The Witcher 2 Best Armor and Where to Find Them

Find the best magical, rare, and epic Armor pieces in The Witcher 2.

Having the best Weapons isn’t good enough when you are up against unknown foes of the dark times. You need good armor to increase your chance of survival in The Witcher 2. In Geralt’s adventures, he will encounter many foes that would only test his skills.

Having good armor on his body would give him the psychological advantage to feel safe and focus his energies on defeating his enemies and not worry that he may die if the enemy lands even a single critical hit.

If you don’t know about the best armor, there is nothing to worry about, as we will cover them for you.

Best Armor in The Witcher 2

The best chest armor will give you a significant boost in the overall armor as well as provide resistance against various effects like burns, bleeding, magic, and poison. Below are some of the best armor pieces.

Hunter’s armor

  • Armor +10
  • Reduction of magic damage +3%
  • Resistance to burn +30%
  • Resistance to bleed +30%
  • Resistance to poison +30%

If you really want good armor for Chapter I, go for Hunter’s armor. This armor covers all the basic resistances that are enough for the beginning of the game. Additionally, it contains three rune slots that no other armor has in Chapter 1 (except Kayran armor, which is quite similar). You can add runes and make it the best-modified armor for chapter 1 and maybe the start of chapter 2.

Hunter’s armor is craftable, and the diagram is obtained by completing a side quest called Troll Trouble in The Witcher 2. Return Troll’s mate’s head to him, and he will give you the diagram of Hunter’s armor. The quest can be found on the notice board in Flotsam. The following are the items needed to craft this armor:

  • Cloth x14
  • Leather x16
  • Twine x6

Armor of Ysgith

  • Vigor +1
  • Armor +26
  • Reduction of magic damage +50%
  • Resistance to burn +60%
  • Resistance to bleed +60%
  • Resistance to poison +60%

Armor of Ysgith is one of the best flings in the game, as it covers almost all aspects of damage resistance. It increases Vigor, has good armor strength, and even provides damage bonuses for signs. Additionally, it also provides resistance against the usual burn, poison, and bleed. Unfortunately, you later have to choose between keeping this armor or using it as a crafting item for Vran Armor.

The Armor of Ysgith can be found in the underground area, mainly called the sewers of Loc Muinne. As you enter the underground tunnels, go through the door and take a left that leads to the long corridor.

You’ll encounter some Rotfiends in The Witcher 2 here, so be ready. Cross the whole corridor until you reach a circular room with a corpse inside. Look around the corpse, and you’ll find a chest covered with wine. Open it to get the Armor of Ysgith.

Vran armor

  • Vitality +40
  • Armor +30
  • Reduction of magic damage +20%
  • Resistance to burn +70%
  • Resistance to bleed +70%
  • Resistance to poison +70%

The Vran Armor can only be obtained after the Ysgith armor, as the latter acts as a component for the former. This armor is quite powerful, exceeding in every stat, including resistances, armor rating, etc. The only difference is that it falls short of defense against magic, which is higher in Ysgith’s armor. But if you don’t focus much on magic, it’s an acceptable trade.

To get Vran armor, you first need to end the Mystic River quest in Chapter 3. By then, it is available for crafting. Go to Bras of Ban Ard and ask him to craft this armor. The items needed for its crafting are:

  • Armor of Ysgith x1
  • Vran armor enhancement x1 (found inside a locked chest on the wreck of Eyla Tarn)
  • Studded leather x4
  • Cloth x6
  • Twine x7

Best Trousers

The trousers in The Witcher 2 give a boost to the overall armor and resistance against the status effects. The following are some of the best trousers that you can find in the game.

Studded leather trousers

  • Armor +1
  • Resistance to burn +5%
  • Resistance to bleed +5%

These trousers are pretty cheap to make and provide moderate defense against effects. You can craft these trousers by buying the diagram from Sendler in Lobinden during Chapter 1 or from Mael in Vergen during Chapter 2. You only need these three items to craft this:

  • Robust cloth x2
  • Studded leather x2 (crafted by using hardened leather, oil, and twine)
  • Twine x5

Superb Nilfgaardian leather trousers

  • Armor +2
  • Resistance to burn +20%
  • Resistance to bleed +30%

Another fine pair of trousers that provide high resistance of 20% to 30% against burn and bleeding is the Superb Nilfgaardian leather trousers. To find these trousers, look north from the Temerian sector in The Witcher 2 Loc Muinne. Somewhere near, you’ll find the body of a Nilfgaardian bounty hunter. Loot them from its corpse.

Best Boots

The boots work in the same way as other armor pieces and help you against attacks that can inflict different status effects. Below, you will find the best boots in The Witcher 2.

Kaedweni jackboots or Temerian jackboots

  • Armor +1
  • Reduction of magic damage +4%
  • Resistance to burn +2%
  • Resistance to bleed +2%

For resistance against bleeding, burning, and magic, Kaedweni boots add a little bit of effect on the overall build. These are found in Chapter 2 after defeating the Golem. Search for them in the chest or cave in Kaedweni camp.

If you can’t find Kaedweni jackboots, you can also search for Temerian jackboots, as both have the same statistics and resistance values.

Elder Blood boots

  • Armor +1
  • Reduction of magic damage +10%
  • Resistance to burn +2%
  • Resistance to bleed +2%
  • Resistance to poison +2%

Elder Blood boots are the best boots you can get in The Witcher 2, and the best part is that they are craftable, so you don’t have to look for them. They provide good resistance against magic damage with low resistance against other effects.

During the Gargoyle contract quest, you can find the Diagram for the Elder Blood Boots in one of the rune rooms. Solve the puzzle to have access to the chest and get the diagram from there. To craft them, get the following items:

  • Cloth x3
  • Leather x2
  • Twine x2

Best Gauntlets

Gauntlets are an excellent help for sorcerers and help you a lot in casting spells. You can use the gauntlets like Mage’s Gloves to deal additional damage while casting signs.

Mage’s gloves

  • Reduction of magic damage +10%
  • Damage bonus on Signs +5

If you want to play against a mage, then adding a Mage’s gauntlets to your set can be a good choice for the beginning chapters. It does not support a lot in other aspects but can provide enough defense for mage attacks.

For both paths, Mage’s gloves armor piece can be found in Chapter 2 of The Witcher 2. To find these, go south from the Kaedmeni camp and cross the broken wagon. Jump down towards your left into the dry stream. Here, you’ll find a dead soldier. An Arachas would appear, so fight him off. Then, go back to the dead soldier and get the Mage’s gloves from it.

Elven Gauntlets

  • Armor +2
  • Reduction of magic damage +5%
  • Resistance to bleed +8%
  • Resistance to burn +8%
  • Thrown dagger damage +4

Elven Gauntlets can easily be considered one of the best ones if you’ve chosen to side with Lorveth. These gauntlets provide defense against magic, bleeding, and burning, along with ranged basic attacks.

Elven Gauntlets are only available for players who take Iorveth’s path in Witcher 2. They are either provided by Philippa after the Royal Blood quest or found in Thorak’s quest in the Suspect: Thorak quest.

Kaedweni falconer’s gauntlets

  • Armor +2
  • Reduction of magic damage +5%
  • Resistance to bleed +8%
  • Resistance to burn +8%

The best gauntlets for Witcher 2 are definitely Kaedweni Falconer’s gauntlets. They are not super expensive but have impressive stats that can be later upgraded for better results. They contain resistance against magic, bleeding, and burning, along with providing increased trap damage.

To get Kaedweni falconer’s gauntlets, buy the formula from Falas in Loc Muinne during Chapter 3 and get them crafted. The items needed for crafting these are:

  • Cloth x3
  • Hardened leather x2
  • Twine x4
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