the left side near the house wall. You can destroy them using Aard, and this will reveal a hidden trap door leading to a basement in The Witcher 2.

Go to the Cemetery

Now, before you enter it, there is a crucial step that you might overlook: visiting the cemetery first. As it happens, you can continue onwards from that house, and on the right side, you will discover a cemetery with four graves in Witcher 2.

Each of these graves will have markings you must remember after entering the basement. These will include:

  • Moira: Diamond, Up, Down
  • Marissa: Up, Down, Diamond
  • Murron: Up, Diamond, Down
  • Malget: Down, Diamond, Up

Enter the basement

You can return to the abandoned house where you destroyed the barrels and enter the basement by climbing the ladder. You will discover three stands with a totem sign and a candle on top.

These totem signs will resemble the ones you observed on the graves beforehand. You will need to light each of these candles properly, and if you fail to follow the order, a wraith in the Witcher 2 will invade you.

Light the candles in the right order

You must follow the order of signs you discovered on Malget’s grave earlier. You must start with the candle on the left stand, which will display a Down sign. Light it up first, then proceed to the stand on the right side with the Diamond sign.

After lighting the second candle, you can go to the stand on the middle wall and light it up, as it will contain the Up sign. Once all three candles are lit, the hidden stone door on the center wall towards your left will automatically move, revealing a hidden room in The Witcher 2.

Inside, you will find Malget’s notes on the table. You will need someone who can decipher these magic notes, and this will start another quest, which will be called From a Bygone Era.

You can meet with an NPC character called Dethmold to decipher the magic notes in The Witcher 2. Moreover, he will also insist on buying these from you, so it is up to you if you want to sell them to him. After that, you will need to make your way to the riverside beach.

Head to the Riverside

You can meditate there until midnight and then encounter a Specter. Two more specters will appear alongside her, and during your conversation, you will learn that they blame Mavrick for their deaths in the Witcher 2 Little Sister sidequest.

You can engage the Specters in a fight there or help learn more about this matter. If you choose to engage them, the specters will merge into one strong Demonic entity, and you will have to engage this enemy boss in a fight.

Remember that killing this enemy boss won’t earn you any reward. Avoiding this fight initially and learning more about why the specters accuse Mavrick is better.

Meet with Mavrick again in Witcher 2

You must return to camp this time, where you met Mavrick at the quest’s beginning and asked him to accompany you to the riverside. It would be best not to tell him about the specter’s accusation. Instead, mention the secret room in the basement to him and ask his help to fight the specters. Mavrik will agree to meet you at the riverside in Witcher 2.

You may encounter a bug in which Mavrick will not follow you to Riverside. The easy solution to this bug is to move forward along the beach’s edge. You can then meet with him at the beachside and continue to the point where you encounter the specters.

This time all three specters will make another appearance and accuse Mavrick of killing them and ask him to atone by giving his life for his sins. This time, you will have two options after the dialogue session with these supernatural creatures.

Option 1: Support Mavrik and fight the Specters

This is the only option to guarantee a reward once you complete the Little Sisters sidequest in The Witcher 2. In my opinion, you should go with this option at all costs because Mavrik is innocent, which will result in both of you facing the Specter sisters.

You can easily win this fight by separating one of the Specter sisters and taking out each individually. This way, you will win the fight, and Mavrick will thank you and give you some coins. You will learn that Mavrick is also the son of Malget and an honorable man.

However, Aderin’s soldiers invaded his house one day and shamed his sisters. Mavrick returned home to find his father digging the graves of his sisters, and he knew Malget had killed the daughters over his honor. He fought his father, and during the fight, Malget ended up falling off the cliff to his death.

You can bid farewell to Mavrick, and this will conclude the Little Sisters sidequest. Moreover, you will also earn 300 XP as a reward for hearing both sides and then favoring Mavrick in the Little Sister sidequest.

Option 2: Hand Mavrik to the Specters

If you have fallen for the Specter sister’s story and think Mavrick is responsible, you can hand him over to the Specters. This time the specters will only engage Mavrick, and after they kill him, they will reveal that he wasn’t responsible and leave through a portal.

Instead, a Demon will emerge from that same portal, and now you will have to kill that demon in a mini-boss fight at the end of the Little Sister quest. Once you kill the demon, the Little Sister quest will end, and you will not earn any reward for this quest, and it will have wasted your time in The Witcher 2.

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