The Witcher 2 Kayran Boss Guide

Get what you need to make The Kayran boss fight a breeze.

As you follow the main questline, you will find yourself face to face with a massive aquatic monstrosity, The Kayran in The Witcher 2. As introductory bosses go, The Kayran is a relatively straightforward boss that will test your skills.

The boss does have its own set of unique quirks that can catch you off guard. This guide will discuss beating the mythical beast and continuing your quest.

What you need to fight Kayran in The Witcher 2

Before you embark on the quest to kill the Kayran, an optional objective involves crafting a Kayran Trap. First, you’ll need the Diagram to build the trap, which can be bought from Cedric for 275 Orens. After that, take the trap diagram to any craftsman, and they can make it for you.

The Trap itself requires the following components:

Apart from the Iron Frame, the rest of the three components can be obtained rather easily. Simply trade or purchase from vendors within Flotsam. However, the Iron Frame in the Witcher 2 is a unique quest item that can easily be missed.

The Iron Frame can only be obtained during the Indecent Proposal Quest. During the Quest, you must elude some guards to infiltrate the compound behind Loredo’s Residence. In it, you will find the Iron Frame as a lootable item. Remember, the Iron Frame won’t be available later if you don’t attempt this in the quest.

The Kayran Trap eliminates the need to attack the Kayran’s tentacles since it immediately cuts them. However, it can only be placed in specific points during the battle and takes some time.

Moreover, the effort it takes to make it, what with having to pass a stealth section, may make it too tedious for the trouble. If you missed out on the Iron Frame, fret not. The battle is rather simple and manageable, even without the Kayran Trap. You’ll need to take a few different steps, but many consider it easier this way.

Craft the Mongoose Potion

While you can do without the Kayran Trap, The Mongoose Potion is necessary. It greatly negates poison damage, rendering you nearly immune to the Kayran’s poison attacks in The Witcher 2. To obtain the recipe for the Mongoose Potion, follow the quest “The Kayran: A Matter of Price.”

At some point, you’ll observe a wrecked ship with Triss Merigold, who will give you the formula. This puts the current quest on hold, and a side quest titled “The Kayran: Ostmurk” will be active. She will advise you to find an ostmurk to complete the formula.

Three specific components are needed to make the potion:

  • 1x Rebis
  • 1x Aether
  • 1x Fulgur

The hardest of the three to obtain is the Fulgur. If you killed the Queen Endrega prior, the Endrega embryo is a viable ingredient. If not, then you’ll need to find some ostmurk.

To make things easy for yourself, return to Lobinden and consult Cedric, who will point you to a cave near the Elven Ruins south of Lobinden. At the base of the cave, a Greater Rotfiend monster awaits. Once you kill it, you can collect the blue moss on the wall to get ostmurk. Use this to craft the potion, and you’ll be ready to battle the Kayran.

Getting to the Kayran’s Lair

You are ready to head to Kayran’s location with all preparations complete. Return to Flotsam and talk to Sile, telling her you are ready. You’ll then be at a bridge, with the Kayran’s lair at the bottom. Sile will move towards the bridge, and you’ll need to descend through a path from the right.

As you descend, you’ll eventually find an open clearing with a wrecked ship visible. A few steps forward, and a cutscene triggers, with the monster revealing itself.

How to defeat the Kayran in The Witcher 2 (Without the Kayran Trap)

As soon as the fight begins, dart to either side, preferably the left, because killing those tentacles is easier. Once to the left, place down the Yrden sign and bait the Kayran into slamming its tentacle on the sign. This is important because by doing so, the tentacle will be stunned for a while, and the glowing orange spot will be wide open for an attack.

If your weapon is well upgraded, it shouldn’t take many hits, and the tentacle will be cut. Each time you cut a tentacle, the Kayran will thrash around wildly, so disengage away from the Kayan to avoid the tentacle tantrum.

Once it calms down, repeat the process for the second tentacle on the left. Once you cut it off, move to the opposite side and cut just one more tentacle in The Witcher 2.

As far as Kayran attacks go, watch out for when it raises all its tentacles and slams them down. Avoiding it is simple: look at the gaps between its tentacles and position yourself. Standing directly in front of Kayran’s face is a surefire way to avoid this attack.

Another attack to avoid would be the poison spray. The damage will be negligible if you get hit, thanks to the Mongoose potion. However, it will entrap you; you’ll need to left-click to break free. The Kayran will also swipe its tentacle across the field horizontally. You must press right-click to intercept it and trigger another quicktime event.

You’ll need to press the left click to fill the bar repeatedly. When it fills up, be ready to press the spacebar when the prompt occurs to jump off safely. When you do, the Kayran tentacle will knock the bridge down and bury itself.

Kayran will slam its remaining tentacles at certain spots in fixed intervals. Avoid these slams and go to the top to trigger a cutscene in which Geralt will kill Kayran.

The Battle with the Kayran (With the Kayran Trap)

The battle follows the same methods mentioned previously. The only difference is that instead of Yrden, you must place the traps down at set locations. Placing the traps takes time, so make sure you do so after the Kayran slams its tentacles, with some time between the next attack.

The major benefit of using the Kayran trap in The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings is that it immediately cuts off the tentacle on contact. In this way, you won’t need to perform follow-up attacks yourself.

Special reward for killing the Kayran

As soon as you end the quest, “The Kayran, A Matter of Price,” you receive the diagram for the Kayran Carapace Armor from Berthold Candeleria in Flotsam. Now, you can craft this armor with the Kayran Skin on hand.

The armor is good for an early game set, granting 30% resistance to poison, incineration, and bleeding. It also boosts armor rating by nine and magic resistance by 5%, granting 30 extra health.

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