How To Make Money Fast In The Witcher 2

Rack up a lot of Orens by playing mini-games and selling items.

If you are interested in crafting better Armor sets, Potions, Weapons, etc., you will require a lot of money. There are many ways through which you can make money fast in The Witcher 2. You can rack up a decent sum of orens by frequently visiting the Taverns and Bars and participating in the mini-games.

There are other effective ways to farm oren, and I will explain all of them to you.

Best ways to farm Orens in The Witcher 2

If you are good at mini-games such as Fighting, Arm wrestling, and Dice poker, you can earn oren. On the other hand, there is a monster called the Harpy, which you can grind to salvage monster parts. It will respawn each time, allowing you to gather more monster parts.

Then, you can simply sell these parts and receive your fair share of Oren. You can find all the ways explained below.

1. By Brawling and Arm Wrestling

During the first chapter of Witcher 2, the best way would be to brawl in pubs and arm wrestle. You can find certain NPC characters, such as Bart Bargee and Adam Pangratt, and face their arm wrestling challenge. By winning each of these, you can net 200 orens.

If you find winning those arm wrestling matches difficult, you can fight at different inns and earn money. Moreover, you can also wrestle a dwarf at a Tavern in Vergen and place the maximum bet. You can defeat him to win 45 gold.

2. Sell Items to earn Money

Selling items is sometimes an effective way to gather money in The Witcher 2. The method, however, depends on the strategy you use because there are many items that you can sell. These can include selling armor pieces, swords, potions, etc.

You can also kill enemies such as the Scoiatel and the Kaedweni soldiers, as they will drop the Blue Mountain swords. You can sell these swords to earn money.

Moreover, you can set out to complete different Monster Contracts from the Notice Board, like the Endrega Contract. You can either sell the monster parts you get or use them to brew potions, which you can sell for Orens.

3. Farm Harpies for their feathers in Witcher 2

Farming Harpies, vulture-type monsters, is a highly reliable way to farm a lot of Oren. You can fight these specific monsters during the game’s second chapter. As it turns out, the Harpy body parts fetch a decent price and can be sold to any NPC vendor.

The Harpy Eyes can be sold for 4 orens, whereas the Harpy Feathers are priced at 9 orens. Remember that the weight factor is essential for Geralt to carry things (up to 250 lbs) in his inventory.

The smart move would be to farm the harpy feathers, as they weigh less, and you can salvage 2500 feathers. You can sell them for a total price of 22,500 oren. This is one of the best money exploits for you in Witcher 2.

You can go to the Quarry area outside the main Vergen Gate to farm the Harpy feathers. The area where you will encounter a ton of Harpies will be near a wooden cabin. If you have reached this area during the daytime, you can meditate until midnight and then engage the Harpies in a battle.

You can use AARD to drop the Harpies and inflict a nice amount of damage. You must not set any traps, as this will limit the Harpies you face in The Witcher 2.

Once you kill the harpies and salvage the drops from these creatures, you can repeat the process to meditate again, and the Harpies will be respawned. You can continue this process until your inventory contains the required Harpy feather items.

Then, you can find any merchant or vendor and sell them the harpy feather to get a ton of orens in The Witcher 2.

4. Winning Dice Poker game

The most boring way to farm orens is by playing the Dice Poker game at different taverns. Once you get the hang of this mini-game, you can generate many coins by winning it at different pubs in The Witcher 2.

A simple tip to win the dice poker game would be to follow the winning combinations such as Five-of-a-kind, Full House, Six-high Straight, One pair, etc. You can also follow up on the quest associated with this mini-game, like the Poker Face: Flotsam, etc., and farm a large amount of money with relative ease with each win in The Witcher 2.

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