The Witcher 2 Gargoyle Contract Walkthrough

Defeat the Gargoyles terrorizing the town by solving the rune puzzles.

During chapter 3 of The Witcher 2, you will find a quest called Gargoyle Contract. This contract is on the notice board in the Town square of a new city called Loc Muinne. The contract mentions how the town wants to get rid of the Gargoyles, and as you take notice, this is now your task.

Like the Nekker Contract, this quest is about destroying the Gargoyles and keeping them away from the town by destroying the seals. These magical seals in underground chambers require a puzzle to be solved and deactivated. This walkthrough will cover all the objectives you must complete in the Gargoyle contract.

Learn more about the Gargoyles

Before going for the Gargoyles, you’ll need to collect some information. After picking up this quest’s notice, talk to the Bras of Ban near the notice board. He’ll give some information about the gargoyles. Next, go to the vendor Felicia Cori and buy the book Gargoyles, Gutters, Splutters. This book will tell you about the seal. There are more books named.

  • Runes of Power I
  • Runes of Power II
  • Runes of Power III
  • Runes of Power IV

These four books tell about the four different runes and explain them according to the symbol. These runes are later used in puzzles for the seals in The Witcher 2 Gargoyle contract.

Rune NameDescription in Rune Book
ArtThe rune of the art resembles a harp.
SkyThe rune of the sky is a line within a parallelogram or, as some would have it, a pursed mouth.
AnimalThe rune of the animal resembles a snake creeping along a riverbed.
TimeThe rune of time resembles an open hourglass or a chalice

Now, let’s start looking for the locations of the magic seals. There are three magic seals, all guarded by the Gargoyles in The Witcher 2. It’s better to get the silver Sword Deithwen as it’s powerful against Gargoyles.

You can only get this sword if you side with Roche, as during his storyline, the door to the forest is open. In the forest, fight off two Arcanes and then get the Sword. If you choose Iorweth, you won’t be able to get this, so use other means to fight them.

Where to find the Gargoyles in The Witcher 2

Before going to the Gargoyles locations, you must reach the main gate, as two locations are accessible. If you have Roche as your ally, go through the middle Temerian Camp straight to the main gate.

If you sided with Iorweth, then take the path beside the camp. Keep going until you reach rubble. Climb up, take a U-turn, and keep going until you reach the main city gate.

Location #1

Return from the city’s main gate and take another left once the turn arrives. Keep going through the hallway, and you’ll soon reach a spot where you see stairs going down through the middle of the area. Here, Gargoyles will surround and attack you, so defeat them to go down.

Defeat the Gargoyle if he’s inside here, then start the puzzle in The Witcher 2. Once you complete the puzzle, the chest reveals an ancient manuscript that is a formula for Elder Blood Boots.

Location #2

For the second location, go right and enter the next room. This time, enter the room with broken pillars, statues, and gargoyles that will welcome you again. Repeat the process and find the underground chamber to solve the puzzle.

The chest for this puzzle will reveal the formula for Elder Blood Gauntlets that you can craft and equip if you want.

Location #3

Start from the town square, where you will find the notice of the Gargoyle contract in The Witcher 2, and go towards the amphitheater area. This is a route that goes Southwest from the town square. Keep going until you reach the end of the area on the right side.

In this last area, Gargoyles surround and attack, so defeat them and then look for the chamber to solve the puzzle. Completing the set, the last chest will reveal the manuscript of Elder Blood Trousers.

The Witcher 3 Gargoyle seal puzzles solutions

There are six types of puzzles that you can encounter in the underground chambers. These puzzles change for each person, so it’s better to read the puzzle statement, find the clues from the paper in the room, and then solve the puzzle accordingly. Here’s the solution to all six puzzles the given clue can determine.

Puzzle StatementCluesSolution
A doe’s long shadow, The moon quietly moans, It is autumn alreadyDoe, Moon, Autumn, and AlreadyAnimal, Sky, Art, and Time
Three field mice, Dance in a circle at dusk, Stars are like grainField, Mice, Dance in Circle, and Dusk StarsAnimal, Art, Time, Sky
Glittering fish, Dying on a fresco, Struck by lightningFish, Dying, Fresco, and LightningAnimal, Time, Art, and Sky
Behold the comet, It is like a wolf in times of scarceness, An evil lullabyComet, Wolf, Times of scarceness, and LullabySky, Animal, Time, and Art
Divertimento!, Clouds are like bees, When bells ringDivertimento (music), Clouds, Bees, and WhenArt, Sky, Animal, and Time
On the dark sky, The beauty of a falcon’s flight, Faster and FasterDark, Sky, Beauty of Falcon, and FasterSky, Art, Animal, and Time

For each symbol, follow the order given above. Go towards the symbols you need for the puzzle and ignite them in order. Repeat this for all three puzzles.

Once all three puzzles are done, return to Bras of Ban Ard and inform him about completing the Gargoyle Contract in The Witcher 2. He will reward you with 200 Orens, and you’ll gain 150 Experience.

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