The Witcher 2 Melitele’s Heart Quest Walkthrough

Break the curse from the Newboy’s amulet or sell the amulet to complete Melitele's Heart Quest.

If you want to complete the Melitele’s Heart Quest in the Witcher 2, you must speak with Anezka. She can be found at Lobinden. Upon your encounter, Geralt will mention that his medallion vibrates if it senses magic or danger nearby. Anezka will state that she is not a witch and doesn’t deal in charms.

You can tell her you are out to purchase herbs and will get multiple options while speaking to Anezka. The first one will be to ask her about Newboy’s Amulet. The second option will be to trade with her, and the third option will be to roll some dice.

Once you inquire about the protective amulet, it will pique her interest, and she will offer to buy it. You can check the other options to learn more about the Amulet by rolling the dice. Anezka will reveal that it has been cursed even though it possesses magic abilities in The Witcher 2.

Anezka can take off this curse from the amulet, but she will require some important ingredients. You are profound at hunting and slaying monsters, so you can embark on this journey to collect the ingredients.

How to complete Melitele’s Heart Quest In The Witcher 2

To beat the Melitele’s Heart quest, you can follow two routes. You can either sell the cursed amulet or learn how to dismantle the curse on the amulet. The curse can be broken by performing a ritual, but you must hunt down four monsters and salvage their parts. These will include:

Part requiredMonster
The Endrega FetusEndrega
Essence of DeathWraiths
The Troll tongueTroll
Arachas eyesArachas

1. The Endrega Fetus

If you want to acquire the Endrega Fetus, you can visit the forest area in Witcher 2. You will be able to come across a nest of the Endrega there. You can coat your silver sword with insectoid oil to damage these monsters more. After slaying some Endrega, you can salvage The Endrega Fetus.

2. The Essence of Death

The essence of death is one of those items that will involve you venturing to the Ruined hospital while completing a certain quest. This mission is In the Claws of Madness, and after reaching this location, you will face many wraiths.

These creatures are demented ghosts who can use powerful slashing attacks, so take your time to kill them. Once the wraith falls, it will drop the Essence of death for you to acquire.

If you cannot obtain this item from the wraiths, you can meet with an NPC elf merchant at Lobinden. He will be called Cedric in The Witcher 2 and will sell you the Essence of Death.

3. The Troll Tongue

You can utilize many ways to get the Troll Tongue. The first one will follow the events of the quest called Troll Trouble in chapter one, where you will be tasked with dealing with the Troll problem. You can hunt these giant creatures and slay them.

If you are lucky, one of these will drop the Troll Tongue for you to acquire to use later on during Melitele’s Heart Quest in The Witcher 2.

Secondly, you can complete the Poker Face: Flotsam if you are good at the mini-game Dice Poker. All you must do is defeat Sendler in a game of Dice Poker. This will get you a specific reward, which will happen to be a she-head troll. You can obtain the Troll Tongue from this item.

Lastly, you can visit Cedric and check his inventory. He will have the Troll Tongue listed for sale for 351 or 439 Orens

4. Arachas Eyes

You will encounter the Arachas early on during the first chapter of your playthrough while following the main quest, The Assassins of Kings. Moreover, you will come across three kinds of Arachas: the basic ones, Armored Arachas, and the Venomous Arachas.

Out of all these three types, the Armored Arachas have a high chance of dropping the Aracha eyes in The Witcher 2. There is also a pre-requisite for acquiring the Arachas eyes. You can only get them if you meet Lorveth and do not follow his objective immediately.

You can also purchase the Arachas eyes from Cedric at 351 or 439 Orens.

Give Anezka the required ingredients to perform the ritual

Once you have successfully collected all four ingredients in the Witcher 2, you can bring them to Anezka. You can tell her to initiate the ritual to break the curse on the Amulet and proceed with Melitele’s Heart Quest events in The Witcher 2.

Anezka will tell you to find her at the Vejopatis Altar, where she will start the ritual before midnight. You can go to that location, interact with her, and then tell her you are ready. Once she starts the ritual, you will be flooded by some Wraiths who will target Anezka to disrupt the Ritual.

Protect Anezka during the ritual

You must keep Anezka safe throughout this ritual and kill all the wraiths targeting her in Witcher 2. You can use Quen to reinforce your protection and sustain less damage from the wraith attacks during this fight.

Avoid these creatures’ attacks and use your heavy attacks to inflict great damage. Similarly, you can use Ard to stun them and Axii to control one of these creatures.

Keep fighting until the ritual ends, and after some time, Anezka can pull it off successfully and remove the curse from the amulet. She will then hand the Talisman back to you, and in your inventory, you will learn that the Melitele’s Heart talisman provides vitality regression (+1).

This way, you will complete the Melitele’s Heart quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and earn 125 XP.

Selling the Amulet to Anezka in The Witcher 2

If you are not interested in breaking the curse on Amulet, you can sell it to Anezka for a decent price. She will initially be interested in buying it from you.

Anezka will offer you a price of 50 Orens; you can decline her offer, and she will raise the money to 100. As Anezka sees the talisman as a collector’s item, it is evident that she would pay more for it, so she will settle for a final price of 200 Orens.

This price is good enough to eliminate this cursed amulet so that you can agree on this trade. After selling her the talisman, you will receive a notification on your right side that the Melitele’s Heart quest in The Witcher 2 has been completed.

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