How To Complete The Rotfiend Contract In The Witcher 2

Find the Rotfiend's weaknesses and finish them all.

The Rotfiend Contract in The Witcher 2 is only available if you choose Roche’s path. You can pick up this contract during the events of the second chapter. To initiate this contract, you must head north to the Notice Board outside the Canteen in the main camp.

You can also pick up the Rotfiend contract by speaking to another NPC character called Proximo. You can find him beside a bonfire with two other men near the fighter’s arena in Witcher 2. This Contract will focus on you hunting the Rotfiends, and there are two methods to complete it.

Method 1: Find the Rotfiends and kill them

The first method will involve you heading out into the wilderness and fighting these creatures, similar to the Nekker Contract. This way, you will learn that these creatures have a food source, which turns out to be dead human corpses.

Furthermore, the Rotfiends can be discovered at the edge of the camp near the Forest Ravines area. There, you will find a wagon near some dead bodies in Witcher 2. All you will need to do is to find those dead bodies, and you will find the Rotfiends circling them and feeding on them.

Start killing these monsters, and once you are done, you will get a new objective to burn the dead bodies.

Method 2: Purchase a book to learn the Rotfiends weakness

The other method to complete the Rotfiend Contract in The Witcher 2 requires getting a book. This book will be called The Horrors of War, Rotfiends.

You can purchase this book by visiting an NPC vendor, Sambor, just outside the main camp in the Brother tent area.

After you interact with him and purchase this book for 4 Oren, you can read it to learn about Rotfiend. You will learn that these creatures’ diet is based on human corpses, so by burning these corpses, you can eliminate their food source and drive the Rotfiends away.

In short, you must find and burn nine human corpses to complete the Rotfiend Contract.

Corpses Location #1

You will discover three corpses a little way north of the Brothel tents. Once you get to this location, you will observe a wagon covered in red cloth. The corpses will be scattered near it. You can approach each of these corpses and be prompted to burn them all at this location.

Corpses Location #2

After you finish, you can head south from the Brothel tent and find three more corpses there. Remember that these human corpses will be a little harder to find as they are spread out a bit more, and the hilly terrain makes them harder to see from a distance.

Nevertheless, you must discover and burn all three of these corpses in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Corpses Location #3

Finally, there are three more corpses that you will discover on the northeastern side of the Visionary’s House. These are pretty close and will save you the hard work of finding them individually. You can burn them, and it will result in you burning a total of 9 corpses.

Rewards for completing the Rotfiend Contract in The Witcher 2

After burning the corpses, head back to Camp and meet with Proximo at his earlier location. This way, you will receive the reward for completing the Rotfiend Contract. As part of completing this specific contract, you will earn the following rewards:

  • 200 Oren
  • 100 XP
  • Fire Rune
  • Dwarven Enhancement

Apart from this, if you aim for the Pest Control Achievement in The Witcher 2, you must exterminate the Rotfiends. This can be achieved by completing the Rotfiend and other monster contracts, Nekker, Endrega, Harpy, and Gargoyle contracts.

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